Pokemon Court Chapter 835

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 835th chapter of the Wicktor master, floating astronomy
    After returning to the Napru Road Hall, Terrance began to set foot to plan the opening of the next Fallarbor Scenic Area.

    This took up most of Terrance, and even the training of Pokémon was entirely entitled to Rotom Pokédex.

    Today, however, Terrance did not plan for the Fallarbor Scenic Area, but hosted an important person.

    "Master, you are here."

    Terrance quickly took Wicktor Master to Fallabor Gym and smiled and said: "I thought that your old man would be there until the opening ceremony."

    "When things are done, they will come naturally."Master Wicktor smiled and said: "You are not curious about what I am doing in this section?"

    "What are you doing?"A glimpse of Terrance.

    "From the day you rescued me from prison, I knew you wouldn't be willing to be a researcher."Master Wicktor is quite helpless.

    "But fortunately, you are still young and have a lot of time to complete your dreams, so I support your choice. I just hope that in my lifetime, I can see you reach the peak of Trainer, and then concentrate on coming back to study. The day of the field."

    "What are you talking about…"Terrance's scratching his head is like a child who has done something wrong.

    "No, you are very talented."Wicktor master shook his head and said: "Maybe your choice is right, so I am a master, just want to help you."

    Lend me a hand.Terrance was suddenly confused.

    “Correct.”Wicktor Master snorted. "During this period of time, I collected materials and exhausted my life's research results and prepared a number of genetic potions."

    "I think if you have the help of these genetic potions, your road to the summit might be better."

    "Gene Potion?!"Terrance's eyes are wide. "Is it the kind of agent that can awaken genetics?"

    “Hahaha, it does have this effect, and there are many other functions. Don’t underestimate any top Breeder master. If the top Trainer is a strategic weapon, then the top Breeder’s home is worth more than the top. Trainer is big."Master Wicktor is domineering.

    "Genetic syrup is a contraindication. Alliance has no clear rules to study these things, but I can't wait to see that my research path has reached the bottleneck. I am not willing."

    "So I researched this, Terrance, what do you think of these genetic potions?"Master Wicktor stared at Terrance with a serious eye and seemed to want to be recognized by Terrance.

    Gene medicine…

    Terrance is no stranger to nature, and the magical things are documented in the research notes that Wicktor gave him.

    What Terrance was exposed to were the genetic potions that helped Pokémon's awakening genetics. He even helped the concept of this genetic potion to help Pikachu of Ash, and even prepared himself to study the genetic potion that awakened Morning Sun, so he naturally did not How to resist.

    In Terrance's view, no matter what the Breeder method is, just solve it, then there is no problem.

    RisksTerrance opens slowly.

    "If it is dangerous, it is not very big."Master Wicktor laughed: "This is not an evil study, it is based on the principles of biology and energy."

    "I ask you, can Altaria learn Feather Dance tricks?"

    “Of course, according to your summary notes, Altaria can be inherited from the genes of the Pidgey, Pidove, Ducklett, Rowlet, Pikipek, Oricorio, Chatot, etc. Feather Dance moves.”Terrance Road.

    “Yes, it seems that you are not Slack Off in genetics. In theory, Altaria and the genes of these elves overlap. This is the most magical place in genetics. This shows that many elves are the same. Out of a source."Wicktor Master said.

    “But I ask you, can Altaria learn Razor Leaf?”

    During the Wicktor Master's inquiries, Terrance felt like he was back at the age of 10 and just left the Napru Road Hall, the first time he saw Wicktor Master.

    At first, Wicktor Master asked himself and Little June.

    "Razor Leaf, shouldn't that be? Unless temporarily used with Mirror Move. ”Terrance Road.

    "Yes, Altaria can never learn Razor Leaf. If you let Altaria learn, it is not Breeder at all, but an inhuman evil transformation."Master Wicktor fainted, apparently, he had never seen such a transformation during the Rockets.

    "And my genetic potion is scientific, and it is in line with Breeder's and energetic principles. You don't have to worry about this."

    "Altaria can theoretically inherit the dragon god dive, Feather Dance, Haze, Roost and other moves. My genetic potion effect is also limited to this, and will not exceed its ethnic endurance. After all, safety is the first, this is my Research, I think it is a real learning, an epoch-making research, not a trick, can you understand?"

    If the Trainer is a savage Wufu, then the researcher of the specialty elf or the expertise technology is the guide of the times. Master Wicktor has always been this point of view, so he hopes that Terrance will be involved in the research field.

    I have understanding.Terrance nodded.

    "You can understand."Master Wicktor breathed a sigh of relief. He was worried that Terrance would have misunderstood the genetic potion. However, it seems that Terrance's ability to accept is quite strong, but he is very interested in this potion, which makes him very happy.

    Not a family, not entering a house…With the thinking of Terrance, he feels that his ability to accept is still quite strong.

    When I talked about it, Terrance didn’t know that Wicktor Master was going to run for himself these days…This is to take the genetic potion to enhance their own heritage and pave the way for the Elite Four!

    "You haven't done anything since you grew up. Even if you gave some of the research results to you, your study is still too shallow, so I thought about it. I should also be a master. ."

    "In this way, your path will be flatter."Wicktor's eyes floated far away, and naturally knew how important the position of elite was, and the voting rights held by elite Four could change the major decisions of alliance, which alone could see the status of elite Four, Terrance was young, and despite factional support, But Wicktor master did not want to Terrance step his old way, because the strength is not limited by people, so he spent a considerable price, for the Terrance to find the opportunity to become stronger.

    Terrance is strong enough, and his ability to be a master is reassuring. After all, no matter which one is in the Elite Four, at least one assassination event has been experienced. Wicktor Master does not want Terrance to die young.

    thanksXieTerrance took a deep breath and although he hadn't seen the genetic potion that Wicktor said, he knew that this was a good old man's good intentions. He really suffered.

    "Go to your lab, let me explain to you the efficacy of these genetic potions."Master Wicktor smiled.

    Terrance grows fast, and this master's nature is to be left to majesty. This genetic potion is the next Mawei to Terrance, so that Terrance knows that he is a master, knowing the power of knowledge, don't put the tail up in the sky. .

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