Pokemon Court Chapter 821

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the foresight of the 821th chapter, the astronomical
    The preliminaries are over.

    More than two hundred high-ranking hands, the most outstanding sixty-four people broke through.

    Terrance glanced at the result, and it really was a strong hand. There were 10 people in the preliminaries.

    The players who can get the perfect score in the preliminaries are very strong. However, after the first round of the Contest exhibition, only 8 players can be promoted and enter the Contest competition. It can be said that the next competition is very cruel.

    Go backAfter seeing a few familiar avatars, Terrance was silent.

    Just for the preliminaries, it took a whole day, more than 200 performances ended, and today's Grand Festival is temporarily suspended.

    Terrance made a Yawn. Although he didn't feel tired, he didn't plan to train. He was going to return to the hotel to rest directly.

    He met Crisna in the Mega Contest, and Terrance didn't say anything about this little guy who was coming back. After adding fuel to him, everyone would meet on stage as Rival, Terrance. It won't be Hold Back.

    In addition, Terrance also saw several other old Coordinators and genius Coordinators. For their coordination style, Terrance also carefully observed and confirmed whether anyone can pose a threat to themselves…

    In the hotel.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex communicated how to use the rare ore from the Rockets.

    The weight of these ores is enough for Pupitar to use, plus a large number of Float Stones, perfect for crossing the Pupitar stage is not a problem…

    “The next step is to help Pupitar to prepare the food for assisted digestion, and strive to let it accumulate enough evolutionary resources in a short time!”

    “In addition to wanting to be a true desert monarch, you have to practice in the desert. When you return to Hoenn, you will go to the desert in Mauville City and let Pupitar go to his hometown for a while and fight against the big Sandstorm.”

    After Terrance made the decision, his eyes slammed and suddenly felt like he had forgotten something.

    What was it exactly?!Terrance frowned, carefully observed Pupitar's Poké Ball, and determined that he had forgotten something, but it was too long to remember.

    “The Hoenn Great Desert, where the fossils of Larvitar were obtained, the violent airflow of Beautifly: the Quiver Dance is also trained there, as for the Hoenn Great Desert is a special place…”Terrance's expression suddenly became unnatural.

    "Remember it…"

    Taking a shot on the forehead, Terrance sighed slightly and forgot about such an important thing. During his participation in the Hoenn Grand Festival, he practiced airflow mastering techniques for Beautifly in the Hoenn Desert Assist sandstorm. At that time, Terrance also did an experiment.

    Experiments around Smooth Rock.

    It is used to confirm the environment in which the floating bubble is used in order to use the Rock Weather Ball.

    It was at that time that Mismagius discovered a strange cave with obvious cuts, and Terrance speculated that it might have been where Smooth Rock was born.

    In that place, even without the Sandstorm weather, the floating bubble can create the Rock Weather Ball in the Assist environment, which is a magical place.

    At the time, Terrance was thinking, after the Grand Festival was over, I had time to go there and investigate it carefully. I might find something to help Sandstorm with the help of floating bubbles…But this departure, three years have passed, and Terrance completely forgot the special place.

    "Quiet me…"Terrance shook his head, it was too busy after the Grand Festival, but it was not too late to wait until the end of the Grand Festival…In a sense, it is the investigation after the Grand Festival…

    "Exactly, if that environment is where the Smooth Rock is born, it is not good for the growth of Pupitar or Bangui. It seems that the Hoenn Desert is a must."

    "Rotom Pokédex, open the memo function, add one more…"Terrance squinted his cheeks and looked at Rotom Pokédex flying to the side.



    The next day.

    On the high platform in the central area of the Mega Contest, three judges discussed each other's schedules.

    "This time the contestants are very good, how can we improve the threshold of high scores?"Mr. Raoul Contesta sat on the far left and the game had not started yet. He made a novel suggestion.

    "I like this!"Mr. Mr. Sukizo thought about it and smiled and nodded.

    “Improve the judging criteria?!”Nurse Joy stunned, but it didn't matter if I thought about it.

    Of the 64 players who broke out, only eight players were destined to be promoted to the battle. The eight players will be the top eight players in this round. Even if they raise the score threshold, they will not be able to advance. The players have an impact.

    "Yes, this also avoids the phenomenon of high scores and coincidences. After all, this time the powerful Coordinator is quite a lot."Raoul Contesta laughs, if there are more than 9 full marks in this round, it can be troublesome.

    Soon, many players knew the results of the three review discussions, and it was clear that the rating threshold would be slightly improved. This time, getting the full score is not so easy.

    Upon hearing this news, many Coordinators are gearing up. It seems that some difficulty is interesting. Of course, there are also many people who are dejected. Those who are lucky enough to pass the pre-season Coordinator, several people worry that the Contest exhibition score is too ugly, resulting in lost. Face.

    When Terrance entered the stadium, he even saw the Coordinator doing the prayer pose. It seemed to be taking advantage of his own debut order, hoping to be ahead.

    "In the Contest show, the skills that Ninetales didn't finish before can finally be revealed…"

    Terrance had already planned for how to show his tricks. As for how to improve the scoring standard, he didn't think he could advance.

    "I am the eleventh appearance, which is a relatively high position."

    As time passed, the Contest contest announced today's order of appearance. After Terrance saw his serial number, he smiled and didn't seem to wait too long.

    "He is number 11."

    When the player's appearance was announced, Qi Qiya noticed the serial number of Terrance, and she was relieved. Fortunately, she did not appear before and after Terrance, so she had a chance to see Terrance's performance.

    After the order is announced, soon, the official game will begin!

    At this point the audience and the judges were in place and the Hosts came to the stage.

    In addition, when entering the race, there is only one main stage left. The 64 Contest performances will be held on the main stage and will be completed in one day. As for the competition, it will take another day.

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