Pokemon Court Chapter 831

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 831 chapter coordinator honor! Floating astronomy
    It can be seen from this battle that Ninetales is enough to compete with Altaria in both ice and Fairy capabilities. When the two systems are assembled, Ninetales can be directly crushed, all relying on its coordination level. It can easily control these two complementary Attributes. Otherwise, it is not so easy to win the victory.

    "But, are you not curious about that? The combination of Rest and Sleep Talk, you look at Ninetales, the whole game is not very big. ”Mr. Sukizo's eyes are puzzled. What makes Ninetales aware of Smelling Salts while sleeping and is comfortable with Sleep Talk?

    "That should be the secret of Terrance."Raoul Contesta laughed.

    "It seems to be evenly matched, but it is actually a one-sided situation…"Nurse Joy was amazed. Rookie’s fight with the old man ended up with the old man’s victory?

    "Congratulations, Mr. Terrance!"

    As Altaria fell, Host Vivian congratulated that this has completely ended the Grand Festival.

    At the same time, Terrance looked at the Ninetales on the stage, and looked at it with a gaze, and smiled in the heart, so that it was completed with the commitment of Ninetales.

    When Ninetales was still Vulpix, Terrance told it that it would come to the Contest competition. Its coordination talent was great and it was sure to be dazzling on the Contest stage. The little Vulpix did not live up to Terrance's expectations and showed excellent coordination. talent.

    Now, the small Vulpix and Terrance of Ninetales have successfully dominated a Region, and its coordination level is also top-notch. It can be said that it perfectly meets the expectations of Terrance and Vulpix.

    In addition, the Kanto Saffron Conference has a high gold content, which makes Terrance somewhat unexpected, but fortunately he and Ninetales are well prepared enough to defeat all Rival! !

    "Terrance seniors…"On the stage, Qi Qiya slowly opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but then she shook her head and gave up the plan.

    Seeing Auntie's awkwardness, Terrance smiled and said, "I will wait for your next challenge."

    "Alright!"Qi Qiya nodded seriously.

    With full confidence to challenge Terrance, he ended up failing, saying that it was not difficult or bad, but Qi Qia quickly adjusted his mentality. This time, Terrance was completely regarded as a goal that must be exceeded.



    At the closing ceremony of the day, Terrance slowly moved to the high platform, and he glanced at Mr. Raoul Contesta, and the two knew what was going to happen next.

    Terrance took over Mr. Raoul Contesta, Mr. After Mr. Sukizo and Nurse Joy handed over the ribbon trophy, Mr. Raoul Contesta suddenly announced a major event.

    “Top Coordinator Terrance dominated the Grand Festival of Kanto and Hoenn Double Region, and demonstrated his personal excellence at the Coordinator and Trainer Mega Celebration. After the unanimous review by the Contest Contest Committee, we decided to honor the Terrance Coordinator. ."


    This is the second time that the official Contest contest has given the Coordinator Coordinator the honor. The last person is Wallace!

    "Terrance's strength is obvious to all, and I believe he can afford the honor of coordinator."Mr. Sukizo Road.

    Terrance took a deep breath and felt the envy of countless Coordinators. His own pressure was also great. Of course, he knew what the honor of the Coordinator represented, which means that the mark of Contest in his future is stronger. This is The choice of faction. Otherwise, even if he successfully dominated the Contest Contest of all Regions, the official Contest Contest does not necessarily give him this honor.

    This honor also represents the full support of the Contest contest faction! If Terrance takes the position of Elite and has the voting rights of the Alliance Council, it will also become the real authority of the Contest Contest on behalf of Terrance.

    "Coordination Master?"When Mr. Raoul Contesta announced, Crisna, who was eating free pastries, was directly caught in the incredible look of Mr. Terrance and Raoul Contesta standing side by side.

    "Terrance has already reached this point…"

    "It's not a person who beats me."Qi Qiya’s surprise was less. She thought that Terrance could take up this honor and the other party could stand up to her height, which is taken for granted by Qi Qiya.

    Top Coordinator, Ordinary Coordinator, Rookie Coordinator, and those who just want to watch the closing ceremony quietly are scared.

    No one thought that there was a Mega big news at the end of this Grand Festival!

    "The second coordinator was born, the status of the Wallace master is not guaranteed??"The genius Rookie of Johto Region Region smiled and began to brain all kinds of interesting developments.

    At the same time, countless media crazy photos, the second coordinator was born, what is herald? What exactly is the Contest contest official planning?

    After smelling the news, the media was posted like a dog skin plaster, but Terrance and Raoul Contesta were prepared to avoid harassment by all the people.

    After the closing ceremony, Terrance had expected that this event would be reported on the Internet and in magazines, but he was already mentally prepared. If he was only a public figure with more influence before, this time, the reputation may be To increase.

    "Coordinating Master Honor, what does it sound like?"

    Mr. Raoul Contesta smiled at the meeting room of the Contest venue, which was naturally the decision he made after discussing with Terrance.

    "I regret a bit, so do I have to challenge Elite? Can you not go? ”Terrance smiled.

    "No."Raoul Contesta Airway: "Do you know how much I have to fight for the honor of a coordinator? Don't worry, the honor of this coordinator is far more valuable than you think, and you will find its benefits later. ”

    I'm joking.Terrance nodded, coordinating the honor of the master, and he was determined to fight for the honor he had after talking to the Wicktor master.

    If you can get the key support of the Contest contest, the Elite road will be a lot smoother.

    "What are you going to do next?"

    "Back to Hoenn for the devil's special training, now I want to challenge the Elite Four's position with a small success rate."Terrance said: "I only have a complete team that is suitable for the top Trainer."

    "Also, after all, you don't have much time to accumulate."Raoul Contesta contemplates: "Come on, although I don't know much, but I know that for the top Trainer, the two teams are the foundation, right, and the next thing will be discussed when the Naplu Road Museum is open. I received your invitation, and I will be with Mr. Sukizo went to join in. ”

    "Alright!"Terrance nodded.

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