Pokemon Court Chapter 837

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 837th wasted potion, floating astronomy
    Yes, Rotom Pokédex has been upgraded.

    After being loaded into the data chip, its calculation function is more powerful. Although it is not as good as those of the Mega computer, the calculation speed is absolutely perfect for the computer that runs normally.

    after day

    After the upgrade of Rotom Pokédex, wake up from nothingness, it blinked after opening his eyes. This upgrade is the longest data update it has experienced. It is much more complicated than the update that has been experienced, but Rotom Pokédex also I can feel my brain clearer, and that is the clarity of everything.

    "Ah, I am comfortable with Rotto."

    Rotom Pokédex took a look at the body, flew two laps and smiled at Terrance.

    When it fell, it saw Kirlia, who was next to Terrance, and immediately loaded into the new program, placing an optical screen out of the air in front of Terrance.

    "Hello."Terrance saw this stereoscopic projection and satisfied with the opening: "We don't have to talk to each other with this face."

    Before Terrance looked at something through Rotom Pokédex, I had to let Rotom Pokédex come over and look at it on the screen of his body. Now, with the projection function, it will be more convenient to pass information to Terrance.

    Terrance observes what it puts out, which is a pattern resembling a progress bar.

    Below the pattern, there are a few words.

    The level of mental development is 88%.

    "What is this?"Terrance hesitated, then squatted. "Yes, it must be what Master said, the extent of gene syrup absorption."

    “In this way, Kirlia has absorbed 88% of the drug effect?!”

    Thinking of this possibility, Terrance was shocked. With the help of Wicktor, Terrance succeeded in getting several Pokémons to use genetic potions in turn. Fortunately, these potions are really as little as the Wicktor masters.

    Only now, the effect of the potion really makes Terrance criticized.

    Kirlia absorbed the potion and was the only one who showed the Status Condition. Its mental power seemed to be stimulated and caused a headache. Terrance quickly massaged it, and then did not dare to let Kirlia leave himself too far, always paying attention to it. In case, prepare to massage it immediately when it has a headache.

    After that headache, Kirlia's mental level increased by 1%, with little improvement, and it was said that it was the effect of the potion or its own Calm Mind.

    Right now, it is found that Kirlia has absorbed 88% of the drug's efficacy, but even 1% of the mental power has not improved, how can Terrance not be surprised.

    "凄鲁?"Kirlia looked up at Terrance with a calm expression, but in Terrance's opinion, Kirlia's face was like an innocent expression.

    Reaching out his hand and touching its head, Terrance shook hands: "I have a guess that Master Wicktor's gene potion may have been considered in many ways to develop Pokémon potential, but perhaps this aspect of the potential has long been developed, so those effects are not absorbed, But completely wasted, belonging to useless ingredients … "

    To confirm this guess, you only need to look at the percentage of other Pokémon gene syrups that can be confirmed.

    Once again, Kirlia's head was smashed, and Terrance indicated that he didn't have to worry: "Your potential has been jointly developed by Mewtwo and Mew, and there may be hidden abilities that have not been mined. This genetic potion is also ineffective for you. For the remaining 12%, we will try to absorb it."

    "凄鲁!"Kirlia nodded and gestured.

    "Okay, let's go to the backyard and see Altaria."Terrance is heading towards Rotom Pokédex and Kirlia.



    Fallabor Gym backyard.

    Terrance came to the place where his Pokémon lived and called the Pokémons.

    Altaria …Beautifly …Gallade …Mismagius …Floating bubbles…Arcanine …Carbink …Pupitar …Ninetales ……

    “Rotom Pokédex, scanning out the results of Altaria's absorption.”Terrance opens the way.

    "Understand Rotto!!"As Rotom Pokédex nodded, it released a Flash sweep of Altaria, and an optical projection immediately appeared in front of Terrance and Altaria.

    Altaria was very smart, and after seeing this very different percentage, stared at Terrance.

    Play Rough is 100% development.

    Fairy's energy affinity development level is 100%.

    The level of sound talent development is 29%.

    “In a short day, Altaria didn’t change at all. That is to say, this bottle of syrup can only have a little effect on Altaria in the development of sound talent?”Thinking of this possibility, Terrance had a sore throat and a few twitches in his mouth.

    His own Altaria Fairy talent is too strong, causing Wicktor Masters to spend a generous amount of genetic potions, which was a waste of 76%.

    "Jiu…Altaria screamed innocently, and the innocent voice could be understood by a few Pokémons around him. For this, Terrance patted his forehead: "This is a good thing, indicating that there is no genetic medicine…You also……Forget it, it still hurts. ”

    "啾~~" Altaria screamed again, and Terrance stunned. This guy said that it would be better to use it for his mother, which is Mt. The Altaria on Chimney, Terrance heard this usage, and regretted it. Yeah, maybe with this bottle of genetic potion, Breeder can get an elf close to Elite's power. Unfortunately, it is too late to say it now. It is.

    "No loss, no loss, complete development of sound talent, your annihilation skills will rise to a big step, and then we will steal the skills of playing the music with the Cotton Guard, which can also enhance our heritage. ”Terrance laughed.

    I can only think so now.

    It can be said that Wicktor's genetic potion in Kirlia and Altaria did not play the effect of passing the line, but Terrance is not discouraged. Wicktor master just doesn't know Kirlia and Altaria, but not a few elves like Kirlia and Altaria. This coincidence.

    After Rotom Pokédex scanned the absorption of Altaria, the remaining Pokémon squeezed over and wanted to see how much absorption he had.

    winner……Is Arcanine…

    This monster, which is more than three meters in size, suddenly squeezed all the Pokémons, pushed Terrance down, smashed Terrance with a palm larger than Terrance's face, and screamed with a tongue bigger than Terrance's face. Ok, seeing this scene, Rotom Pokédex covered his face and quickly projected the information of Arcanine. He dared not delay and wanted to save Terrance.

    "Give me up."A trip to Arcanine, Terrance helpless, although it is awkward, but for Arcanine, it is no different from massage, or the kind of massage that does not have any strength, it is not Terrance to keep hands, he is really hard, to Terrance Physical fitness, hanging a few adults is completely a problem, but the rough and thick Arcanine is nothing.

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