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Pokemon Court Chapter 818

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 818 chapter masters Mega Evolution's genius Rookie Lissi, floating astronomy
    "Sora, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    The Rookie Coordinator, who met Terrance four years ago, has grown into a reliable senior Coordinator.

    The other party is still the dress, looks so sweet and cute, has a long straight cream long hair, wearing a white dress, the skin is white.

    "Terrance's predecessors have really disappeared for a long time."Sora is pleased.

    Sora is very grateful to the predecessor who led herself to the Coordinator. Although she has not been a Top Coordinator yet, it is not far from that position.

    In four years, she also had several experiences in participating in the Grand Festival.

    Terrance saw the other black rabbit doll decoration that was still missing, and smiled. At this time, several people came to say hello to Terrance in the distance.

    These are the Rivals he met when he participated in the Kanto Region Contest, the other party or worship, or Taunt, or the general greetings, according to personality, they both said something to Terrance, which indirectly reflects Terrance. Today's influence in the field of Coordinator.

    "Hello, Terrance senior."

    Just as Terrance talked to someone he knew or someone he didn’t know, the light green-colored girl in an idol was slowly moving forward.

    She reached out and put it on her chest and said, "My name is 琉琪亚. In this Contest contest, I will beat you with my partner…So, I hope that you can make the best of Terrance's predecessors, it is best to let…That Beautifly, or Altaria debut. ”

    The girl’s declaration of war suddenly calmed down the player’s lounge. Even if it was Taunt’s Coordinator, it’s just a slap in the face of “I will definitely win”, and I’m going to name it like a girl. And pointed out that the other party Pokémon's declaration of war, even Terrance is also very surprised.

    Before Taunt's Coordinator, although Covet defeated Terrance in the heart, he also knew that the gap between himself and Terrance was purely indicative of his attitude of not admitting defeat. This "Taunt", Terrance is very happy to accept, everyone is competing.

    However, those arrogant "declaration of war" did not let Terrance mention half-sports, but the girl's declaration of war, let Terrance look forward to it.

    "Her hair color and twilight…"Terrance observes the girl and sees the shadow of a person from the other side.

    "琉琪亚, right?What is your relationship with Wallace? ”Terrance picked up the corner of his mouth and asked.

    "Wallace is my jealousy. I came from Hoenn to defeat Terrance's predecessors. When I beat you, the next one is him."Qi Qiya calmly said.

    "I know that you, the Mega genius who debuted in the Lilycove City Contest, is known as the Mega Rookie who has more potential than Wallace Master and Terrance Master – Lissi, right?"Sora suddenly spoke up, she smiled and looked at 琉琪亚, the Hoenn coordination field, the new generation of Mega genius Rookie also came to the Kanto Region…It’s so interesting.

    "Wallace's…"Terrance’s heart is stunned, no wonder the looks are so similar, and…

    Looking at the crown on the head of Zhai Qi, Terrance was very surprised, that is…Evolution Key Stone!

    In other words, this Lissi, masters the power of the Mega Evolution!

    She can be said to be the first Coordinator to master Mega Evolution that Terrance has seen. No wonder it is called Beyond Wallace and his own Mega genius Rookie. It seems that the other party is not simple.

    After considering it, Terrance smiled and spoke.

    "I accept your challenge, I will wait for you in the final."Terrance has a relaxed tone. Even if you know that the other party is mastering the Mega Evolution, there is no nervous emotion, some…Just looking forward to it.

    Now, I am also a big boss. This Hoenn new generation genius Coordinator, can you beat yourself and make the whole Kanto and Hoenn shake? Terrance is very curious.

    Terrance fell, and Qi Qia turned her head directly and walked toward the corner.

    At this time, no one saw her nervous face after the incident. Qi Qiya quickly grabbed her chest and screamed at the crowd.

    Horrible.I actually declared war with the Terrance predecessors, and this must be done with all strength. Qing Xi, please. ”

    Holding his own Poké Ball, the super-popular idol of the Hoenn Region, like Lisa, found the reliance and quickly restored the calm look of the past, then slowly turned around and looked at the live broadcast on the big screen.

    At the same time, other player lounges…The well-known Coordinators such as Marina, Daisy Oak, Saori, Yuma, Chaz, and Crisna also look at the live broadcast on the big screen.

    In the picture, with Vivian introducing the Grand Festival, introducing the jury and rules, the preliminaries are finally coming out!

    The rules of the Contest competition that the Grand Festival and Terrance had contacted before were very different, probably for the number of people.

    Before the race, a preliminaries were added, called the glamour show stage. In this session, the player's Pokémon can only show his charm with a trick.

    There are two venues in the Mega Contest venue for charisma. On each stage, there are 3 Nurse Joys who are responsible for judging the scores. Then, Mr. Raoul Contesta, Mr. Suzuki, and Mr. Saffron City representing all the Joy Joy of the Kanto Region. Nurse Joy's joint screening and handsome selection!

    On the two stages, the first stage was hosted by Vivian, and the second stage was hosted by Lilian from Hoenn, and the sisters took the stage!

    "Well, are you looking forward to it?"Vivian introduced the rules and the smile suddenly turned serious: "However, only 236 contestants, only 64 people can participate in tomorrow's race. This Grand Festival is very strict, please cheer for the players~"

    The 236 players, the preliminaries will be eliminated to 64 people, the audience are surprised.

    "This rule is really cruel…"Terrance said.

    236 people, which is not enthusiastic to participate in the competition, but the result is to be eliminated in the preliminaries most people, the current Grand Festival, has gradually evolved into a high-level event.

    According to the player number, as Vivian and Lilian announced the official start of the glamour show stage, a Coordinator began to move to the main stage.

    In the face of this Coordinator's most proud elf shines on the stage, every contestant carefully watched the live broadcast, even if it was only a preliminaries.

    Maybe one of them is his next Rival, and even a move, it is possible to gain a lot of experience, and to participate in the Grand Festival Coordinator, there is no simple generation.

    74…79…85…80…92…One by one, the scores of the judges will also appear together.

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