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Pokemon Court Chapter 840

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 840th chapter of the fireworks celebration night, floating astronomy
    Under the leadership of Terrance, the three people at the Petalburg Dome not only experienced the style of the Nepru Road Museum, but also heard the secrets of many scenic spots from the mouth of Terrance.

    These secrets can only be announced after the opening ceremony. In order to revive the curiosity of May and Xiaosheng, Terrance is a bloody one.

    In the words of Caroline, the Naplu Road Museum is a country of flowers. It is very interesting to live in such a town.

    Of course, this idea is not only owned by Caroline. No matter who first appreciates the ocean of flowers in the Naplu Dao Pavilion, it will be amazing. However, if you look at it, you will feel nothing…

    "The first impression is good."When Terrance led the three, his heart secretly scorned. After all, except for the residents of the Naplu Dao Museum, it is estimated that no one will always look at these flower fields, and naturally there will be no aesthetic fatigue.

    Anyway, he himself is suffering from aesthetic fatigue. After watching it for so long, these flowers are beautiful, but there is also a characteristic that is very monotonous.

    In this regard, Terrance naturally thought of the solution, is to let Pokémon assist Flower Sea performance, through a variety of tricks to bake the beauty of the Sea of flowers, similar to the first link of the contest competition, can give a pleasant feeling, but that method in the ordinary days will not be made, How also to stay to important occasions, after all, things to dilute as expensive, too overflowing so that visitors do not expect a sense, at the same time, this is the Naipuruda Pavilion can be profitable, similar to the Cerulean Road Pavilion water performance.

    “This is the Contest venue.”

    In front of the Contest Contest, the largest building in the Naplu Road Museum, May’s eyes lit up and said: “In less than a year, I will be able to travel, and I will definitely participate in Napru Road. The Contest Contest."

    "Dream is to become a Coordinator? A good dream, yes, the Fallarbor Conference is going to be held tomorrow. If May you are interested, I can find tickets for you. ”Terrance laughed.

    Caroline didn't matter, but when she looked at the look that May was expecting, she could only help but nodded. "That would bother you."

    "No trouble, and if you haven't found a place to live, Fallaboro Gym has a lot of spare rooms. If you don't give up, you can rest there."

    Terrance continues to invite, and there is no decent hotel in the Naplu Road Museum. Apart from the Elf Center, more houses are rented out by the residents.

    “Great, I want to visit the Fallabor Gym!”Xiaosheng had already picked a flower at this time, but after careful observation, nothing was discovered, so he subconsciously chose to ignore the gambling contract with Terrance and put his attention on other things.

    "No problem, it’s better to take everyone to visit the Fallabor Gym next time…"

    Terrance was idle and idle, and the three were taken to the Fallabor Gym, but Terrance suddenly remembered that if he had to challenge Hoenn's Elite Four, he would have to kill Mr. Norman halfway.

    The day passed quickly. At the reception of Terrance, the three people from the Petalburg Hall had a good rest. The next day, Caroline took May and Xiaosheng to watch the Fallarbor Conference, while Terrance continued. The next opening work was prepared, with Beautifly and Little Beautifly reviewing the development of the Bug Type elves at the Napru Road Museum and the Fallarbor Forest.

    Next, these Bug Type sprites are the most beautiful scenery in the Fallarbor landscape and are also extremely important protagonists.

    Two days after the Fallarbor Conference, the number of people in the Napru Hall suddenly increased.

    During the previous Fallarbor Conference, the flow of people at the Naplu Road Museum was full, and now, the Naplu Road Hall has been unable to accommodate so many tourists.

    Even a lot of trainer, have set up tents in the outside, planning to spend the night in the wild, found this situation, Terrance also no, he still underestimated this time people on the Fallarbor scenic spot enthusiasm, in order to tomorrow's opening ceremony, Naipuruda Pavilion did a lot of preparation, but after all still did not do meticulous, Causing the size of the Naipuruda pavilion limits its human flow limit.

    “The Napru Hall must be expanded, and in addition to the steady development, at least two or three large hotels must be established.”

