Pokemon Court Chapter 834

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 834, Fallarbor Scenic Area, Astronomy
    "Nipru Road Museum, I am back!!"

    As soon as he entered the Napru Road Hall, Terrance took a deep breath and the air here was different from the outside world. It was from Mt. Chimney's Volcanic Ash, when used to this taste, will feel very familiar and intimate.

    Terrance likes to call it the taste of hometown…

    All the way through, I have long been unable to see what farmland, replaced by a variety of flower fields.

    From a small agricultural town, through the transformation of Terrance, the Napru Road Museum has gradually evolved towards a town specializing in tourism. It can be said that the change is very large.

    Of course, if you want to build a bridge with the outside world and catch up with the trend of social development, this change is necessary.

    "Speaking of it, the next batch of Cutiefly is coming soon. This time it seems that there are 20 elf eggs. After hatching, the number of Cutiefly in the Napru Road Hall can be officially determined to be 36!"

    Terrance remembered the message from Alola and looked forward to it, 36 Cutiefly…Later, the Cutiefly of the Naplu Road Museum can be self-incubated based on these 36 pieces.

    That would save a lot of effort, and the second generation Cutiefly hatched by Terrance Breeder's generation of Cutiefly, regardless of talent or potential, Terrance believes it will be better.

    When walking towards the Fallabor Gym, Terrance also saw Beautifly and Dustox flying in the air. At the Napru Road Hall, if you have the most number of elves, it is undoubtedly Beautifly and Dustox.

    The Beautifly and Dustox, which are almost the entire Fallarbor forest, were tamed by the Fallabor Gym.

    This is due to the deterrence of the Totem gas field and the special food developed by Terrance, which makes these wild Beautifly and Dustox dependent on the Napru Hall.

    They are all composed of the small Beautifly as the core, the butterfly group form, and the members of the wing.

    After a long period of practice, the butterfly group form has already been initially completed. In addition to not being put into combat, various actions can be coordinated.

    The first appearance of the butterfly group form, Terrance intends to stay until the opening ceremony of the Fallarbor Scenic Area.

    Terrance believes that this form of butterfly group resembling the shape of the Wishiwashi fish group will surely make many visitors stunned and shocked.

    Inside the Fallabor Gym.

    Terrance didn't inform anyone when he came back. When he entered the Fallabor Gym, he found that there was a road race.

    Kathrine and a young female Trainer fought fiercely, Aian served as a referee, and on the side, the Taoist apprentice Troie was also learning the rhythm of battle with Beedrill.

    Several people were very involved, and Terrance's entry did not attract anyone's attention. Until the end of the game, several Pokémons first discovered Terrance, which was watching the corner against the wall.

    "Terrance? You're back?Kathrine hadn't had time to give the challenger Badge, walked straight toward Terrance, and Aian and Troie were no exception.

    The challenger who was sunk on the side was immediately messy, but after blinking her eyes, she suddenly recognized Terrance's identity.

    Fallabor Gym's true pavilion Trainer!

    She was well prepared before challenging the Fallabor Gym and naturally knew the challenge mode of the Fallabor Gym, so she is no stranger to Terrance.

    "Yeah, but you still have to prepare the Badge for the challenger."Terrance laughed.

    Terrance didn't take long to leave, but it was also a lot of days. Kathrine got used to the fact that Terrance often went out and nodded and went to the challenger to get Badge.

    As for the Taoist apprentices that Terrance dug, Troie, after seeing Terrance coming back, was very happy and showed a very non-Normal attitude.

    During his studies at Fallabor Gym, he felt that he had a very big reward and couldn't wait to show it.

    “Sir Gym Leader, Rotom Teacher, I want to show it to my progress!”

    The words, with a smile, just wanted to praise Troie's Terrance, his face jerked and twitched twice.

    Even if I had thrown you to Rotom for Slack Off, you wouldn't be so vengeful, Terrance Grudge is incomparable.

    "Hahaha!"Aian smiled twice in an untimely manner.

    "But then, Terrance, you shouldn't leave this time?"

    After Terrance threw Rotom Pokédex out and threw it to Troie, Aian said immediately.

    "It should be, and I plan to conduct a special round of devil training for the next period of time. It is estimated that I will not stay away from the Napru Hall."Terrance smiled slightly.

    "I have doubts about this."At this moment, Kathrine and the challenger came over. When they heard Terrance, Kathrine said nothing. "You don't seem to say this for the first time, but the result is that you will run out every time."

    “Um?Terrance pondered, it seems like this is the case.

    It is really a plan to keep up with the changes.

    “Terrance Pavilion owner, hello, I am Miki in Xuefeng Town and I am doing a challenge to the Evergrande Conference.”In front of Terrance, the former challenger's face of joy and joy came out from me.

    "Hello there."Terrance also reached out and shook hands with each other, but the next moment, Terrance's expression was weird, how so wet?

    ThatThe hand of the handshake, Miki's expression was very stunned, and his face turned red instantly: "I am sorry, I was too nervous about the battle, and there was a lot of sweat on my palm…"

    "Ha ha ha, it doesn't matter, Miki, right? If you are not in a hurry, you can stay at the Naplu Road Hall for a little more time. Then the scenic area of the Naplu Road Museum will be completely open. There will be many interesting pictures to see, so don't miss it. ”

    Terrance laughed, ignoring this scene, didn't care, but invited the strange female Trainer.

    The opening ceremony of the next Fallarbor Scenic Area, of course, the more people the better, Terrance's invitation has been sent to various places, even in these days, but also to mad advertising for the Fallarbor Scenic Area, trying to get a perfect Opening ceremony.



    After Terrance returned to Fallaboro Gym, the current idea was to face the opening ceremony of the Fallarbor Scenic Area, and everything else was left behind.

    The Fallarbor Scenic Area consists of two main parts, one is the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area and the other is the Naplu Road Museum Flower Field Scenic Area.

    In addition, in order to make the opening ceremony more full, in addition to the two scenic spots, Terrance has to make more tricks, at least to arrange the visitors for a long time.

    "If that's the case, then hold a Bug Type Conference."Terrance thought about it and thought it was a good idea.

    Since the Napru Road Museum is a town famous for its “Bug Type Wizard”, it is in line with the theme of this scenic spot to get a Bug Type Conference. As for the venue, you can borrow the Contest Contest venue. Terrance needs only the competition rewards. And on-site staff.

    “If the first Bug Type Conference is successful, it can also be used as a good custom to match the scenic area, which may be more attractive to visitors!”

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