Pokemon Court Chapter 819

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 819th chapter Carbink debut, floating astronomy
    "95 points, it is really amazing."

    In the jury, Mr. Raoul Contesta, Nurse Joy, Mr. Mr. Sukizo nodded after watching the show of a certain player.

    Although the score of 95 is judged by three Nurse Joy, this score takes into account many factors, and several general judges also recognize it.

    It’s simple to use a single move, but it’s a test of Coordinator and Pokémon.

    In this preliminaries with an average of 80 points or so, there are still very few players who scored 90 or more.

    "It's me."In a certain player's lounge, Chaki's rival Chaz confidently walked out.

    After coming to the first stage, he directly throws Poké Ball in Contest, a Machoke appears on the stage, and then under his command, this Machoke muscles tightly and then shows it quickly. Boxing that flickers like lightning.

    Standing in the contestant lounge of the Terrance, for the first time to watch carefully, Bulk up trick, a move to enhance attack power and defense, Terrance from the point of view of breeder home, this machoke breeder very good, let Bulk up The effect is very good, from a coordinator point of view, the increase in the Bulk up trick is evenly distributed to every piece of machoke need to power the muscle, so that its posture is quite balanced, from a trainer point of view, this only Machamp The style of managing the new body is very just powerful, Bulk up with ordinary boxing, but also let Terrance think of a person.

    "This Machoke has the shadow of a vine tree, the owner of the pavilion at Dewford Road, and what is the relationship between Fuji and him?"At the same time, the score was scored and the first full score of the audience appeared.

    When the outsiders were surprised by the first 100 points and were amazed at the strength of Chaz, Terrance was already familiar with the assessment criteria of several Nurse Joy.

    "Terrance seniors, this Chaz is amazing."Sora stood behind Terrance and was surprised to see that Chaz had only been out for a year since he debuted. The other party has such a level, no wonder the new generation of genius called Hoenn Region.

    "He is really good."Terrance Road.

    After Terrance's observation, he has confidence to score any points. In other words, Terrance has fully grasped the preliminaries' scoring criteria and the three eyes of Nurse Joy. He is confident that he will score his score to any level. .

    In other words, if he wants to score 75 points, he can accurately display 75 points. If he wants to score 89 points, he can accurately display 89 points. After more than a dozen observations, Terrance can say that he has risen again. Another height.

    Sora looked at Terrance with a calm expression, not knowing at all, this preliminaries had no difficulty at all in the eyes of Terrance.

    Unfortunately…I am not the first perfect score! ”Next, the confident Coordinator debuted, and the talented Rookie Marina from the Johto Region Region and her partner Misdreavus scored a second 100 points.

    Starting from Chaz, there are few stages from more than 90 points, and the perfect scores have begun to appear. Marina, Saori, Youyou, Daisy Oak, and the show-time show have attracted the attention of the audience.

    Terrance continued to watch, and time passed slowly. Soon, it was his turn.

    "Well, the next one is Mr. Terrance from the Naplu Road Museum in Hoenn Region, known as the supernova in the field of coordination!!"

    After reading this name, Lilian smiled at the corner of her mouth. She hosted the second stage. Terrance was about to show up on the second stage. Terrance's appearance made Lilian look forward to it. As the Contest contest of Hoenn Region, she naturally No stranger to this limelight is the master of the coordination of Wallace.

    This is not a Mega Rookie, a genius Rookie, but a powerful competitor in the Contest Contest.

    Since the debut of the Contest contest, there has been no defeat! This is enough to prove the strength of Terrance.

    Terrance, wearing a white uniform and a blue cloak, walked from the ramp to the stage. His clothes looked clean and neat, with the pale gold short hair, so many people felt the noble temperament.

    Followed by.

    In the eyes of the public, Terrance chose Pokémon, Carbink, which made everyone wrong.

    Not Beautifly, not Altaria, nor the Ninetales of the ice.

    "Because it was a preliminaries, did you send other elves?"Raoul Contesta guessed.

    The rules of the Grand Festival have changed. The preliminaries, the first round, and the second round of the elves can use different ones, so it is no problem to say that Terrance is now sending Carbink and then switching to other Pokémons.

    Terrance is also the plan. When Carbink appeared, most people turned into doubts after the mistake, because many people did not understand this Pokémon from the Kalos Region.

    Rock-like body, with a few pieces of broken diamonds, a ring of fluff in the middle, blue eyes and diamond-shaped ears on the head, looking at the mini Carbink, the next moment people showed a curious expression.

    Even if they are strange, they are very much looking forward to it because Carbink's Coordinator is called Terrance.

    "Magic Coat -"

    Charisma shows the stage is a trick, Terrance chose the Magic Coat move, from the Seafoam Islands as a turning point, Carbink's control of the defensive moves reached a perfect level.

    On the stage, as Terrance's command came out, the blue diamonds on Carbink's body showed a hint of pink.

    In an instant, the audience, the judges, the contestants, and the Host seemed to flash a glimmer of light. When everyone reacted, a huge diamond was wrapped in Carbink.

    The diamond is about three meters high and stands in the middle of the stage, occupying the most prominent position.

    I don't know if it's the light. The giant diamonds are faintly pink and look beautiful.

    这是Lilian exclaimed, and at the same time all the sights were concentrated here, and everyone did not forget Terrance's instructions, Magic Coat.

    However, what appears on the stage is not an ordinary magic mirror, but a multi-faceted diamond that is pieced together by a magic mirror!

    "Wait a minute, this is not a continuous trick, but he has changed the shape of Magic Coat!"In the player's lounge, the pink brilliance from the picture flashed in the eyes of the singer, and it was incredible.

    If it's just a normal diamond, it's not enough to make the scene boil, but this Carbink diamond is made of magic mirror, full of artistic atmosphere!

    The whole diamond wraps Carbink in it, and the two contrast each other. The radiant glow, the brilliance of each side of the diamond, the flowing pink glow makes it dynamic, making the portrait look beautiful.奂 璀璨 彩 彩.

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