Pokemon Court Chapter 832

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 832 Terrance's tough, floating astronomy
    after day

    When the Grand Festival in Kanto Region ended, the first day of the next day's report was immediately distributed throughout the network.

    One of the hottest topics is undoubtedly the honor of the master of coordination by Terrance.

    Coordinating the honor of the master, in the field of coordination, in the eyes of countless Coordinator, is the same as the position of Elite Four in the eyes of ordinary Trainer.

    Through the Rotom Pokédex, Terrance flipped through his reports and looked at these praises or doubts, but shrugged.

    This name is much heavier than the Top Coordinator. Originally, Terrance felt that his style was basically positive, but today he found that he did not know where to run out of various monsters and monsters, and used some logic-deficient smears to pollute the environment.

    "As the fame grows bigger, the probability of contact with brain damage increases…"

    Terrance sneered, and Solaceon picked up a hottest post.

    "The dark curtain of the big day! Beat a Rookie and become a master of coordination? ”

    The poster is a trumpet. There is no record of any speech in the Contest Contest Forum. Just like the one that emerged from the sky today, there are many examples in the post that have not been heard by Terrance. It is really speechless.

    At this point, Mr. Raoul Contesta has already reminded Terrance, saying that there will be some malicious smears on the Internet, so that Terrance should not care, even Wallace also came this way.

    After a while, the malicious comments will slowly disappear.

    "too slow."Terrance snorted and ignored the reminder of Mr. Raoul Contesta. Can the Contest contest not even eliminate this boring evaluation?

    "Rotom Pokédex, Lock On, is this poster's ip?"

    "Lock On Rotto."Rotom Pokédex has access to a lot of high-end technology in the future, and it's a breeze to do it.

    "Follow the ip of the remaining hot posts, and the most popular users of those bars."Terrance browses the road to Rotom Pokédex.

    After Rotom Pokédex's query, Terrance found that almost all of these people came from the same ip address.

    Even if the ip is different, the account is almost uniformly registered in one place, and there is an inseparable link.

    “Leda Entertainment, Konghai Media?”Terrance found that the most popular users and the two companies absolutely could not get rid of the relationship, considering that he directly dialed Mr. Raoul Contesta's phone.

    After hearing about Terrance's question, after Mr. Raoul Contesta's silence, he said helplessly: "I didn't think you went to investigate it yourself. In fact, you guessed it. Those companies that have some differences in interests and Contest competitions, you are the Contest contest. The two masters of coordination, how can they let go of this smeared opportunity?"

    "I understand this."Terrance said, "And then, just ignore it?"

    "Normal, their account number is limited. As long as Embargo is all right, after a while, the storm will stop."Raoul Contesta explained.

    "Mr. Raoul Contesta…"Terrance's brow wrinkled. "This kind of malicious smearing speech, and even a few involved personal attacks, is it not appropriate to solve it in the least costly way?"

    Raoul Contesta over there was a bitter smile, and he was also surprised by Terrance's attitude. After all, Terrance was young and young, and the original Wallace experienced more complicated conditions than Terrance. In Raoul Contesta's view, these are all Celebrities must experience.

    "What do you mean?"Mr. Raoul Contesta said.

    "Let them pay a higher price."Terrance Road.

    In fact, Terrance just wants to see the official sincerity of the Contest contest. This smearing event can be solved perfectly with the energy of the Contest contest, but if it is only solved in the least costly way, then Terrance can directly understand that the official Contest contest Your own attention is not enough.

    After all, there is no negative comment on Wallace on the web.

    Since it is necessary to choose a faction, Terrance is of course willing to choose the party that has the most involvement and the closest relationship with him. But this does not mean that Terrance has no requirements for the Contest. From the current water incident, Terrance saw the Contest contest's high-level behavior weak. one side.

    Terrance chose the Contest contest. Naturally, I hope that the Contest competition will be perfectly responsible for his reputation. I can't do this. How can I compete for the Elite Four as a Coordinator?

    The Contest contest is a bit too weak. This is something that Terrance is quite dissatisfied with, for whatever reason, he is the second coordinator.

    Perhaps the Contest contest did not know him well. He also stayed at the Mega celebration for Terrance. He only thought that Terrance was a Top Coordinator with the potential to impact the Elite Four position, but Terrance was very clear about his value.

    Mismagius, Beautifly, Arcanine, floating bubbles, Gallade, the essence of several elves have exploded after Terrance returns from the future time and space. The next four years of knowledge system will benefit Terrance, and Altaria can compete for a short time. The Kalos champion Trump Card has long been a poor Pokémon.

    In addition, Carbink, Ninetales, Kirlia, and Pupitar have extraordinary potential. Terrance didn't think that the position of Elite Four was difficult for him. Even if he couldn't do it for two years, he couldn't do it for two years. But before he was 20, he couldn't get in touch with that position. ?

    Terrance doesn't believe that it is because of his own strength that Terrance wants to get the attention from the Contest official.

    "I understand, I don't want to see this. After all, your coordinator honor is what I am fighting for."Raoul Contesta said that he naturally hopes that Terrance will not be subject to the malicious smearing of these Contest competitions, but if he wants to solve the complex problems, he can't do it with his own energy, which requires the overall power of Contest.

    But unfortunately, his voice is not so big, so he is not too tough in dealing with these things. Originally Raoul Contesta wanted to make up for Terrance in other things, but now that Terrance has proposed it, then he also no solution anymore.

    "I will solve it properly."When Mr. Raoul Contesta made a promise, Terrance had a loose expression, but at the same time some felt that he was in a hurry.

    This kind of solution is not unacceptable. At least the Contest contest is still trying to remove malicious smeared comments, but Terrance is the first to contact them, and some care about it.

    However, Terrance does not regret his toughness.

    "I will come up with the corresponding strength, so I still mean this thing."Terrance Road.

    Since the Contest contest is not enough for yourself, it will be recognized by yourself, provided that the Contest contest can solve this problem perfectly.

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