Pokemon Court Chapter 830

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 830th chapter of the combination of technology, floating astronomy
    A pink sound wave is emitted from the cotton squad. It is as dense as the arrow rain. What is even more terrifying is that this sound wave seems to be more and more powerful over time.

    “Sing's melody is wrapped around the sound waves, with hypnotic effects.”

    Raoul Contesta lost in thought, look to Terrance, want to see what Terrance intend to do, if want to attack to Altaria, first of all to solve this sound wave, but the sound wave contains hypnotic effect, accidentally may fall into the trap, this is very tricky, and, In the case of increasingly strong attacks, Altaria also has cotton Guard guard, want to break through the past is really difficult.

    Everyone felt awkward, but Terrance didn't say anything, and his face was calm, as if everything was expected.

    In the stage, facing this intensive attack, I saw Ninetales with strong snow and direct attack. When it stepped on the stage, the infinite snow curtain swept up and rolled over the sound waves, transforming the stage into ice and sound. confrontation.

    "Can't stop!"

    Someone saw the sound wave passing through the snow curtain, and immediately shouted that the special sound wave contains a variety of melody, the snow curtain can only block the sound waves with offensive nature, the hypnotic nature of the sound wave for some reason directly ignores the snow curtain, from The gap between ice and snow penetrated.

    This hypnotic effect was swept down, and Ninetales shook his body. After Safeguard added, he directly chose to ignore it. He still controlled the ice and snow to compete with it. However, the opponent’s offensive was very strong and continued. The addition of Hyper Voice to the sound waves enhances the sound waves, and the snow curtain of Ninetales has a tendency to collapse.

    "Can I join Hyper Voice? amazing. ”Terrance found himself swearing at the 琉 亚 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    In a short while, the snow curtain is nearing collapse. In addition, the more intense hypnotic sound waves directly penetrate Safeguard, the beautiful melodies are introduced into the ears of Ninetales, and the eyes of Ninetales are blurred…

    Seeing this scene, Terrance's supporters were anxious, and if they were hypnotized, they lost. Watching Ninetales slowly close their eyes, many people showed a pitiful expression, but in the next moment, they were immediately seen. The change was stunned.

    Ninetales closed her eyes, but I didn't know if it was loaded or really fell asleep, just because it still stands on the stage, still manipulating the ice and the sound waves!

    "No way?"Qi Qia is incredible. She does not believe that Ninetales can be self-conscious after being hypnotized.

    "There is nothing impossible."Terrance opens slowly.

    Ninetales is connected to his mind, and even with the Sleep Contest Condition, he can take action with the Sleep Talk move.

    Moreover, Ninetales is not hypnotized, but actively uses Rest to restore strength.

    Under the sleep Contest Condition, the Ninetales Contest Condition was restored, Terrance looked at the time, and after a ringing finger, the explosion of the snow curtain exploded, and in front of the Ninetales, an ice mirror appeared.

    It’s true that the ice-based tricks against the squad’s Mega Altaria seem to be a winner, and Terrance intends to make the Ninetales offensive even more aggressive.

    After the appearance of the ice mirror, countless rainbow screens were attached to the ice mirror, which provided a protection mechanism.

    In the next moment, a strong ray of light reflected from the number of ice mirrors, the Dairy's Dazzling Gleam moves directly to the scene, and the sound waveform of the other side becomes a confrontational situation.

    The collision of sound waves and light makes the audience feast their eyes. This time, the battle is extremely valuable.

    Soaring in the sky and Ground's mutual bombing, it is difficult to separate for a while, but after the rainbow color, blue, white and other colors of light reflected from the ice mirror, Raoul Contesta and Mr. on the jury. Sukizo laughed.

    They have already seen it, and Terrance showed the icemoon technique in the form of an ice mirror.

    This combination of attack, debuff, and defense has weakened the speed and lethality of the sound wave. In the case of Ninetales itself can ignore the other hypnosis effect, Terrance is full of momentum, followed by the audience. Visible picture…The sound wave was slowly crushed in the past!

    OopsQi Qiya panicked, the core of the other party's skills is Ninetales and ice mirror, with Aurora Veil protection, the core of her side is Altaria itself, with Cotton Guard protection, now breaks through the sound wave, the other party is very close to her tactical core .

    "Dragon Star Group!"

    Seeing that the sound waves were crushed, Qi Qiya shouted, Altaria launched cotton feathers, and summoned countless gravel as the meteor Normal fell.

    "I don't want to give up."After defeating each other's core combination skills, Ninetales opened his eyes and understood the meaning of Terrance. This moment the ice mirrors were deformed and overlapped each other, canceling the debuffing and defensive effects, attacking at full speed, and speeding up, dazzling the audience!

    Infinite light bursts out, and after a few times of reinforcement, it is swept together with the dragon star group, and these gravel are swallowed by evil, and they are bombarded toward Altaria, and they are close to each other.

    "Encore Cotton Guard."Qi Qia quickly spoke, and when Terrance speeded up the offensive, she had a feeling of breathlessness.

    "Blizzard."With the order of Terrance, the ice mirror re-disintegrated into a snow, followed by Dazzling Gleam, and like a savage mouth, fierce attack!

    It’s over.

    Seeing the exaggerated coordination speed of Ninetales, Qi Qia lost her body.

    I saw that when Dazzling Gleam was intertwined with the Cotton Guard, Blizzard followed and instantly swallowed them together, triggering Mega Explosion.

    Booming and banging!

    Listening to this sweet voice, Terrance looked at Sky. After such a high-intensity battle, Altaria should not be able to maintain the Mega Evolution Contest Condition? Sure enough, the next moment, a fascinating figure crashed down, and when the light broke, Altaria returned to normal, falling with the snow and ice.

    In just a few minutes of engagement, the audience was dizzying, especially when Altaria lost consciousness, completely ignited the atmosphere inside the venue!

    "Although the strength of the two elves is comparable, but the level of coordination, Ninetales is even better."Raoul Contesta saw this result, silently said that although Altia's Altaria was very strong, it was upgraded with Mega Evolution, and its level of coordination did not reach the same level as strength.

    The terrible thing about Terrance is that Ninetales' level of coordination far exceeds its own strength! It seems that you have stepped ahead in strength and stepped into the top field!

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