Pokemon Court Chapter 823

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 823 chapter contains the murderous Xinghai, floating astronomy
    Before Vulpix didn't grow up, Terrance conceived a big kill.

    A combination of attack, defense, and debuffs!

    But when Vulpix first participated in the Contest contest, it couldn't show this skill perfectly with its strength, but now it has this heritage.

    This time, Ninetales did not simply show this killing in the form of the ice moon.

    Blizzard whistling, as if rolling Hail, completely outline the majesty of the snowy weather, Assist wind to control the snow, this is the other core of the snow secrets created by Terrance!

    “Hail resonates with the snowfall Ability, making the snow more violent, and then using Blizzard to anger the snow, is he confident in his level of coordination?”Qi Qiya’s heart is full of incredible. The more powerful the Coordinator, the more it is necessary to delve into the depths of the tricks. The combination of multiple tricks like Terrance has allowed Qi Qiya to see a different style from her own Wallace.

    Wind, snow and ice, it is very difficult to completely control these details, but the Coordinators have seen the Ninetales have a good side.

    And then

    Terrance and Ninetales took a small step back and built the momentum, followed by the most crucial step, shaping!

    The last step is the most energy-intensive. This time it was not just to shape a glacial month, but to outline the entire starry sky. Terrance and Ninetales were calm and calm, and Terrance was assisted by Fairy's imprint to try to make Ninetales succeed in shaping each star.

    Not much time!

    In the huge venue, the sky is full of sparkling stars, like countless silver beads, densely embedded in the air, not only shaping the stars, Ninetales has further fixed their position!

    The stars are reflected in this raging snow, and it seems to be pulsing up and down.

    "This guy upgraded that skill?!"

    Raoul Contesta immediately recognized this skill. On the stage, the silver moon shines. In addition, countless stars shaped by ice and snow sparkle with stars and are dotted around the silver moon.

    One, two, three…As the audience counted, the heart was shocked.

    "No way?"Qi Qiya looked at the dozens of stars without any confidence, for a while, what control is this, can the snowy sky evolve into a snowy sea? !

    Originally, Ninetales couldn't do this step. However, the 100-year-old Never-Melt Ice from Lorelei and Articuno helped a lot. Although Ninetales' current overall strength has not yet entered the Elite field, its control skills have been refined. It is already superb.

    "If I didn't guess, then…"

    Mr. Sukizo muttered, but this level should not be what Terrance wanted to show. The level of coordination is superb and proper, but the charm and actual value of Ninetales is still not reflected.

    Sure enough, the next moment, the entire venue was swallowed up by the endless starlight, Moonlight.

    As the audience exclaimed, under the control of Ninetales, the star sea seemed to move and spread slowly, not only covering the venue Sky, but also gradually approaching the audience…

    "Too dark……"I don’t know when it started, the audience suddenly had this thought in their hearts, which made them wonder. They are in the morning, and the lights in the venue are bright. Why do they feel dark?

    "It's light, it's light."Raoul Contesta shouted.

    Terrance once again Assisted in the induction of light, letting the people on the scene feel subconsciously in the darkness of the venue, only the ice moon, only the stars are bright!

    As this thought emerged, the consciousness of the people became more serious. It felt as if it had become dark in the surroundings, and there was only a diagonal sea of stars in the eyes.

    On the stage, Ninetales stunned and attracted everyone's attention. Its nine beautiful tails danced and completely smeared the stars that reflected the lights.

    White, blue, pink, purple…Under the influence of Aurora Beam, frozen light, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Confuse Ray, etc., the incomparable colors are smeared in the air.

    In addition, there is a rainbow torrent, like Chaos Normal flowing between the moon and the stars, making the air like a star.

    That's…Aurora Veil ? ”Nurse Joy covered her mouth, and she was in the jury. She closed her eyes subconsciously. When she opened again, the Saffron City Nurse Joy felt the mood of the stars.

    At this moment, it seems that there is only a star in the venue and she is companionship. It is very quiet. Nurse Joy, who is like a starry sky, looks at the beautiful starlight and warm Moonlight. She can’t help but look at the stage and look at the middle of the Xinghai. A touching smile.

