Pokemon Court Chapter 833

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 833th counterattack, floating astronomy
    After the call ended, Terrance shook his head slightly, packed up the baggage, and then first went to say goodbye to the father and daughter of the Saffron Hall. During this time, there was no less trouble to disturb the family. Sabrina provided many improvements to Pupitar's mode. Terrance owes a little love.

    After that, Terrance remembered one thing, that is, the Rockets trio seems to be still trying to find the magic stone…

    No Change

    When the Rockets trio got Terrance's newsletter, the expression changed again and again, although they all wanted to follow Terrance's words, but when they thought that they had already promised Terrance, and had already said the big words, For a time, the trio had some difficulty pulling their faces down.

    "We have collected most of the materials."Meowth looks at James and Jessie, does it mean halfway?

    Meowth couldn't bear to abandon his wisdom as he thought of his own design for staying up late.

    ABSOLUTELY NOT We must make a magic stone! ”James had a flash in his eyes. He thought it was an opportunity. Before he knew that Giovanni had asked them to investigate what Terrance intended, James was going to drag.

    "But Terrance said it was important to leave Kanto for a while, what should we do?"Jessie wonders.

    "It's better than this. We continue to collect materials to make the magic stone, and during this time, we have to do a big ticket!!"James suddenly flashed a glimmer of light and said: "Now we have accepted special tasks and can enjoy Executive-level privileges. It is better for us to use this privilege to bring Pikachu's head together."

    "what do you mean……"Jessie and Meowth shine.

    "Yes, since the funds are so abundant, if you can upgrade the devices that captured Pikachu before, aren't they very easy to deal with the little ghosts?! After catching Pikachu, the collection of the magic stone material is almost the same. When the task is completed, Pikachu will be dedicated to the Giovanni boss. The hope of our promotion will be even bigger! ”

    As James said, he felt more and more a genius.

    Public expense private! Take the task funds to catch Pikachu by the way! What a wit idea!

    "Good idea."Meowth immediately said that since there are so many tasks, I am afraid that I can't catch Pikachu?

    With a new direction, the trio immediately laughed…

    Terrance left, the Rockets also made a decision, first to use the mission funds to catch Pikachu, and use this time to make the magic stone, it can be described as a double-edged sculpture.



    From Kanto to Hoenn's plane.

    Terrance has been following the follow-up of what he and Mr. Raoul Contesta said.

    Ask yourself, the Contest contest is not very big in your heart. If the Contest contest does not come up with a little attitude, it is difficult for Terrance to let go of it.

    Now, Terrance still lacks a sense of belonging to the Contest faction. Emphasizing this, Terrance wants to see the official solution of the Contest, can you let yourself out of this evil.

    After the conversation between Terrance and Raoul Contesta, Mr. Raoul Contesta thought of Terrance's toughness and made a big decision.

    "This is something I missed. I lost this position. I can't let the faction members completely return to their hearts."Mr. Raoul Contesta's mind is complicated. Terrance is his hand-drawn. He also knows about Terrance's character. If Terrance is going to fight, Terrance is dissatisfied with his treatment.

    "Terrance is not a kind of high-profile person. He has just chosen the Contest contest faction after all, that is to say, he actually wants to see the attitude of the Contest contest."

    After thinking for a while, Raoul Contesta gradually came to understand Terrance's thoughts. After careful consideration, he decided to give Terrance a satisfactory answer. He took his own attitude to give Terrance a "meeting ceremony" and let Terrance believe his sincerity.

    "In addition, this is also an opportunity…Let me witness where your anger is, Terrance. ”

    Raoul Contesta is not a fuel-efficient lamp. He made a decision. He quickly packaged himself into a wicked tiger and used all the relationships he could use. Even if he paid a lot of money, he would solve it perfectly.

    It is not enough to just delete the malicious smeared evaluation.

    It’s a matter of evil that these evil forces are not afraid of it.

    In a short period of time, any keyboard man involved in maliciously smearing Terrance, personal information is exposed through various hidden channels.

    Even their family members and friends know that their loved ones and friends are subordinate to such an unfair industry.

    Even what Terrance didn't know was that because of his toughness, Raoul Contesta combined with some of the high-level Contest contests, and directly smashed the face with these competing Rival.

    At the Leda Entertainment High-level Meeting, several shareholders looked dignified.

    Because of this smear incident, they did not expect to suffer such a serious counterattack.

    Researchers suspected of insulting an important contribution to international security work, allegedly insulting the hero who saved a city, Trainer, all kinds of favorable conditions were officially used by the Contest contest, and they made a strong counterattack against these competitive Rival.

    "Are they crazy?"

    At the high-level meeting of the Air Media, many high-level executives did not understand why the Hoenn giant Dewen Company had a strong commercial attack on them. In doing so, there was no benefit to the text at all, and instead, they would have some losses.

    Hoenn Region, a glasses man sitting in front of the computer, continued to fight on the Internet, executed the orders given by the big boss, but not long after, his computer was invaded, showing all his family information, seeing In this scene, the man was in a panic and contacted his big boss.

    "Sorry, we are hard to protect ourselves, and our cooperation relationship ends here."

    At the same time, the man picked up the communicator and saw the questioning information sent by his family and friends.

    The next day.

    When Terrance received all the news, the Contest contest official series of resolute and aggressive actions has been completed, a huge industry chain was exposed, many of them were ruined, and even they had to publicly apologize on the network to review their faults. Seeing this result, Terrance nodded and was satisfied.

    The Contest contest official has come up with their sincerity. Compared to the gentle practice of the past, this way of doing things makes Terrance more appreciated, and with this event as a premise, any want to make a fuss about Terrance against the Contest contest. You have to measure your weight.

    This is also considered to be the respect that Terrance has earned for himself. He does not want to compete in the Contest competition for Rival's breakthrough in the Contest competition.

    Along the way, Terrance was paying attention to this event, and time flies. When Terrance completely put the matter down, he also arrived at the Napru Road Hall.

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