Pokemon Court Chapter 838

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main goal of the main body of Chapter 838, Astronomy
    Reversal development is 79%.

    Close Combat is 18% development.

    Morning Sun has a 4% development rate.

    The Thrash development level is 43%.

    This is arcanine absorb that bottle of red gene potion information, Terrance also summed up, a day of time, even if a few Pokémon to the potion has absorbed, but the absorption degree is probably not big, Wicktor Master said, the absorption of gene potion is also a practice, it takes a long time, In order to achieve the best results and ensure safety, it seems that the current percentage should be the degree of waste of gene potion efficacy.

    "This is not bad."

    Compared to Kirlia's 88% waste, Altaria's 76% waste, Arcanine's 36% waste is nothing.

    “That is, if the development level of the Reversal moves reaches 79%, can Arcanine master this trick?”Terrance touched his chin and asked Rotom Pokédex.

    "Yes, Rotto."Rotom Pokédex replied: "And the level of mastery is not low."

    With a positive answer, Terrance looked up at Arcanine and said, "That's good. During this time, you will fully absorb the effects of genetic medicine, and strive to master these four tricks at an early date!"

    After mastering, Arcanine's wildness is the ability to improve again. Close Combat not only enhances the coordination of Close Combat, but also strengthens the face. The cooperation between Reversal and Morning Sun can make Arcanine hit after a full blow. Play a stronger blow.

    In addition, Terrance is also preparing Arcanine to learn sunny control, with Morning Sun and fire moves.

    If possible, even Altaria will use some of the tricks of the sunny day to enhance the fire of life.

    “嗷呜~~” After checking Arcanine, it snorted and smiled at Terrance, scaring Terrance to wave his hand and let it play.

    "The next step is Beautifly, don't worry, come one by one."

    Beautifly's genetic potion has only one effect, which is to enhance its life cell activity, which is to enhance the vitality of Beautifly.

    The Bug Type elf is known for its short life. Beautifly, even if Terrance has been carefully Breeder, it does not mate. In 10 years, its body Contest Condition should also fall to a low point. Even if it has lived for more than ten years, its combat power will never play. to make.

    But with the Wicktor Master's Gene Potion, there may be a turnaround.

    "The vitality of the bottle of genetic medicine is not as good as the water of life given by Xerneas, but after all, it is transformed from the layer of genes inside the body to Pokémon, and the effect should not be too bad."

    The level of vitality development is 19%.

    When the light and shadow were projected into the air, and saw a progress bar that occupied nearly one-fifth, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief, indicating that the genetic potion still has Help for Beautifly.

    Terrance's elaborate Breeder is just a waste of nearly one-fifth of the effectiveness of Beautifly. Doesn't that mean that Beautifly is still in full prime for a decade or two? Is it not a dream? !

    "Must be so…"Terrance reached out and Beautifly slowly descended on Terrance's hand. One person and one elf looked at each other, and then Terrance smiled and let Beautifly fly away.

    NextIt is Mismagius. ”

    “Whee~” Mismagius snorted and looked at Rotom Pokédex. After Rotom Pokédex nodded, the projection appeared immediately.

    Curse development is 59%.

    Destiny Bond has a 51% development rate.

    Ominous Wind has a 55% development.

    Shadow Sneak is 54% developed.

    "Oh, then, is the waste part of the Mismagius itself?" Maybe not the Wicktor masters don't know, but they must match these medicinal properties to make the perfect genetic potion. ”Mismagius's genetic development has given Terrance a new perspective.

    However, it is no longer important that the medicinal properties are wasted. These are not the key points.

    “There are still less than 50% of the tricks that can be successfully awakened. This has a great effect on the enhancement of your Ghost system. Come on.”The successful absorption of the remaining medicine is the main practice of Terrance and Pokémon, and the principle of gene syrup, which will be studied in the future.

    "Whee ~!"Mismagius also drifted away…

    At the end of Mismagius, it was the turn of the bubble.

    The degree of fire talent development is 61%.

    The talent development level of the water system is 92%.

    The grass talent development level is 55%.

    The development level of rock talent is 49%.

    Ice talent development level is 84%.

    The talent development level of the electric system is 85%.

    The Flying talent is 86% developed.

    The Attributes that need to be developed for floating bubbles are the most, because the efficacy of its genetic syrup is to enhance its weather-like tricks.

    However, it seems that its wasted drug is also the most horrible and shocking…

    “Is it the way of my four weather practices that make floating bubbles look like this? It seems that the water, electricity, and flying related to the rainy days are not low in development. After all, floating bubbles are best at rainy days, and the Ice Type's Ice Type development is not low. As for the floating bubble, Sandstorm is the least popular. The degree is only 49%, which seems to be in line with its current status. ”Terrance nodded, floating bubbles but anxiously began to remind Terrance.

    "It is said that if the percentage of development of Sandstorm and sunny weather reaches 100%, is it possible to control those weather Rotto as rainy days."Rotom Pokédex saw Terrance stunned and translated immediately.

    "You are right, don't rule out this possibility, even if there is a gap, it should not be as big as before."When Terrance understood it, he smiled and got the answer. The floating bubble "hook~" flew up and seemed very excited.

    "This little guy…"Terrance laughed even more brilliantly. It seems that Wicktor's genetic potion is very happy for the Pokémons whose home team is in the bottleneck. At least…They have a clear new direction, which saves them a lot of time.

    "Gallade."Terrance then greeted the Gallade and scanned Rotom Pokédex.

    The level of mental development is 19%.

    Mean Look is 1% developed.

    Shadow Sneak is 1% development.

    Compared to several other Pokémons, Gallade is really…Well done!

    "…"Great!When Gallade was eager to look at the data, which was almost data-free, Terrance couldn't help but smile and said, "It's okay, at least you are the most frugal one, no waste of efficacy, know the genes. This stuff is not cheap."

    "咔洛…"Gallade was also very helpless, and a Teleport immediately slipped away and ran to the side to hurry up and train.

    After Gallade left, only Ninetales was left.

    The ice system is 68% developed.

    Fairy is 68% developed.

    The level of mental development is 41%.

    The degree of Hypnosis development is 34%.

    The degree of development within the expectations, Snow Day training and Fairy Aura have all developed Ninetales' talents once, so this data is reasonable in Terrance's view, and after seeing the extent of their genetic drug utilization, the smart Ninetales immediately Knowing his own situation, he said that he also wanted to continue training.

    "Go ahead, don't forget to ask Beautifly for the use of airflow."Terrance Road.

    Unknowingly, the eight Pokémons who got the genetic potions all retired, leaving Terrance and Carbink, Pupitar.

    These two Pokémon…There is no genetic drug.

    Seeing that other companions have such a strong resource, it is false to say no envy.

    As a Trainer, Terrance naturally knows how to comfort these two little guys.

    Laughing to put Carbink and Pupitar hugged, Terrance way: "Do not worry, carbink you then have a mutation into the world's most beautiful elf diancie chance, not necessarily worse than this gene potion, pupitar you also, that gave birth to smooth Rock's ruins are very mysterious, find a chance I will show you to see, then even if we open the ruins, but also to find enough benefits to make you stronger. ”

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