    The nine tails of Ninetales are connected to the Xinghai. It is like the core of the Xinghai. It controls the stars, and countless rays of light pulsate on its tail, connecting the Xinghai. At this moment, Ninetales is like a bathing star, it is like accepting starlight. The baptism can also be said that the owner of this Xinghai is also incarnate as a star…

    At this moment, Ninetales is endowed with charm, called the charm of the stars.

    The white, blue, pink, purple, and iridescent rays are mapped to the body. Raoul Contesta's expression is relaxed and seems to be enjoying. At this time, Vivian is the first to experience the beauty, and every viewer realizes it, and at this time. There is also a beautiful star dance, which makes this feeling of comfort stronger.

    "It is really beautiful…"Mr. Raoul Contesta said in his heart, Mr. Mr. Sukizo also expressed his deep recognition, but after a few seconds in such a comfortable environment, the two suddenly woke up, cold sweats, chills, and looked at Terrance on the stage.

    "Old friend, this is not a comfortable Xinghai bed. Going forward is an endless abyss that can swallow any life."Raoul Contesta reacted and raised his head. When he looked at the stars again, he felt the wonderful feeling disappeared before, but instead…Deeply cold.

    Turning to look at the deep blue pupil of Ninetales, Raoul Contesta coughed in his heart.

    Dazzling Gleam, which interferes with vision, frozen light that interferes with motion, Confuse Ray, which interferes with consciousness, Aurora Beam, which reduces attack ability, Moonlight, Aurora Veil, which can protect this sea of stars, it can be said that this is already a Complete tactical drawings.

    The moment when this tactical drawing, known as Xinghai, was launched, I am afraid that everyone in the Mega Contest will not be able to escape.

    "I just liked it, I was indulged in such a terrible environment to enjoy?"Raoul Contesta Silence, it seems that the darkness, the kind of comfortable experience, is the atmosphere created by the reflected Confuse Ray…This idea and control…

    Let Raoul Contesta look at the gentle young man under the stage and feel the strong malice.

    It is hard to imagine that such a beautiful Xinghai is actually the entrance to the endless abyss.

    “When Rival was immersed in the beautiful Lizzy of Xinghai, it was already swallowed up by the abyss…”Mr. Mr. Sukizo stuttered: "But I like this."

    Soon, not only the two of them, but with the longer and more comfortable environment, I don’t know if Terrance deliberately reminded them that their thoughts were disturbed by light. Many people realized that they were hiding in this seemingly threatening Xinghai. How terrible it is.


    Several veteran Coordinators, including the genius Rookie including Zhai Qi, did not stand firm and leaned against the wall. They first fell into the Xinghai and fell into the deepest, because this piece of Xinghai is so wonderful and full of artistic atmosphere, however, When they feel the murder of Xinghai, they are also the strongest people.

    Even, they are so scared that they can't help but take a step back. At the same time, let them have the idea of "Is this show really beyond?"

    “Can such a complicated tactical drawing be really controlled so easily?”Nurse Joy took a deep look at Terrance on the stage.

    With her vision, I can't imagine how to perfectly control this piece of Xinghai to attack!

    However, it was because she could not understand, so she was shocked, Raoul Contesta, Mr. Mr. Sukizo, too, they don’t know if Ninetales can control this piece of Xinghai, and they can’t guess that this is beyond their level, and they can’t let Terrance show it, because that’s not the Contest celebration. But a massacre celebration…

    "This kid has given us a problem. How to score?"Raoul Contesta smiled in his heart. If Ninetales couldn't control it, naturally it wouldn't be worth mentioning. Raoul Contesta was hesitant. This piece of Xinghai contained most of the elements, which made them inaccurate.

    "Forget it, it can be a performance that makes us embarrassed, and it is his skill!"The three faces face to face and finally make a decision.

    If Terrance knows what the judges think, it’s estimated that they will laugh, Ninetales’ words…Want to control this Xinghai, it is really a bit difficult, want perfect control at least to wait for it to enter the elite field, but now the use of light to coax outsiders enough, after all, even Wallace in person, also absolutely do not see their details, and, Terrance Also did not intend to let three judges think Ninetales can perfectly control the Xinghai, light just reflect confuse ray bake atmosphere This means, can prove that ninetales can control the Xinghai, this has proved the real combat value.

    However, Terrance is also happy to see this misunderstanding, anyway, it will not take long, this misunderstanding will become a reality, Ninetales, sooner or later will enter the Elite field!

    Call, a chapter of nearly 3,000 words.

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