Pokemon Court Chapter 815

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 815th chapter of the Hoenn champion, floating astronomy
    On this day, Moonlight was sprinkled on the Mega Contest venue in Saffron City.

    Raoul Contesta stood in front of the window of the conference hall office and looked at Moonlight on Soaring in the sky.

    The TV in the office is playing a picture.

    On the TV, the beautiful female host is responsible for the broadcast of the Sinnoh Region Wallace Cup.

    The Wallace Cup ended a week ago, and after a two-day break from Raoul Contesta, who was a judge over there, he arrived at the Kanto Region and was ready to attend the Kanto Region Grand Festival.

    This time he paid more attention to Kanto's Grand Festival than the Wallace Cup, because Terrance would participate.

    "Look, Wallace Master is on the stage. Before the official start of the competition, Wallace Masters will take the lead in performing for us…"

    In the picture.

    Wallace elegantly directed Milotic, crystal clear water droplets and light, he seemed to be transformed into an artist of water, full of aristocratic atmosphere.

    "What a perfect Coordinator…"

    As a disciple of Top Coordinator, master of water, and Juan of the Sootopolis Museum, Wallace is now blue and blue.

    "With no more than five years, Wallace should take over Steven's championship."Raoul Contesta is silent.

    This is not a secret in the Contest competition.

    As the heir to the text, Steven can't always be the champion. After Devon and other senior executives of the Contest contest, he plans to make Wallace the coordinator.

    Directly replace Steven's championship position, leaving no chance for the remaining four Elites!

    After all, the position of the champion is a politically indispensable part of the rapidly developing Contest contest and the text.

    Watching Wallace's performance on TV, Raoul Contesta believes that Wallace has that strength. As an insider, he naturally knows that Wallace and Steven are good friends, and the two often play against each other, and the strength will not be too different.

    However, it is still risky for Wallace to become a champion after Steven retires.

    If Wallace can't beat the other four Elites, even if there is a full support from the top of the Contest and Contest, it can't be served in the Alliance. At this time, other factions will definitely not look at Wallace.

    Therefore, both the Contest Contest and the Devon Company are waiting for a suitable opportunity.



    The next day.

    It was also the day before the Grand Festival.

    Terrance heard that Mr. Raoul Contesta has come to Saffron City and deliberately visited and met with Mr. Raoul Contesta.

    After the meeting, the two talked about the old, can see Terrance, Raoul Contesta is very happy, for this young man who witnessed the growth, Raoul Contesta appreciates, even more than Wallace, he also appreciates Terrance.

    Wallace was born in the famous place. The first time he participated in the Contest contest, he swept everything with a genius and superb skill. In the face of Wallace, Raoul Contesta did not see the feeling of Terrance growing up.

    The growth of Terrance is very variable.

    From the beginning of the first ribbon medal in a ten-year-old ordinary boy to the strength of the predecessor Elite at the Mega celebration, Terrance's experience is too legendary, and even during the Mega celebration, Terrance is in the Coordinator field. Famous to catch up with Wallace!

    All of this, but only five years, a total of seven Contest contests, Raoul Contesta, is from these seven Contest contests, witnessed the growth of Terrance.

    His appreciation of Terrance, and the reasons for his support, was to see every change and advancement of Terrance in the seven Contest competitions.

    "It's a pity, if you have the ambition to compete for the Elite position."Raoul Contesta snorted.

    He once talked to Terrance, but Terrance was not interested in challenging the Elite position.

    "What's wrong?"At the glance of Terrance, how did Mr. Raoul Contesta mention the Elite Four, is this topic popular now?

    "With your current identity, it doesn't matter."Raoul Contesta meditates and speaks.

    “The Contest Contest has surpassed some of the big institutions in the past since the Mega celebration, and has now become an extremely influential member of the four alliances of Kanto Alliance, Johto Region Alliance, Hoenn Alliance, and Sinnoh Alliance, although It's not as good as the Joy family, but it's also a big organization."

    "I understand this."Terrance nodded.

    “Because of this, in order to further strengthen the influence of the Contest competition in Alliance, many Contest competition executives decided to support a coordinated Trainer to achieve a certain position in Alliance, namely Elite Four, or champion.”


    "Wallace?"Terrance is speechless: "Is it difficult to make Wallace inherit Steven's championship?"

    This speculation before Terrance thought about it, and now that I saw Mr. Raoul Contesta's weird expression, Terrance was completely confirmed, and his guess was correct.

    How do you know?Raoul Contesta was surprised: "However, although the Contest contestant has the meaning to support Wallace as a champion, other factions in Alliance will certainly not agree easily."

    "Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, Drake, a few Elite supporters, and the top trainers of the Masters who have been in the position of Elite, they certainly will not look at Wallace directly to the championship position, this Everything is still unknown."

    "If it's Wallace, he's…I think it would be no difficulty for him to be Elite Four, or even at your fingertips. ”Terrance pondered: "But if you want to inherit Steven's championship position, the challenge is much more serious than just becoming one of the Elite Four."

    "This is the reason…But if Wallace can become a champion, the Contest Contest is a complete step in the Elf Alliance. ”Raoul Contesta Road.

    Terrance understands what the other party means. Wallace is undoubtedly the best candidate for the Contest competition. His master Juan and Juan's good friend Sootopolis City are one of the high-level Contest competitions. It can be said that Wallace and Contest are more involved. The involvement of Terrance and the Contest contest is much deeper.

    Thinking about it, Terrance suddenly looked up.

    “Mr. Raoul Contesta, if it’s an Elite plus a champion?”He smiled and said: "If I compete with Wallace to compete for the championship, what will happen?"

    “This—” Raoul Contesta's eyes widened and shocked by Terrance. What if the two Coordinator representatives, Wallace and Terrance, competed for the Hoenn championship?

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