Pokemon Court Chapter 824

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 824th full score, floating astronomy
    As the Xinghai ended, the scene fell silent.

    Until the end, there are still many people who don't fully understand the performance of Ninetales.

    As for the understanding, they all looked at the jury and waited for the judges to score.

    So far, no player who has scored 29 or more has appeared. Is Terrance in front of him the first one?

    Everyone has this expectation. After all, Terrance scored a perfect score in the preliminaries. It is arguably one of the 10 most promising players so far. Terrance's score this time can be reflected in a certain sense. The level of these 10 people.

    In the lounge of the contestants, there was only a breath of silence, and each Coordinator clenched his fists and stared at the jury…

    With the bang, three scores appeared below the judging panel.

    10 points

    10 points

    10 points

    After the three perfect scores appeared, these Coordinator's clenched fists loosened, revealing such a look.

    "Forget it, concentrate on doing your own performance first."

    Some Coordinators, who had not accepted each other at the beginning, saw Terrance’s 30-point total score, and they shook their heads and shook their heads. At the same time, these people were dissatisfied and let the guys like Terrance appear in the 11th, not at all. Give them a face, too much.

    After all, after the Ninetales performance, the standard of full marks may rise, because Terrance is the first full score, and when the three judges score again, how can they subconsciously compare with the performance of Ninetales, this is part of the Coordinator feeling. The place of tragedy.

    "I don't know if he can be officially certified as a coordinator by the Contest."

    Top Coordinator looks forward to Terrance from the stage, suspicion.

    The Master Trainer and the Master Coordinator Trainer are two concepts.

    In people's perceptions.

    The master Trainer pursues the power of the mover, which simplifies the move and simplifies it, and strives to produce the strongest lethality in the shortest time. Of course, this does not mean that the Master Trainer is not good at coordination. On the contrary, their coordination level is also 99.99%Coordinator. Unmatched.

    Like Miss Diantha that Terrance met, her combination skills are hard to do with many Top Coordinators. However, Diantha has another identity, which is Kalos's hottest Actor. Her style may be related to her career. Also pursue a certain Contest.

    Coordinating masters prefer to use the tricks of research, such as Iron Tail and Steel Wing. Coordinators can simulate alternative iron legs and iron fists, and they will understand the nature of the move and secondary development. The “anti-fist energy hood” like Ash is a special application of skills.

    It can be said that the master of coordination has reached a magical level for the use of energy and moves.

    Watching the complex performance of Terrance, many Coordinators have this awareness. So far, only Wallace has been called the master of coordination on the public level.

    This is not the result of the masses, but the official Contest contest, the promotion for Wallace! At the time, it was this propaganda that made people realize that the new star of the Contest competition is not inferior to the Elite Four.

    In addition, the official Contest contest has never held anyone, who is the master of coordination.

    Coordinating the reputation of the master, over time, it became the Coordinator's name for the Top Coordinator that dominated the various Region Contest competitions. But in fact, everyone understands that the Coordinator, officially recognized by the Contest competition, has only one Wallace.

    Although it may be said that the master Juan of Wallace, some elite master Four, and the master of the championship might also have this level of coordination, but the contest competition officials are unlikely to win the trainer, as for the Juan Pavilion owner, also retired too long, has long become one of the top of the contest competition , with the exception of the annual Sootopolis City Water Show and the dojo, which rarely does some regular competitions of a public nature, so he is not very active in the Coordinator field.

    When Terrance walked to the ramp, the players of the 12th Contest exhibition game also came to the stage.

    When I arrived at the corner, Terrance did not rush to leave, but chose to continue watching the game.

    At the very least, I have to finish watching the performances of the 10 Coordinators with a perfect score in the preliminaries.

    The 10 full scores of the preliminaries were played after him, and Terrance would like to see if any of these people can get a perfect score in this round.

    If there is, it will be the strong Rival of his next battle.

    On the 14th, Olde Green House Crisna stepped onto the stage and sent Crobat, who followed him for several years, and scored 29.1 points.

    On the 19th, the Johto Region Region genius Rookie Coordinator Marina boarded the stage and still sent the little Misdreavus.

    "This Missdreavus, the style is very different from the Mismagius."Terrance opened his eyes, swept to the total score of 29 points, nodded, and looked at Crisna with years of experience in Rookie. This girl's talent is much stronger than Crisna, a natural Coordinator.

    On the 24th, Professor Oak Granddaughter, Daisy Oak boarded the stage. She sent a Blissey. This time, the jury had a different opinion for the first time.

    The so-called disagreement is that the gap between the three judges is too wide.

    Raoul Contesta scored 9.7 points, Mr. Sukizo scored 9.7 points and Nurse Joy scored 10 points.

    "This Blissey's Breeder is very good. As Breeder's Breeder's Breeder home, I can see its hidden charm. It is worth the score here."Saffron City Nurse Joy judged the two.

    This time, in addition to Terrance, there is a perfect score, although it is given by a single review, but it is also a record.

    Daisy Oak, with a total score of 29.4, is the champion of the Spring Grand Festival. She is already a Top Coordinator. This time, she still hasn't scored 30 points, which has surprised many viewers.

    After the 24th game, the intermission time has arrived.

    Watching the morning game, Terrance stretched out and planned to find a place to eat a meal.

    So at noon, Terrance stayed at a high-end snack bar and tried to eat the specialties here before he was willing to return to the Contest venue.

    "Mr. Raoul Contesta, what about the break at noon?"

    At the moment when the afternoon race started, Terrance came to the office of the Contest venue, sat down and chatted with Raoul Contesta, who was working on the documents.

    "Do you think I am like someone who has a rest?"Mr. Raoul Contesta is helpless.

    “It looks really busy, but shouldn’t it even be eaten at lunch?”Terrance snorted.

    "That wouldn't be the case, but it's just the ordinary lunch that the staff gave out."Mr. Raoul Contesta stopped his pen and looked at Terrance's bulging belly, shaking his head.

    "I said you, can't you have such a gluttony because there is no performance in the afternoon…If you are fat, how do you do the public Coordinator. ”

    "You have to know that there is a good Top Coordinator, and a normal Coordinator…It is totally two occupations. ”

    "I know I know, there is no way for this."Terrance waved his hand. "My Pokémon is eating high-end foods and nutrients. I naturally want to keep the same level of consumption with the Trainer so that I can have a common language and not create a generation gap."

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