Pokemon Court Chapter 836

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the text 836 gene potion and data chip, floating astronomy
    Master Wicktor took out eight bottles of genetic potions.

    The syrup is pink, gray, purple, red, white, colored, blue, and green.

    Picking up the first bottle of pink gene potion, Master Wicktor said slowly: "This is what I prepared for Altaria, which will allow Altaria to awaken Play Rough and increase the affinity of Fairy's energy, in addition to that. It also evokes the sound talent of Altaria."

    Wicktor masters, Terrance stunned, this genetic potion can be described with chicken ribs, I am afraid that Wicktor masters do not know, Altaria's Fairy talent metamorphosis to what extent, it is straight to the champion's main strength is light and dark I am afraid that a bottle of genetic medicine is difficult to dance in front of Fairy Aura. After all, it is the blessing of Xerneas!

    As for the talent of sound, it is not the main attack of Altaria. It can only be regarded as a icing on the cake. Compared with that, it is more suitable for Terrac to improve the gene of the fire talent. It is just the power of the fire of life!

    However, Terrance also knows that Master Wicktor is not very familiar with his Pokémon, so he did not say it, so as not to disappoint the goodwill of the elderly.

    Terrance had nothing to say when Master Wicktor spoke about Altaria's genetic potency, but when Wicktor Master slowly uttered the effects of several other genetic potions, Terrance began to look forward to it.

    "This is the gene potion I prepared for beautifly, which has only one effect, which is to stimulate the life cell activity of beautifly, so that it can obtain a longer life, never mind that it has a single effect, but the resources consumed are the most of these eight bottles of gene potion, as to how to do after that breeder Beautifly, you see your own, it as your beginner elf, you naturally do not want it to quit the most dazzling stage prematurely? ”Master Wicktor smiled.

    "Of course I do."Terrance took the gray potion and said it trembled.

    Enhancing the vitality of Beautifly, this can be said to be something that Terrance dreams of.

    If the efficacy of this bottle of genetic potion is as true as Wicktor Master, then the Beautifly Help is definitely bigger than any other talent!

    "This is the genetic potion of Mismagius. Its role is to make Mismagius awaken Curse, Destiny Bond, Ominous Wind, Shadow Sneak, etc., but its main role is not here, but to enhance the Ghost system of Mismagius. Its illusion level will naturally rise, and then the overall strength will rise."

    After all, Master Wicktor handed the purple potion.

    "This bottle of red potion is for Arcanine, I know its fighting style, so I have given you a way to help Arcanine awaken Morning Sun moves…"

    Wicktor masters, Terrance felt a moment, looking for a long time, the material did not match the Morning Sun pharmacy, did not expect this time Wicktor Master Help to solve it perfectly.

    "Not only that, but it can also help Arcanine Awakening Fighting talent and Thrash moves, the so-called Fighting talent, including Close Combat, Reversal two moves, can enhance its physical fitness, Thrash can cooperate with Outrage to more powerfully stimulate its wildness. Reversal can work with Morning Sun to make it exhausted without a blow…"

    After taking this bottle of red genetic potion, Terrance has some amazing effects. With it, Arcanine can be said to be even more powerful.

    “The next step is the genetic potion of Gallade and Kirlia, the two of which work similarly.”Master Wicktor took out the white and green gene potion: "They can stimulate the mental strength of two elves from two different angles respectively, gallade this bottle of white potion is more mild, I fear gallade abuse teleport will leave the root of the cause, After all, it is not good at using the spirit of Pokémon, this can let it use teleport no worries, and let its mental strength again strengthen, in addition, but also with awakening mean look, Shadow sneak the role of the move, but taking into account the particularity of Gallade, I do not know if it can let Gallade successfully wake up, if lucky awakening words, mean look with teleport, can be more perfect lock on the enemy, Shadow sneak, it can make its attack mode more variable. ”

    "And Kirlia, the bottle, is more violent. I took it into consideration because of its natural strength, so I prepared it, and this potion may have another effect…"Master Wicktor is not sure about the opening.

    "Maybe, when you stimulate your mental energy, you can recover its physical defects. Of course, the process will definitely be accompanied by some pain. This needs to be forbearance."

    Both bottles of potion are energetic, and Wicktor masters specially prepared for the defects of the two elves. It can be said that the effect is very practical.

    "This is for the floating bubble."Master Wicktor picked up the color potion and said it was color. In fact, there are only four colors, which correspond to Hail, sunny, praying rain and Sandstorm moves.

    “The effect is simple, it is to strengthen its affinity for these four weathers.”

    “The last bottle was prepared for Ninetales. It has a comprehensive effect and is good for ice, Fairy, and mental strengthening, and it also has the effect of awakening Hypnosis.”

    "A total of eight bottles of genetic medicine, maybe you have other elves, but due to time and material constraints, I only prepared these."Wicktor Master said.

    "The eight bottles of potion must have used a lot of resources?"Terrance thinks, and knows that these genetic potions are expensive.

    "This is not the case. The price system is the knowledge system. As for the material fee, it is just the value of one or two Nepru pavilions."Wicktor Master Solaceon.

    "This is a lot…"Terrance has no choice but to speak. Although I don't know if Wicktor is referring to the former Napru Hall or the current Naplu Hall, it is also a key town of outstanding people.

    “Rotom Pokédex is here?”Describe the effects of eight bottles of genetic potions, and Wicktor Master suddenly mentioned the research assistant of Terrance.

    "You wait, I will call."

    After Terrance found Rotom Pokédex, I didn't expect Wicktor Master to prepare the Present for Rotom Pokédex, which made Terrance very surprised.

    “This is a data chip that contains more sophisticated calculations that can help you observe the absorption of genetic potions by Pokémons.”

    “Don't it take effect if you drink it?”Terrance whimsical.

    "How is it possible, how can it be so simple?"Master Wicktor shook his head: "These potions are mostly complex, and it takes a lot of time for Pokémon to absorb. It may even be accompanied by pain. In a sense, it is also a practice. You can pass the program on the data chip. To check their absorption results."

    “In addition to this, the data chip also includes the latest invention of the Kalos Region, holographic imaging communication technology.”

    "Holographic imaging technology…"Terrance is no stranger to this technology. He saw it in the future of Kalos. He did not expect this time and space to have been studied. Terrance seems to remember that this technology was developed by a company called Lysandre Labs.

    After taking the data chip, Rotom Pokédex seems to be a bit strange, wondering: "Can I upgrade too?"

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