Pokemon Court Chapter 829

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 829th chapter Nineales vsMega Altaria, floating astronomy
    The promotion of Yan Qia determined the two candidates in the final.

    “Is it the final battle between Terrance and 琉琪亚?”

    Many people think that this final selection is very interesting. No matter who wins, it is the result that the audience likes to hear.

    As a party, Terrance and Qi Qiya have different moods.

    琉 亚 亚 那 那 那 那 T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T

    The Mega Altaria is very strong, and although it doesn't exceed Ninetales, it is very close.

    "Mega Evolution props, is it something she gets for herself or someone else…"Terrance is slightly envious, let Rookie master such a perverted thing, how to look at it is a bit of a feeling of destructive, but I want to come to the heart of Conchia Contest Condition, it should be pretty.

    Mega Evolution, the base is not as good as Ninetales' Altaria, the strength is catching up! Even if Terrance wants to win, he has to expose both hands.

    "The next decisive battle is really looking forward to it."

    Raoul Contesta and Mr. Sukizo and Nurse Joy were sitting side by side with their eyes straight to the stage.

    After the final list was released, the venue's lighting was even more dazzling. In the enthusiasm of all the audience, Top Coordinator superstar Terrance, Hoenn super popular idol Lissi, slowly boarded the main stage from both sides.

    "OK, the end of the intermission, then the long-awaited peak matchup!!!"Vivian threw the mic and made a handsome posture and then re-attached the falling microphone, shouting passion.

    "What will happen to the new and old disputes?! Let us wait and see! ”Lilian also refused to lag behind and said the questions that everyone was curious about.

    The winner is Zhai Qi, the arguably the strongest Rookie in history, or Terrance, whose reputation has long been passed through the coordination field…The two hosts clasped the center and constantly spurred the audience's expectation.

    As the countdown on the big screen began, Terrance and 琉琪亚 threw the Poké Ball together.

    Neither of them spoke. In the eyes of the audience, their expressions were calm and terrible. It seemed that they were brewing a peerless war together.

    "Baby-Doll Eyes !"

    As the countdown ended and the game officially began, Terrance ordered that Ninetales unleashed a strong mental pressure and crushed it directly toward Altaria.

    According to the experience of previous battles, the ordinary Pokémon will be lost in the short time by the interference of Baby-Doll Eyes. In such a game, this short time may determine the outcome.

    Looking at the Ninetales with a strange glow, the audience held their breath and looked at Altaria…

    I saw that there was a sudden cloud of mist in Soaring in the sky. Altaria seemed to be a life in the sea of clouds. It was hard to find, and Mist was lingering. Altaria continued to swim. Perhaps because of the color of the sea, the audience could only see it for a moment. The figure.

    This is……Altaria made Mist and Cotton Guard almost instantly! ”

    Vivian screamed: "Ninetales' Baby-Doll Eyes seems to have been ignored by Altaria."

    Has it failed?

    Terrance shrugged, forget it, it seems that the other party is also prepared, give the other side a chance.

    "Altaria, Mega Evolution!"

    Ninetales didn't succeed in the blow, and Keyia immediately touched Keystone, the headgear, and a dazzling light connected between her and the sea of clouds.

    As a huge Key Stone glows and collapses, the sea of clouds is even bigger, almost the same as the entire stage Sky.

    "Ninetales, freezing Soaring in the sky."Terrance ordered the way.

    Faced with the oppressive pressure from Soaring in the sky, and thinking of the skills of the first round of performances by 琉琪亚 and Altaria, Terrance didn't want to give them the chance to play the movement.

    At this moment, ice and snow energy emerged in madness, and a snow cloud forced a collision with the sea of clouds composed of Cotton Guard and Mist.

    Also, from the Ninetales below, a strong Blizzard was released, echoing the snow clouds of Soaring in the sky.

    “It’s the snow of Ninetales!”The audience immediately boiled! They have seen a lot of weather-like moves, and they can make the weather-like moves like Const and the majesty of Terrance, they rarely see.

    "Good speed."Qi Qia clenched her teeth, and it was the first time she personally faced such a perverted snow…

    Ignore the cold wind blowing from the stage, Qi Qiya's eyes have been seriously staring at the clouds. The next moment, a figure jumped out of the sea of clouds, crazyly rolled up Mist and the sea of clouds, seems to compete with the Blizzard made by Ninetales.

    "Dragon Dance?"

    Terrance glimpsed, watching Altaria's action of waving the clouds, and immediately hurt the egg. I didn't expect this Altaria to master the skills similar to the Beautifly Limit Quiver Dance.

    Sure enough.

    Yunhai and Blizzard are intertwined with each other. No one can help anyone at a time, but everyone can see that with the Dragon Dance, the defense of the sea of clouds will become stronger and stronger.

    "Use ice needles."Terrance transition instructions.

    The next moment, the huge Blizzard instantly molded into thousands of ice needles.

    With the size of the ice needle, it was easy to break into the sea of clouds. However, as the speed of the Altaria Dragon Dance accelerated, the surrounding airflow squirmed and seemed to blow the ice needle.

    UselessIn the words of Terrance, there was a huge explosion in the sea of clouds, and the Fairy energy contained in the ice needle exploded, and the infinite light shone from Soaring in the sky.

    The pink light shines in all directions, making the entire stage look beautiful.

    “It’s not a Terrance predecessor.”

    Under the fascinating light reflection, Qi Qiya was dignified. I didn't think that Ninetales could achieve this level. How to control the Dazzling Gleam's Fairy energy into a small ice needle?

    "No injuries…"Terrance felt a pity here. He looked at it. Altaria rolled up a mass of cotton feathers and retired from the explosion. At the same time, the other party gave up the dragon dance, the fast dancing room, a special voice. Passed it out.

    Hearing this special sound, Terrance picked it up at the corner of his mouth and it still didn't seem to stop the opponent from using the hole card, but that's fine.

    This Altaria can play music with a variety of sound tricks with Fairy Energy and Cotton Guard. It's hard to get around, but since you can't escape, just enjoy it.

    Terrance knew about the sound tricks. When he heard the melody, he immediately knew which moves were in the score.

    “Sing tricks, Disarming Voice tricks, and Round tricks…”

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