Pokemon Court Chapter 826

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 826 chapter tyrannical Baby-Doll Eyes, floating astronomy
    Saffron City training ground.

    On this day, Terrance didn't take a break too early, but came to the training ground to simulate the technique of 琉琪亚.

    Like 琉琪亚, Terrance released the Cotton Guard move after the Altaria Mega Evolution.

    Then Terrance ordered Altaria to use the Fury Attack trick, which used to lick the cotton feathers.

    After the use of Fairy's energy, Altaria's Fury Attack trick changed from Normal to Fairy. When the two tricks collided with each other, the cotton feathers jerked hard and made a dull sound.

    On the stage, Mickey's Mega Altaria uses the "Play Rough" trick, which is Altaria's Fairy family, and Terrance's Altaria does not.

    However, Play Rough is just a use of Fairy's energy. The mechanism is to let Fairy energy spread over the attack area and fight Rival.

    Mastering Fairy Aura's Altaria, you don't have to worry about Play Rough moves. With the excellent Fairy energy, it can directly restore Play Rough.

    Fury Attack can't, Terrance lets Altaria switch to claws, even wings.

    “Control the energy of Fairy energy and cotton feathers to the same level.”After Terrance found out that it was still a dull voice, he thought.

    This time, it is no longer a dull voice, but a "squeaky" sound.

    Very crisp and very sweet.

    “Not only the Fighting energy and the grass energy collision will make a pleasant sound, but will the Fairy energy and the grass energy collision also make a pleasant sound? However, the key point is still in the control of energy, if there is no talent, Pokémon may not be able to do it. ”

    Terrance smiled and knew what the core of Yan Qia’s performance was.

    Terrance didn't try to simulate the scores of "Sing" and "Heal Bell" with Altaria, because it was too time consuming.

    He speculated that this may be the main method used by Yan Qia to train Altaria. By playing the music to train the Altaria coordination level, the time spent by the other party is certainly not short.

    To know, Altaria's annihilation skills, it took him three years to improve, the other side's skills, although Terrance knows the principle, but it is difficult to Mimic in a short time.

    However, this is a way to give Terrance an idea…

    "Maybe, you can play Perish Song, annihilation with Fairy Aura and Cotton Guard…"Terrance has a bright look.



    The next day.

    The Mega Contest contest venue is full of people and is very lively.

    As the last day of the Grand Festival, today will be the most crucial day!

    Today, the top Coordinator of this Kanto Region will be decided in the way of battle!

    "This beautiful lady, who are you most optimistic about the eight players who are promoted?"In the audience, a spectacled man aimed at the beautiful girl next to him and wanted to talk, but the next moment, he was cast a mocking look.

    I saw the pretty sister paper pointing to her own white short sleeve, which was written in two blue characters, Terrance.

    The final eight players, all of whom scored 29 points or more in the Contest exhibition, and two of them scored full marks, that is, Qi Qia and Terrance.

    In the venue, the two people who support them are also the most.

    For the two popular seed players, the organizers directly divided them into the first and the last, which shows that if they want to face the decision, they will get the finals.

    When Wallia debuted, Wallace didn't make any statement and never let us take care of her. It seems that Wallace is very confident about his niece.Raoul Contesta looks down the stage.

    "If Terrance is willing to send out his Mega Altaria, it might be fun."Mr. Sukizo blinked and smiled.

    "But with our knowledge of him, most of them will send Ninetales."

    "But it's good, maybe it will be a close confrontation."

    At the same time, Vivian and Lilian each went to the sides of the stage and shouted in unison.

    “Hello, today is the last day of the Grand Festival. The winners will be able to get the ribbon trophy for the honor of the jury. So in this exciting moment, let us introduce the top eight and break through again. The players in the second round!!"

    Terrance, Saori, Marina, Daisy Oak, Chaz, You Dance, Crisna, and Qiqia.

    Eight people Contest Category As above, Terrance is the first to appear, his Rival is the old Coordinator of Kanto Region, yarn weaving.

    After a detailed introduction by the two hosts, the two men were brought out again to introduce them. At the same time, Terrance and Saori took the stage in two directions.

    "I remember she is an expert in ice."

    So far, the yarn has sent Lapras and the hippo. When Terrance looks at each other, this handsome lady is also watching Terrance.

    "I didn't think that the first battle was so tense."Suddenly, the yarn weaving smiled a little, and I didn’t know whether it was really nervous or fake.

    "Play a good fight."Terrance smiles and pays tribute.

    Finally, as the timer counts down, the game is about to begin and the two throw Poké Ball at the same time.

    Ninetales vs stays hippo.

    When the timer is ready to count down, after entering the countdown to the 5 minute battle, the two simultaneously issue instructions.

    "Staying hippo, Skill Swap."

    The other party obviously attaches great importance to the snowfall Ability of Ninetales, and does not want to give the Ninetales engine. At this time, the hippo stands in the same place, the eyes are dignified, and the big bang is heard. The special fluctuations are like a chain. Normally want to tie Ninetales to achieve between them. Contact for Skill Swap.

    The yarn weaving looked at the launch speed of the Ninetales's Ability. There was no Hail weather at the moment. It wasn't that Ninetales didn't have time to summon the snow cloud, but Terrance didn't have this plan.

    Ninetales stood differently, a mental pressure directly crushed, the blue pupil instantly crystallized, and the eyes of Baby-Doll Eyes enveloped the hippo.

    “Affiliate exchange failed?”Some people are confused.

    "Successful, but there is no difference with failure. Ninetales used the Role Play move to temporarily gain the opponent's Ability, which offset the opponent's attack. ”

    FormidableIt took advantage of Role Play to ignore the Ability exchange and then used Baby-Doll Eyes in the gap. ”

    "Staying hippo, fast moving!"

    On the stage, influenced by the Baby-Doll Eyes, the hippo was in a mess, and did not obey the yarn weaving instructions for the first time.

    At the same time, Ninetales seems to be easy to use, Hail, Blizzard launched together, for the fusion of tricks and tricks, wonderful!

    Ice and snow rushed in, and the hippo looked at Ninetales' eyes with flustered. Obviously, the impact of the Baby-Doll Eyes trick was too strong. After the enhancement of Fairy Aura, even a simple Baby-Doll Eyes It also made the hippo temporarily lose their fighting spirit.

    "This is over?"

    Looking at the hippo that was instantly wrapped in snow and ice, many people showed an incredible look. In particular, the supporters of the yarn weaving, watching the yarn weaving from the beginning, continued to decline, basically did not stop the Contest value, I do not know what to say.

    An old master with the honor of the Top Coordinator, directly ruthless spike!

    Terrance touched his chin and felt that he was a bit too much…Although the mental pressure of Baby-Doll Eyes is easy to use, but the strength of this mental stress, if you have a bad psychological quality, will completely affect the opponent's Contest Condition, can not play any strength, can only become the live target of Ninetales, With the strength of Ninetales today, the situation is almost always spike.

    The other six players saw the Ninetales Baby-Doll Eyes, their brows are locked, they are all extraordinary Coordinator, naturally can see the strength of that Baby-Doll Eyes…It’s almost impossible for an elf who is not inferior to their players to lose their fighting spirit.

    "This Baby-Doll Eyes may have been polished many times, and the mental strength and Fairy energy are no less than the attack. It is no wonder that Miss Saori's hippo will lose his fighting spirit."Qi Qiya's eyes are dignified, she knows Fairy's moves, and Ninetales' Baby-Doll Eyes makes her feel extremely tricky!

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