Pokemon Court Chapter 828

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the eve of the 828th chapter of the battle, the astronomy
    Snow and ice control under the snow, Ninetales is no longer suppressed, full attack!

    Like the surf Normal, I don’t know when the condensed snow rushed, let Daisy Oak see a glimpse, the condensation speed is too fast, she did not have time to react.

    The fire-fighting fluid did not directly penetrate the snow tide, as if it had been swallowed up, and Ninetales jumped up and down the ice and snow, occupying the commanding height, and the eyes locked tightly on Blissey.

    However, the next moment, the snow-covered field was still slamming out of the rotting fluid, and Blissey waved his hands and used Psychic to mobilize the poison that was swallowed.

    "On the fire, your Blissey fire is the best I have ever seen."

    Terrance smiled slightly, and the fire poison did not disappear. However, at this time, there were two light curtains on the Ninetales. One was a light curtain with an iris color like a film, and the other was a protective cover with a faint white light.

    The double-layer protection of Aurora Veil and Safeguard allows Ninetales to directly ignore the fire.

    Obviously, Terrance is prepared for this. Ninetales can clearly feel the disappearance of fire poison through the perception of ice and snow.

    "Can't dissolve?"

    Seeing that the fire was blocked, Daisy Oak frowned and continued to order: "Use Gravity!"

    Ninetales stands above the snow tide and is positioned higher than Blissey. When the Gravity field condenses, the snow tide collapses instantly.

    "Journey jumps."Terrance Road.

    "Don't give it a chance, burst with a big character."Daisy Oak Road.

    When the ice Avalanche collapsed, Ninetales swept down and the tail swept away. A snow wave condensed again and shot to the big character.

    At the same time, Blissy quickly Calm Mind got up.

    "It has been long enough, it can be over."Terrance looks at the Contest value.


    The wind and the snow whistling, the rest of Blizzard directly blasted, but Blissey's expression was extremely tough, apparently, it intends to complete the Calm Mind even if it bears Blizzard.

    However, Ninetales suddenly changed its control over ice and snow.

    In an instant, around Blissey, an ice wall was built around it, surrounded by ice, and the top layer was covered with ice mirrors. Within a moment, Daisy Oak lost Blissey directly.

    "Would you like to use Dazzling Gleam? worthless scumDaisy Oak had a glimpse of her, and she had a countermeasure against Terrance. Even if it was blocked by the ice cage, Blissey didn't panic. She protected herself with a shield-like shield from Light Screen.

    “Looking for opportunities to destroy it with Focus Blast!”The next moment, Daisy Oak was unceremonious.

    At this point, Terrance's face was unchanged. With a subtle movement of Blissey, the cage of ice burst directly, as if the room filled with explosives detonated in an instant, and felt the roar of all directions, Blissey pupil Shrink, quickly protect the key with Light Screen.

    However, its Light Screen application level is not as good as Carbink, and it can't protect the whole body. After the explosion of the ice cage, it was swept in by the ice and snow and two energy streams.

    "What, Fairy Energy?!"Daisy Oak is incredible.

    Looking at Blissey lying in the snow and full of scars, Daisy's brows were locked. She didn't even see the ice wall. It was like ordinary ice and snow, not a bomb containing Fairy energy. .

    "It's Confuse Ray."As Blissey lost his fighting ability, Mr. Raoul Contesta, who was in charge of the review, said with emotion: "It was the first round of performance, the Terrance players put it perfectly into the actual combat, the ice mirror into the dazzling Gleam, and then with confuse Ray to interfere with the line of sight, Cause mild hallucinations, so that the ice mirror can not be seen strange, when the Blissey is surrounded by ice mirrors, in fact, has been a difficult to avoid attack lock on. ”

    “Correct.”Terrance nodded.

    This detonation idea is that he is at Mt. Chimney got the experiment, the ice can not bear the huge Fairy can cause a precursor to the explosion, Terrance applied this feature to the actual battle, let Ninetales combine the energy of the unequal ice energy, Fairy energy, and thus create This time the energy explosion is good.

    The words fell, the audience was silent for a while, although the two played a lot of rounds, full of watching, but think about it, how to see it is still an overwhelming victory.

    "Daisy loses, they are not at all."Nurse Joy smiled and glanced at Terrance below.

    With the announcement of the results, Terrance smiled at Daisy and let the other party not fight.


    "In this way, my Rival is really a Terrance predecessor."

    In the player's lounge, Zhai Qia stood up from the seat and gently opened her mouth.

    "Was I? If you look down on me like this, I will be very nervous. ”At the same time, Top Coordinator came from the side of Qiqia and said with a smile.

    "You dance seniors…"Yan Qia turned her head and said helplessly: "Although it is very impolite, I still have to say that I will definitely win this game. Those who advance to the final will be me!"

    "This way…"You dance with his fingers to support the chin, nodded and said: "Well, then we all go all out."


    In the venue, Terrance did not struggle to defeat Top Coordinator Daisy Oak, and continued to make the audience eager to discuss.

    "It seems that this victory must be Terrance."

    "No, His Highness Lissi is also very strong. The strength of her Mega Altaria is still unknown. If Terrance only sent Ninetales, the victory is not necessarily the case. Its Ninetales I remember Vulpix a few months ago, Breeder is not long. ”

    "I said you, have you missed Miss You Dance?" She is also a Top Coordinator. The gap between the genius Rookie and the Top Coordinator has been verified in two battles. ”

    When Terrance came to the stage, Crisna eagerly asked, "Terrance, how much strength did you and Ninetales use?"

    “Ewww.”Terrance thinks that Crisna will ask this, think about it for a moment, saying: "Half…… …

    He also said that it is not good, although the Ninetales that Xinghai killing trick can not be fully used, but the simple icemoon killing trick can already be perfectly controlled.

    The combination of the Trinity is not comparable to this simple ice cage.

    After a while, the battle between Zhai Qiya and You Dance began. Before the discussion was very hot, the result was stunned.

    Qi Qiya won, although the win was very difficult, but she still won, and she has not used a card like Mega Evolution.

    This result has made many people messy, as Rookie…It’s rare to win the Top Coordinator at the Grand Festival, the last exception…Still Terrance.

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