Pokemon Court Chapter 822

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the unfinished performance of the main body of Chapter 822, Astronomy
    The first player on the stage was the 86-pointer in the preliminaries. After playing with his own Dewgong, he was a crazy show.

    All kinds of ice-based tricks emerge in an endless stream. It seems that it is necessary to display all the tricks of the society. This lasted for nearly a minute, and he stopped.

    In the end, just when the audience was surprised at what this operation was, a water curtain sprang up on the site. It turned out that the other party first Assisted the ice to show the coordination degree, and then used the iced water to finish the "Aqua Ring" trick. To show their charm.

    “The mastery of the move is good, and I know that the Assist Ice System is a better way to show the water system, but it’s flashy.”

    The scores came out during the three review comments.

    The player was also immersed in the Veilstone of his own water. He saw Dewgong in the water curtain and was adorned with a little bit of ice. He was quite satisfied.

    However, when he saw his rating, the player immediately showed a distressed expression, too low.

    18 points, out of 30 points, actually only got 18 points this passing point.

    "Haha!"A corner is resting against the wall, but the eyes are on the big screen. When Terrance sees it, he smiles and smiles. If the player can abandon the ice in the water stream, the score should rise to at least 24 points. Unfortunately, the other party is Contest. Degree, gave up the practical value of the Aqua Ring.

    That is to say, the effect of the Assist water curtain to restore the physical strength, doped with ice, the Aqua Ring is just empty, although the performance is better, but did not expect this review to be strict.

    The audience, including those who felt that the player was performing well, was also surprised by the rating.

    "The second game, Cole players."

    On the stage, Vivian is loud.

    The judges did not point out where the first player's defects were, but said the advantages. This is the style of the Contest competition. No matter what the performance, only the advantages, can blow, as for the shortcomings, all hidden in the score. In the middle, you have to rely on the Coordinator to find it yourself.

    Vivian fell, the second player quickly walked to the stage, as she threw out the Poké Ball, the ripples spread, and the sky appeared…

    "No, not enough, 20 times, the judging criteria are so strict!"

    As time went by, there were 4 or 5 players with less than 20 points, and these Coordinators were shocked.

    To know if they can get here, which one is not a player who can score 29 or more in the ordinary Contest competition, but this time the Grand Festival, the score is unexpectedly low, even if it is stricter, it can be too large. It is.

    "It seems that because the Flash point is ignored, the defect is infinitely magnified."Terrance moved his neck and was very interested in the judging criteria that Mr. Raoul Contesta had just figured out.

    So far, even if there are no defects in all aspects, and the performance with Flash points, only scored 27 points or more and less than 28 points.

    In the eyes of Terrance, the 27 points in the first round of any Contest competition in the past can be called perfect.

    Coordination level, actual combat value, charm of the elf itself…All of them have been shown, and there are not too many flaws. This performance has even surpassed the full score that Terrance got when he first debuted, but still does not meet the full mark…

    Soon, the top 10 players have already performed, and the 10 players did not have the full score in the preliminaries, and the next Terrance…It is the first one.

    "Unfortunately, he actually appeared so early."Mr. Mr. Sukizo smiled slightly.

    "If he shows a performance that is too perfect, the standard of full marks may increase."

    "Look down."Mr. Raoul Contesta is also very curious.

    Because of the preliminaries, whether it is the audience who knows Terrance or the audience who just met Terrance, they attach great importance to this performance.

    When Terrance went to the stage and threw Ninetales' Poké Ball, some of the audience immediately cheered. These were the audiences who watched Terrance's previous five Contest competitions. They all looked at how Vulpix won at the time. Five times winning.

    "The Vulpix has evolved."

    “It’s more beautiful than Vulpix. I think the ice Ninetales is much more expensive than the Ninetales in the fire department.”

    "Can't say this, mainly because the ice system Ninetales Breeder is right, so it looks extraordinary, if it is changed to other Ninetales, it is not necessarily."

    The emergence of Ninetales immediately attracted widespread attention. Once again, Ninetales was introduced to the audience unfamiliar with Alola Ninetales. Vivian looked at the stage because Terrance and Ninetales had already started performing.

    Let her know that the show has begun…It is not the behavior of the Ninetales, but the temperature that is perceived in advance.

    Yes, from the entire stage to the center, the cold temperature quickly passed out, Vivian first felt this cold.

    "It’s also…Not so unbearable. ”When the coldness flowed through the body, Vivian's eyes suddenly blurred, and I felt that this coldness was very comfortable when I passed the skin. Just like a hot drink in the hot summer, this kind of just-feeling feeling made her very surprised.

    This shows that even the temperature, which is almost not included in the review criteria, was considered by Terrance.

    Ninetales is now…The temperature of the scene has been perfectly controlled. Not only will the next performance not cause any discomfort to the audience, but the person who knows how to enjoy will feel a very wonderful feeling!

    "This kind of momentum…Not the one? ”

    At the same time, in a contestant's lounge, a Coordinator saw Blizzard, who was emerging on the stage, surprised.

    "Which one do you say?"

    The next moment, when Terrance came over for Rival's 琉 Qia, he asked.

    “Using Hail, Blizzard, and Snowing Ability as the core shaping skills.”The Coordinator saw that Qi Qiya came over to ask questions and immediately explained the opening. He was no stranger to the Mega genius and naturally did not ask for identity.

    “Before the evolution of this Ninetales, I participated in the Contest Contest five times in the Kanto Region. Among them, the first performance of it only shocked me. It is a super-hard combination that contains many elements…”The Coordinator admire the opening.

    What he said was the first time Terrance and Vulpix showed the ice moon…

    But soon, he shook his head violently, not only the ice moon, but also the shape, but the control of this Ninetales seems to rise again! !

    Crazy Blizzard, not focused, but heading in the air, going in all directions!

    At this time, Terrance was in the middle of the stage, waiting quietly for Ninetales to show the unfinished skills again.

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