Pokemon Court Chapter 825

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 825 Altaria's sheet music, floating astronomy
    Terrance's words made Mr. Raoul Contesta speechless, the first time I heard that the generation gap was created.

    However, Terrance's body is still very good, thanks to his frequent practice of Fighting…

    "It's time to start the game."

    Mr. Raoul Contesta shook his head and he just fell, Mr. Mr. Sukizo came in.

    The Pokémon club leader found out that Terrance was here, squinted and smiled and asked: "Is it confident to win the championship?"

    That’s my objective.Terrance grinned and said it was a response.

    There are more schedules in the afternoon than in the morning, and the remaining 40 players will perform in today.

    It can be said that Mr. Raoul Contesta and Mr. Mr. Sukizo's workload will be great, and Terrance sees it. The two have no good rest at noon and put all their time into the work, which makes Terrance very admire.

    With such a high level, the rise of the Contest contest is inevitable.

    After the show in the afternoon…Terrance continues to pay attention.

    Hoenn Region genius Rookie Coordinator, Chaz, and Machoke scored 29 points.

    Kanto Nibi's old Coordinator yarn weaving, scored 29.2 points.

    Yuma of Top Coordinator and Breeder achieved 29.3 points.

    Followed by…Hoenn Region's old Coordinator Sora scored 28.9 points!

    "Terrance seniors…"Terrance, who was leaning against the corner of the screen, walked out of the shadows. He looked at Sora, who walked down the stage and lost his expression. Naturally, he said: "28.9 points is also a good result."

    "You want to learn my Beautifly's 'wind domain' skills is a good idea, but you should find your own way."

    "After all, every Pokémon has its own style and characteristics. Learning is worthy of recognition, but it must be flexible."

    Yes, Sora showed the wind's field skills that Terrance and Beautifly showed at the Mega celebration of the Trainer and Coordinator.

    In order to perform, Sora added the Contest factor, but it was not recognized by the judge.

    In Terrance's view, there are too many imperfections in the field of the wind, which is simply not perfect.

    28.9 points and 29 points, is another grade.

    Terrance didn't talk, looking at the screen, his most valued Coordinator, Qi Qia, played. So far, Sora scored eighth, and if the next player doesn't score more than her, she can advance.

    But obviously, Sora doesn't have this confidence.

    Hoenn Region's genius Rookie Coordinator, Chaz, all scored 29 points. As a result of the constant stability of Chaz, Qi Qi, how could it perform worse?

    "Get out of your own path?"Sora whispered, but Terrance didn't explain much.

    At the same time, on the stage, Qi Qiya looked at the audience and looked at the judges, revealing a smile, and then she made a move that shocked everyone.

    That's…Mega Evolution ? ”

    The three judges spoke in unison.

    Even Sora was immediately attracted by the performance of Zhai Qiya in the picture, forgetting the thoughts, and incredulously watching the dazzling stage.

    "The words of Altaria Mega Evolution…Would not it be……"Sora looked at Terrance and didn't dare to cross the channel.

    "Yeah, I also have a Mega Altaria."Terrance smiled a little: "Look at your reaction, should she be the first to show Mega Evolution?"

    "Mm."Sora nodded hard.

    Qi Qiya mastered the Mega Evolution, which made her rival Chaz open her mouth and was shocked.

    "琉琪亚 this guy…When is it…"The blonde boy scratched his hair in a mess, feeling that he was getting farther and farther away from others…

    The audience, the judges, and the contestants were all attracted by the Qiaia and Altaria's Mega Evolution, and the Mega Evolution was shown on the stage of the Contest contest. This is the first example.

    Perhaps for the purpose of performance, perhaps for the attention, Qi Qiya actually put the card such as Mega Evolution in the Contest exhibition, which made Terrance somewhat surprised her.

    "Is the pursuit of perfect score?"Terrance spoke through the screen, and he saw the fighting spirit of 琉琪亚, that is the fighting spirit that I didn't want to lose to myself.

    "This niece of Wallace is really amazing. So, is it the younger generation of the coordinator?"Mr. Sukizo gave a glimpse of the Mega Evolution, which showed the Contest performance at the end of the Mega Evolution.

    Like the sea of cotton feathers flying, Altaria wearing Fairy's light seems to play beautiful movements between the clouds.

    There are very few things that can surprise Terrance, but the style of Breeder Altaria is something that makes Terrance stunned. This is a completely different Breeder method.

    Sing, Disarming Voice, Heal Bell, Round, through the "Play Rough" trick to touch the beautiful music played by Cotton Guard, all of a sudden let everyone intoxicated.

    “Why does Play Rough's trick hit the cotton feathers and make a sound?”Terrance is lost in thought.

    "Is it difficult to be a secondary reaction in which energy interacts with each other?" Where is the key point? Is control still fixed Attribute? Or is it a fixed move? ”

    At this time, the audience, judges, and players were immersed in the music played by Altaria, and gradually became more and more addicted.

    The scores of various sound tricks are unexpected, but some people know that the key point is that Mega Altaria's ability to coordinate sounds is extraordinary.

    "The defense of cotton feathers, the hypnosis of Sing, the comfort of Heal Bell, the attack of Disarming Voice, the increase of Round…Perhaps, this movement can also incorporate more sound tricks. Interestingly, she is the voice of Altaria's main Breeder direction, which is a completely different path from 'annihilation'! ”

    Seeing this, Terrance smiled and was already planning to turn and leave.

    Terrance turned and let Sora around him subconsciously call Terrance, unable to understand.

    “Terrance seniors, don’t you watch the show?”

    "No, if there is no accident, she will be the next full score."

    Terrance didn't pay attention to the follow-up. In fact, his guess was correct. The hand played with Play Rough and Cotton Guard won the voice and won the approval of the audience and the judges.

    To a certain extent, the performance of 琉琪亚 and Terrance attracted the audience and the performance of the judges with the same effect.

    Coupled with the shocking transformation of the Mega Evolution, the score of 琉琪亚 is definitely not low.

    What Terrance didn't know was that he was taught by Wallace when he was younger and had an apprenticeship at the Sootopolis Dojo. It can be said that Wallace has always trained this prostitute as a heir, Altaria's Mega Stone. It was Wallace's debut to the singer.

    "Rotom Pokédex, do you know why Play Rough and Cotton Guard collide to make a sound?"

    “Hey, NO, but after a query, I found a similar example. Using the Focus Punch to beat the sun flames will also make a wonderful sound Rotto.”

    After watching the performance of 琉琪亚, Terrance had no more anticipated players. He chose to leave, and he planned to study the performances of 琉 琉 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,.

    “Focus Punch will make a wonderful sound when it beats the sun's flames?”Terrance reveals an expression of interest.

    Normal, the collision will be violently shocked, resulting in a very strong voice, such as "砰" and "Boom", even if it is intentionally controlled, it is difficult to make a wonderful sound.

    However, after the full network scan of Rotom Pokédex, some special cases were found.

    However, these special cases are still limited to the wonderful sounds without special effects. Like the technique of making a trick, Terrance is also forced.

    It can be said that the performance of Yan Qiya made Terrance open her eyes. Now Terrance is no longer treating the other party as Rookie.


    Some of the tricks and tricks will make a wonderful sound that has been in the animation, not original.

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