Pokemon Court Chapter 839

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 839 Attract's flower town, floating astronomy
    In a blink of an eye, time came three days later.

    This day is the eve of the Fallarbor Conference at the Contest Contest.

    It is also very close to the opening ceremony of the scenic spot set by Terrance.

    Caroline is the wife of Norman, the owner of the Petalburg Road Museum. I heard about the scenic area of the Naplu Road Museum. She specially visited her daughter May and her son Xiaosheng.

    The beautiful woman with brown hair was very heart-wrenching. After bringing her two children to the Naplu Road Hall, she immediately appreciated it.

    "It's so beautiful~"

    Under the dazzling golden flowers, they cover their blue leaves and stems.

    This is the first scenery seen by outsiders entering the Naplu Dao Pavilion, Huahai Avenue, which is composed of “Golden Windmill”.

    The golden windmill is a kind of flower with a flower in the shape of Saffron and shaped like a windmill. This flower is characterized by dense planting and combination, like a sparkling golden ocean.

    Moreover, this flower is also known for its adaptability and long life. The golden windmill with a touch of aroma is the most suitable flower to embellish the road.

    "May, Xiaosheng, do you see these flowers beautiful?"With two children in hand, Caroline smiled a little, especially after seeing the group of Beautifly flying in the sea of flowers, her smile was more gentle.

    Beautiful! Mom, did you and Dad meet for the first time in a flower field in Beautifly? ”May thought of the story and raised his head and asked.

    "Yeah, so I can't help but remind me of the scene I met with your father for the first time."Caroline laughed.

    "On the Internet, I said that flowers are grown in other parts of the Naplu Road Hall. I don't know how other flowers are."Xiaosheng said.

    Xiaosheng’s words also attracted the curiosity of May and Caroline. After nodding their heads, they decided to go somewhere else, but then a laugh came and followed a voice into the ears of three people: "Let's let me lead the way."

    Terrance smiled and walked up to the trio and said, "Caroline, Ay, May, Xiaosheng, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    Terrance lived in the Petalburg Hall for a while, but it was four years ago…So he is not sure if the three can't remember himself.

    But now that I am so famous, should I not forget it? Terrance is worried and thinks, after all, forgetting can be humiliating.

    "It's Terrance!"After seeing Terrance, Xiaosheng said with joy, his words in Terence are undoubtedly the sound of nature. In the early years, he saw the child's talent and intelligence, and he did not read it.

    "It turned out to be Terrance."Caroline also laughed. As the wife of Mr. Norman, she naturally also pays attention to the big things of Hoenn. Among them, Terrance is the figure. Among them, the interesting things happening from Hornen in Hoenn, Terrance is even more too much.

    Plus Terrance lived in the Petalburg pavilion, so Caroline remembers this Coautdinator with Beautifly clearly.

    Just did not expect that the Rookie Coordinator of the year has become so good.

    “It’s a good match with our family May…”Looking at it, Caroline started to make bad ideas.

    At the same time, May also recognized Terrance, her face immediately showed a happy color, because Terrance participated in the Petalburg Conference, May only began to contact the Contest contest, she also watched Terrance's Grand Festival, witnessed Terrance's summit, compared to the original, May because Terrance found his hobby in advance, it is Coordinator.

    Compared to Trainer, I used to see May in my father's pavilion. I like coordination and prefer the Contest contest. So for Terrance, the Coordinator, which is a special style at the Trainer's Coordinator Mega celebration, is very admired by May.

    For four years, May has been obsessed with the memory of Terrance, which is close to ten years old. Although it has been communicated before, it is very strange, but it does not affect Terrance's idol status in May.

    So in front of Terrance, May was nervous and didn't say anything.

    At this time, Caroline, who was caught in complicated thinking, recovered and immediately responded to Terrance's suggestion: "That would bother you. Please take us to visit the Napru Road Museum."

    The owner of the Fallaboro Gym led the tour, which is the highest treatment.

    PleaseTerrance Road.

    In the golden windmill flower, Beautifly and Dustox drilled from one flower to another, from a piece of flower to another flower. It was very dexterous and leaped in the golden flower sea, which made these flowers more powerful.

    After seeing the first beauty of the flower field scenery at the Naplu Road Museum, Terrance led the three men to walk in.

    "This is the heart of the fragrance."Terrance pointed to the front. At this time, Caroline, May, and Xiaosheng had been intoxicated, and it seemed that they did not hear Terrance.

    The heart of aroma is a flower that is extremely expensive and has a very high cost. Breeder is characterized by a word and aroma.

    It is a material that is needed for all kinds of perfumes, and when the high concentration of aroma is brought together, it will also give humans and Pokémon a calming and soothing effect. Of course, this effect is only for the first and second smells. People, as time goes by, the smell of re-fragrance can also cause resistance.

    "My mood is all more pleasant."Caroline clenched the two children and smiled slightly. This is really nothing.

    The layout of the aromatic heart is very particular. The first time people enter the Naplu Dao Pavilion will fall into its aroma, but slowly, the number of aromatic hearts will be reduced, and the aroma will fade, but This kind of awkward aroma will not dissipate for a long time, and it will keep people in good mood.

    To replace the heart of the fragrance, the next step is the impact of the visual!

    Going here, I also entered the Naplu Road Museum.

    In the Naplu Road Museum, there are countless flower fields, and every household has flowers. These flowers are all medicinal materials, perfume ingredients, and precious ingredients. They have many functions and are also suitable for popular planting and viewing.

    After entering the Naplu Daoguan, the three people were immediately attracted by the fragrant flower sea. The colorful flowers blossomed brightly and opened like Attract, like thousands of young and energetic girls, dressed in colorful dresses, slim in In the sea of flowers, I danced in the continuous flower sea.

    "It turns out that the fluttering of flowers is not a natural wind…It is the Beautifly who are blowing when they are flying. ”Seeing the rhythmic flower sea, Caroline immediately noticed the characteristics of the flower fluttering, surprised by the mouth, looking at Soaring in the sky.

    Beautifly's Flying rhythm and the sea of flowers, how cleverly conceived, is it true that these Beautifly are not wild?

    "These flowers…There are a lot of things I have seen, but the flowers here make me feel like I am addicted…"Xiaosheng does not understand the opening.

    "No problem, you can take a closer look. If you can find the mystery, I can give you a small reward."Terrance laughs, although the flowers of the Naplu Daoguan can not be squandered, but acquaintances are always privileged.

    However, at this age, you should not see the traces of Cutiefly.

    Because of Cutiefly, some of the flower fields in the Naplu Road Museum are like a fire, some like Soaring in the sky, some like stars, some like morning glow…It can be said that their existence has given the Naplu Daoguan Huatian Scenic Area a more moving color.

    Cutiefly's care is one of the key points that Terrance's flower field scenic spot can successfully attract people!

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