Pokemon Court Chapter 827

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 827th chapter of the four strong release, floating astronomy

    The yarn is woven into the heart, and it is the second-ranked Coordinator. Only when you face it yourself can you feel the strong oppression.

    This match made Yarn deeply aware of the gap between himself and the Top Coordinator.

    After the reviewers commented on the next match, the two Coordinators stepped off the stage and the next match started immediately.

    "The second game, Marina to Daisy Oak!"

    Host's voice just fell, and the audience's arguments sounded like a tidal wave, and it continued.

    One is the genius Rookie, the other is the Top Coordinator. Is the situation as one-sided as before?

    "There is still a gap between Rookie and the top. I guess Miss Marina may have to stop here."

    "Yeah." Miss Daisy Oak's strength is obvious to all. ”

    With the discussion of everyone, Marina and Daisy Oak came on stage.

    Both players are very strong and their supporters are screaming wildly.

    In the face of the good-natured Marina, Daisy Oak always has a smile on her face, giving her a feeling of relaxation.

    "That Blissey is not easy."Terrance recalled the performances of the previous two and was not very optimistic about Marina.

    on the stage.

    As the countdown began, the two men's Pokémon each made a move.

    Marina's Misdreavus shook and released a few shadow balls. Each shadow ball was haunted by the purple color. This breath was like connecting the shadow ball of Misdreavus to a whole, just like forming a shadow. Whip, want to sweep Blissey in front of him.

    Misdreavus's use of Will-O-Wisp has produced a good interference effect.

    "The shadow ball is well trained, and the strength is well controlled. With so many shadow balls, it is not easy to avoid it. If the front is defeated, the shadow ball will ignite Will-O-Wisp and a strong flame attack will occur."

    "She may be laying the groundwork for Hex, will Miss Daisy Oak let her succeed?"

    The players who were eliminated in the first round were talking about it. Although they could not participate in it, they were not willing to let go of the opportunity to comment. Listening to the speculation in the ear, Terrance looked at the stage, and Blissey didn't hide. In front of it, a Gravity field was instantly pressed.

    Whether it's a shadow ball or Will-O-Wisp, it was pushed to Ground, causing a big explosion.

    The aftermath did not interfere with Blissey, only to see the Blissey Safeguard lingering, slamming away, and the action was more flexible than anyone thought.

    The attack lost, and Marina immediately adjusted the Contest Condition, ordered Misdreavus to blow the smoke with Psywave and find Rival.

    "What about Blissey?"

    However, after the smoke dissipated, Blissey's figure disappeared directly in front of everyone, and Marina immediately looked dignified, but soon, everyone noticed that Blissey, who used Psychic to float into the air, because it used Minimize tricks to shrink For the sake of it, no one saw the action of it.

    "Marina lost."

    With the whistling sound, Blissey slammed down, and with the Psychic, which had accumulated strength, the small Misdreavus was directly blasted!

    “Rookie is Rookie, and although the technique is good, the experience is a bit worse.”

    Just as everyone was talking about this unsurprising result, the third match was followed.

    Chaz and Yu Dance, also the confrontation between the genius Rookie Coordinator and the Top Coordinator, although Chaz's Machoke has excellent performance, but still lost the game as quickly as Marina, which makes Chaz annoyed.

    The fourth game was Crisna's matchup.

    Looking at the opposing faces of Crobat and Altaria on the stage, Terrance only watched for 20 seconds and immediately mourned for Crisna.

    The skill of Altaria to play the sound is much stronger than that of Crobat. Crisna's Cros Supersonic predictive skills are directly blocked.

    In the end, Crisna found out that he didn't even push out the other's Mega Evolution and lost to 琉琪亚.

    "This Rookie is different from the previous two Rookie. Her strength is no less inferior to the Top Coordinator. The only difference is the process of honor."

    Terrance opens, the descendants of this Wallace, the accumulation of the difference is very different from the ordinary Rookie.

    At the end of the four games, the Contest contest entered a short break.

    After that, it was the battle between the top four.

    The first game will be against Terrance and Daisy Oak, and the second will be the match between Top Coordinator and 琉琪亚.

    "Terrance brother…"After Crisna's defeat, she was not discouraged, but still felt that she was losing face to a Rookie.

    "Do you come to cheer me up?"Terrance laughed.

    "Oh, that's right."Crisna scratched his head, though he didn't think Terrance would lose.

    The top four of the Grand Festival, three of them are the former Top Coordinator, it can be said that the lineup is extremely luxurious, and the other, is the descendant of the coordinator, can watch such a contest, the most enjoyable is the audience.

    As for the judges, the mood for this Contest contest is also very high.

    “The amount of gold is really high. Winning this Saffron Conference is no less difficult than the Contest contest of the four Regions.”Raoul Contesta and Mr. Sukizo Road.

    "Yeah, let's see if Qi Qia can beat Yuyou."Mr. Sukizo Road.

    When the two fell to the stage, the confrontation of the top four had already begun. Terrance and Daisy Oak went to the stage at the same time. After the introduction of Vivian and Lilian, the two men used each other to pay tribute to each other and then thrown Poké Ball!

    Ninetales vsBlissey!

    “Rival is the Top Coordinator. In theory, the level is above the yarn weaving. In addition, Miss Daisy is the granddaughter of Professor Oak.Terrance lived in Splash. In the original book, there was very little mention of the grandfather of Professor Oak, but it should not be a serious Coordinator. It may be the same as himself.

    But such a person may not be weak in strength.

    "Mr. Terrance, I heard about you from Grandpa, and I also want Hold Back in the game."Daisy Oak smiled and revealed a completely different attitude from the previous battle.Recognition of the strength of Terrance?

    "Alright!"Terrance's mouth twitched, and as the countdown began, Daisy Oak's eyes condensed, and with a command of decisiveness, Blissey preemptively shot a red fluid with Fling tricks.

    In this regard, the nine tails of Ninetales swept away, and nine ice shovels tempted them.

    The next moment, the ice is directly melted!

    At the same time, Soaring in the sky floated a colorful gas.

    "Specially constructed Toxic? Fire poison? ”Terrance's heart.

    This hand fire is not uncommon. Terrance is not the first to see fire poison, so he has no indication that the ice is fused, and a stronger blizzard is surging.

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