Pokemon Court Chapter 816

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 816th chapter of the wave owner, floating astronomy
    At the same time, the Orange Islands, a holiday island.

    An 18-year-old youth lay leisurely on the beach. This person has a pathologically pale face that is difficult to conceal. At the same time, he has a very strange hair color.

    It’s full of white hair, I don’t know if it’s born, or it’s formed.

    Terrance didn't know that Bai Cheng, who was lying down at Sootopolis City Hospital, has regained his ability to act. Although he is still a little weak, Bai Cheng has gradually become angry after the water of life.

    "This is life…"Bai Cheng looked at the sun, feeling in his heart, and it was still alive and comfortable compared to death.

    at least……If you are alive, you can come to such a good place to enjoy the sun, the beach, the ocean.

    Bai Cheng, who lost his ability to control the waveguide, still intends to be a Trainer. He has not forgotten his dreams, and he has made a special prop to catch up with Terrance.

    This prop is a glove with a strange ore that allows him to temporarily stimulate the power of the shield with the power of the glove.

    "How can I abandon this advantage even if you don't recommend that I continue to use the power of Waveguide, and the gap between you and you is getting bigger?"Bai Chengxin said, no need to think, he also knows that during his coma, Terrance will definitely improve Extreme Speed. In order to catch up with this competitive partner, Bai Cheng has to regain the power of the waveguide.

    Although the waveguide gloves for the temporary excitation of the waveguide were made, Bai Cheng did not dare to abuse the waveguide as before. Now, if it is not a very important battle, he will not sacrifice the power of the waveguide. You must know his body. The level of health is far from the normal person, even if the normal use of the waveguide, there is a certain burden.

    What makes Bai Cheng unfortunate is that the waveguide technique he developed is not difficult to achieve.

    Just when Bai Cheng was helpless, his eyes suddenly widened and he felt a strange energy fluctuation in the distance…

    Although he lost the power of the waveguide, but once as an excellent waveguide owner, Bai Cheng sure that he did not feel wrong…This is a very special waveguide. Although the size of the waveguide is inferior to him, it has a trait that he does not have!

    "It's a genius who can cultivate the power of the waveguide."After feeling the wave of this person, Bai Cheng wanted to get up, but because he was too anxious, he forgot that his body was still empty…I hurt myself all at once.

    "Hey, I said Riean, come over and help me."

    Bai Cheng yelled anxiously, ignoring the indifferent expression of Riean in the distance.

    "What happened?"After lifting Bai Cheng, Riean looked at him with confusion and what was so exciting?

    "I will talk later, you come with me."Bai Cheng naturally wants to find someone with a special waveguide. If he can help the other party develop the power of the waveguide, maybe you can Assist the other side's waveguide and let your body recover.

    Thinking of this, Bai Cheng is even more excited.

    He has decided to challenge the Evergrande Conference in the Hoenn Region and then attack the Masters to compete for the Elite. This game is a warm-up match in Bai Cheng's eyes. He wants to get stronger quickly. He only knows through his own. The old method is constantly fighting.

    "Wait, Terrance, when I challenged Elite, it was time for me to play against you again."Bai Chengxin said.

    Now, he saw his chance to restore the waveguide. The confidence was even greater. After a while, Bai Cheng finally saw the man with a special waveguide. It was a 10-year-old with a Poké Ball logo hat on his shoulder. Taking a teenager from Pikachu…



    "Are you going to challenge the position of Elite?"When he heard Terrance, Raoul Contesta was silent for a long time before he reacted, but even so, he was a bit hard to digest, and he didn't know how Terrance suddenly changed his mind.

    "If there is no accident…It’s just that I am hesitating now, Kanto, Hoenn, which one of the Region’s champions Alliance! ”

    "Hoenn!"Raoul Contesta '噌' stood up, his hands pressed on the table, leaning forward and looking serious: "If you challenge Hoenn's champion Alliance, as you said, Wallace and you, the two compete for the championship. , then the chances of success will undoubtedly be a lot bigger."

    "Even if other Alliance factions want to stop you from being in the upper position, they can't help stop the two at a time. This will reduce your own pressure. Of course, you may end up with the result that you both compete on the same stage."

    "So?"Terrance pondered and said: "Competing with Wallace, that is Covet before I left, but I understand that my strength is not enough, so I have never challenged. If I can compete with Taiwan, it will be A good choice."

    Wallace, the genius that Terrance encountered when attending the junior Breeder exam, his figure, Wicktor's evaluation of Wallace, has been kept in mind by Terrance and is one of the driving forces behind Terrance's progress.

    "No…This is a very critical issue. ”Raoul Contesta suddenly silenced: "If you play against Wallace, you will definitely win or lose, and lose the influence of the game…"

    To be honest, Raoul Contesta is not optimistic that Terrance can beat Wallace, although Terrance has made great progress, but according to the genius of Wallace, he feels a lot worse.

    If Terrance loses in such an important game as the Champions Challenge, he is afraid of affecting Terrance, and in such events, no matter who Terrance and Wallace fail, they will be at the core of public opinion, under pressure, which is no worse than small events.

    "I know what you are worried about, rest assured, I am not so vulnerable."Terrance smiled.

    "When are you going to challenge?"

    365 Days

    "If so, the Contest competition will remove some obstacles for you and allow you to play normally, and I think if you can get elite, when Steven retires, we will have a bigger say in the Contest competition, and then Wallace to challenge Champion Alliance, You two compete for that position together, no matter who wins, there are benefits, even if you fail, you and Wallace are also one of the elite Four! ”Raoul Contesta Road.

    This future makes Raoul Contesta very excited. If the Contest contest can support two Coordinators to become Elite Four, and even one of them may become a Hoenn champion, then the Contest contest is expected to become the Elite Alliance in 20 years. One of the giants.

    "I will think about it."Thinking about Terrance.

    It seems that Wallace will wait for Steven to retire before he will challenge the champion Alliance. He may be one or two years ahead of schedule. It is a pity that he is not happy. After all, there is a strong Rival on the road to challenge Elite.

    Of course, if Terrance can learn that Bai Cheng is also planning to challenge the news of Elite, he will be very happy. In Terrance's view, the Elite Challenge and the Championship Challenge are already the most interesting events he can reach. If such an event is not competitive, isn't it too boring?

    “Beyond that, let’s focus on the Grand Festival right now.”Terrance Road.

    It makes senseRaoul Contesta laughed, and he was very curious about how Terrance's strength is now, and he dared to give up the idea of challenging Elite.

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