Pokemon Court Chapter 820

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 820th chapter beyond the perfect, streamer drill! Floating astronomy
    sexyAs Lilian is immersed in the beauty of diamonds, the woman almost forgot to understand that the complex and symmetrical structure makes this diamond made up of magic mirrors beautiful and beautiful, almost reflecting the beauty of light and form. .

    With the attention of most women on the scene, their eyes are attracted to the diamonds, and they are fixed in Carbink!

    So it is

    Saffron City Nurse Joy, who was in charge of the overall review, found that the audience was attracted to it and suddenly they were shocked.

    "He Assisted in the induction of light, so that the viewer's sight could not leave the diamond…The main thing is that the special structure of this diamond and the Carbink in it match each other, so that the audience who watched the diamond was instantly attracted by Carbink inside…"

    The giant streamer diamonds cleverly support Carbink, so that Carbink's original appearance is not brilliant, and it is dazzling and dazzling. If other players are just showing the charm of the moves and the elves to a near perfect point. , then…

    The combination of diamonds and Carbink, the ingenious and ingenious idea, is to make Carbink's charm infinitely upgrade, beyond perfection, beyond the limit.

    Carbink is set in a diamond that shines with the fascinating charm of light and shadow. Not only women, but even men, they accidentally fall into it.

    DayOh, my God, it's so beautiful, I can't help forgetting the explanation, everyone, please see, the Diamond spinning light shows the dynamic perfection, carbink in it, not only did not be the diamond's sparkle to capture the luster, on the contrary, assist the diamond light better show themselves, Let us see a charm blooming Pokémon, this performance, it is really shocking, but unfortunately, if I can take this diamond home will be good. ”Lilian lost the way and also said everyone's voice.

    I really want to take this diamond and Carbink home and enjoy it.

    "Yes, magic Coat abstract and artistic shape, specially constructed smooth and natural lines, beautiful rhythm of the light, vividly shows the beauty of a diamond, Magic Coat, Carbink, representing the transformation between illusory and reality, the two of the close line, indispensable, I wish they could stay together all their lives, Terrance and Carbink's performance, as if Let me see love. ”Vivian's eyes are blurred, her eyes, can't help but move from the first stage to the second stage, and explain with Lilian.

    The professional explanations of the two completely ignited the heat of the scene. Numerous women screamed for Carbink madly, while at the same time, Terrance smiled and looked at the 100 points scored by three Nurse Joy.

    The show is over!

    Terrance slowly bowed to the audience and expressed his gratitude.

    This time's perfect score is more convincing to the audience than any previous perfect score!

    "This kid…It’s really a show of the limelight, but his progress is really great. ”Raoul Contesta smiled. He remembered the Contest contest that Terrance participated in when he debuted four years ago. Terrance's performance is this style, and he loves the limelight. However, his performance was lacking at the time, that is, too much attention to the charm of the move. Instead, it ignores the charm of the elf itself.

    However, although the charm of the move has a tendency to overwhelm the charm of the elf itself, no one has done better than Terrance at the time, so he is the undeniable first. According to the assessment of Raoul Contesta, Terrance at that time. Although it is a genius Rookie, it is too far away from a coordination master like Wallace.

    But now, this distance is no longer there, just a trick, Terrance shows a picture that is not inferior to many previous tricks, and this time, although the streamer diamonds are eye-catching, but they are not overwhelming, the diamonds have become a good backdrop. Carbink's coat.

    As the core of the diamond, Carbink, Assisted in the perfect light and structure, completely became the focus of the audience. No one can leave the line of sight from it. It can be said that when the audience stopped looking at Carbink, they found it. When it comes to charm, this is already a perfect show.

    Complete master level!

    “Is this the strength of Terrance's predecessors…”Hoenn's popular idol, sulphur, licks his lips and has a complex mood.

    "It seems that I am still far away."On the other side, Crisna shook her head, and wanted to take this celebration to shock Terrance to his own level and completely dissipate.

    Marina, Chaz, Daisy Oak, Saori, and You Dance, who are known as the favourites to win the championship, are silent.

    Of course, I want to use a preliminaries to lose confidence in these or genius Rookie, or the veteran Coordinator. Terrance is not that big, and the other party is not so vulnerable. After the admiration and shocking emotions are over, these players are more serious. It’s up.

    After Terrance left the stage, Crisna, Sora, and some unknown old Coordinators also scored full marks after Terrance.

    This time, it can be said that the Contest Contest has increased the preliminaries and the most preliminaries.

    However, unfortunately, the charm of the full score is not as terrible as Terrance. It is a very unfortunate result after the appearance of Terrance.

    In the player's lounge, Terrance once again looked at the screen.

    "That Qiqia, is the Pokémon she sent is Altaria?"

    At the end of the preliminaries, Terrance saw the charm of the show, and the other sent a Pokémon, Altaria, which surprised Terrance.

    On the Altaria, after careful observation by Terrance, wearing a special stone, according to his speculation, it should be Altaria's Mega Stone.

    "Her Trump Card, it turned out to be Mega Altaria…"

    Terrance looked at the screen, his eyes flashing, and did not expect Wallace, the younger generation, to master the Mega Altaria Coordinator.

    This news can be said to be quite interesting.

    Trainer with Altaria as Trump Card In addition to Terrance himself, he only knows that the two owners of the Fortree Hall are…It seems that now, there must be one more.

    InterestingIf the previous Lissi just made Terrance look a little bit, then now, Terrance is very much looking forward to fighting with each other, to adjust this Rookie.

    The Trainer who can own Mega Altaria, in this world, may not be more than a palm.

    "Carbink's magic mirror control level is perfect. As long as it can restore the performance on the stage, it is enough to be the core of the ice moon. This time, you must be able to mutate into Diancie?"Terrance hasn't forgotten his plans. He believes that when Diancie is born, it will be more dazzling than Wallace's Milotic!

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