Pokemon Court Chapter 817

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 817 chapter of the luxury lineup, floating astronomy
    In these few days, Saffron City is in full swing.

    In addition to the Coordinator who came to the Grand Festival, the audience who grabbed the tickets for the celebration also came from various towns.

    This time the Grand Festival entrants a total of 236 people, can be said to be a strong hand.

    In the past two years, the Contest competition has developed rapidly, and the number of contestants is almost several times that of a few years ago! !

    The Coordinator level that collects five ribbon medals is not weak, but it is a pity that the Contest contest that wants to be a Top Coordinator and a Region is not that simple.

    Saffron City, a hotel, Terrance Lisuo's wash, dressed in his own specially prepared clothes.

    This dress is custom-made with the Duke cloak of the Kalos Region Battle Chateau. After wearing this white uniform and ice blue cloak, if Terrance can pick up a long sword, it will definitely be mistaken for being positive. The knight character who wants to make a movie.

    “Is this dress too high-profile?”

    Terrance walked and touched his chin and meditated. As far as he knew, Kanto's acceptance of the cloak was quite high, thanks to the cloak control.

    "Right, Mr. Raoul Contesta and I said yesterday, let me look forward to this conference, what does this mean?Is it difficult to have a strong Rival? ”

    Out of confidence, Terrance didn't do any research before attending the Grand Festival, so he didn't know about the Grand Festival lineup, but thought of Raoul Contesta's smiley smile, Terrance looked forward to it.

    Elf Center.

    As the opening ceremony of the Grand Festival approached, many contestants were quite nervous. At this time, it was also the busiest moment of Nurse Joy. At this time, Saffron City had at least 10 Nurse Joys. They were not only responsible for the Coordinators. The Pokémon recovery was also responsible for the next review.

    "Miss Marina, your Missdreavus has been restored, I wish you a smooth game."Nurse Joy smiled and handed a Poké Ball, opposite her, a girl with two blue braids.

    "Thank you."Marina thanked and started walking towards the Saffron City Mega Contest.

    Outside the Mega Contest, a woman with long brown hair and brown pupils leaned against the wall and didn't know what to think.

    After a while, in the distance, a middle-aged man like a staff member came over and said: "Miss Daisy, the opening ceremony is about to begin."

    Got itThe woman with long brown hair nodded and walked in with the other.

    At the same time, a teenager in a dark blue suit with blond hair followed closely behind a young girl, helpless opening: "Zhu Qia, this time the winner, I will definitely win…Hello, you are saying a word. ”

    "Chaz, how many times have I said, don't follow me, and the victory of this Grand Festival must have been taken by my Terrance predecessors."The girl named Qi Qia suddenly stopped and turned to solemnly said.

    A closer look reveals that this girl has the same hair color and ochre as Wallace.

    “The latest news, this time the Contest contest won the list of popular players!”On the streets of Saffron City, I don’t know when to sell the list of players.

    "Is it true that the list of top players is winning?"A passerby stopped.

    "Of course, these are the first-hand news from the official website of Contest. We just printed it. It is mainly sold to those who are unaware of the players. Sir, come on, it is absolutely affordable."

    "Okay, give me one."

    On the eve of the Grand Festival, many people are discussing the Grand Festival.

    This Grand Festival is the same as usual, but this time the lineup is unexpectedly luxurious.

    Most of them are aiming at the reputation of Terrance and have put down their hands to participate in this competition.

    Among them was the genius rookie Coordinator, Marina, who had originally travelled in Johto Region Region, and in the record of her participation in the contest competition, in addition to her first to second loss, she had maintained a full winning record and learned that Terrance The Terrance, known as Coordinator's rising star and second only to Wallace's coordinator, took part in the Kanto Grand Festival after she gave up Johto Region Region's contest competition, from K Anto Region restarted the challenge and was eventually eligible to qualify.

    After the player was more famous, he was already a Top Coordinator in his early years, but he was retired Daisy Oak. She was the granddaughter of Professor Oak, Gary's sister. Somehow, she suddenly attended the Kanto Region Grand Festival.

    Secondly, there is the Mega Genius Rookie Coordinator from the Hoenn Region.

    She has debuted in Hoenn Region this year. She has a coordinator of masters. She has received much attention since her debut, has a large fan base, and is also called "Lissi" by fans.

    In addition, there is another genius Rookie, Chaz, who debuted at the Contest Contest venue in Lilycove City. His strength is second only to 琉琪亚, and his outstanding performance has also attracted people's attention.

    The two Rookie, who should have debuted in the Hoenn Region Contest, suddenly ran to the Kanto Region to participate in the Contest and collect ribbon medals. The purpose is unclear.

    The rest, there are many times to participate in the Grand Festival, known as the most promising to become the Top Coordinator from Nibi City, Miss Saori.

    With the superb Breeder technology, he won the Grand Festival and is already the Coordinator of the Top Coordinator, Miss Yuma.

    What's more, the excellent Coordinator, Sora, Olde Green House, Coordinator, Crisna, who had been guided by Terrance and had experience in the Grand Festival.

    At this point, Terrance still doesn't know that he has been eyeing many old Coordinators and Rookie Coordinators.

    Judging from the contestants, this Grand Festival, whether it is the old Coordinator or the talented genius Rookie, is not lacking.

    Among them, there are even some Mega Rookie geniuses, the progress speed is not inferior to the then Terrance, it can be said that this line of Kanto Grand Festival lineup, let the Contest contest officially stunned for a long time.

    At this moment, at the Saffron City Grand Festival venue, the lights on the central stage shimmered.

    Under the auspices of Host Lilian, the Grand Festival opening ceremony officially began!

    The Coordinator from each Region enters the player lounge and watchs the live broadcast and waits for the show.

    Terrance, who entered one of the players' rooms, also saw a few familiar faces.

    Marina: The prototype character of the game, Chris, appeared in a female Top Coordinator in "The Legend of Raikou / Thunder." Daisy Oak: "Flame / Leaf Green" mentioned that Daisy won the Contest competition. Yarn weaving, the animation defeated May as the Top Coordinator. Yuma, the animation appeared in the Breeder/Top Coordinator of the Contest Contest in Liudaomu Town. Qi Qi Ya / Chaz, are all game characters.

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