    When Terrance considered it, the night fell and the sky was already dark.

    This is destined to be an extraordinary night. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Fallarbor Scenic Area. Terrance naturally has to do more things.

    In fact, the tourists who have already settled in the Nepru Road Museum, or the tourists who have been stationed in the wild, are slowly moving closer to the center of the Napru Road.

    Under the night, although the house of Nepru Road is brightly lit, the flower sea of the Napru Road Museum is not very conspicuous compared to the daytime.

    Visitors want to see the nature is not the sea of flowers, according to the introduction of the manual, there should be a fireworks celebration tonight.

    Fireworks celebration…Opening ceremony…Flower Sea Show…The blessing of the patron saint…The country of Mori…Bug Type Conference ……These events formed the opening ceremony of the entire scenic area.

    In these two days, the Naplu Dao Hall has arranged many activities, which can be said to never make visitors feel bored. The charm of the Naplu Road Museum is included. Terrance thinks this is an opportunity, one The opportunity to be known as the Naplu Hall.

    Whether the Naplu Road Museum can become an important town in the Hoenn Region, the tourist destination, depends on the reaction of this series of activities.

    Terrance and Pupitar, Gallade, and Rotom Pokédex came to the roof of the Fallabor Gym, lying on it and watching the stars.

    When all the tourists, even the children of Olde Green House, and May Xiaosheng ran out to wait for the fireworks celebration, Terrance did not come out, but chose to enjoy this time with some Pokémon alone.

    The fireworks celebration is naturally performed by Terrac's Pokémon, and it will last for hours.

    It can be said that the fireworks will occupy this night and will give visitors an unparalleled visual feast.

    "Started Rotto!"

    With the reminder of Rotom Pokédex, it turned on the recording function and accurately aligned the first rising fireworks in Soaring in the sky!

    That's…Dazzling Gleam !

    By Terrance's Altaria, Mt. Chimney's Altaria, Carbink, Ninetales, Kirlia, the first 16 Cutiefly, and the 20 new Cutiefly added in the previous two days, a total of 36 Cutiefly's Dazzling Gleam!

    More than 40 elves played Dazzling Gleam together. Under the adjustment of Altaria Fairy Aura, almost the entire Soaring in the sky was dazzling, and it was covered with a mysterious brilliance.

    A faint glow from Soaring in the sky, like Starlight Normal, fell to the Naplu Road Hall, which surprised many tourists. They only felt that they were in a fantasy world and felt very novel. At this time, at Dazzling Gleam Under the credit, Huahai re-emerged in its color, and Assisted Dazzling Gleam's light to show his different beauty.

    At this moment, the Naplu Dao Pavilion was shrouded in Dazzling Gleam, and the sea of flowers blossomed in seductive colors, and the tourists were amazing.

    They didn't think that at night, they could see the dazzling charm of the flower sea. This hand shines on the sea of flowers and shines on the fireworks of the Naplu Daoguan. It completely convinced the tourists. They saw this special effect for the first time. Exaggerated fireworks.

    Dazzling Gleam is the first heavy fireworks.

    Soon, May saw the second fireworks on the fence looking at Soaring in the sky.

    When the sound fell into people's ears, Soaring in the sky was painted with a layer of dazzling patterns.

    “This fireworks is more spectacular than the fireworks made at the opening of Fallabor Gym!”

    Crisna, who returned from Kanto, looked at the "fireworks pattern" of the rendered scene on Soaring in the sky, incredible.

    "Mismagius, floating bubbles, Ninetales, Kirlia, Altaria…"When guessing the elves hidden behind the fireworks, Crisna became more and more scared because he couldn't see from the patterns and colors of the fireworks that they were made by Terrance which Pokémon.

    “Is this why we don’t have to help?”

    Thinking of the initiative to ask Terrance for help being rejected, Crisna understands that if he let himself intervene, it will destroy this harmonious scene.

    This is a night of fireworks.

    The tourists did not leave early because the fireworks on Soaring in the sky were very varied and there was almost no repeating look, which hangs their expectations.

    At this moment…

    Blue, white, pink, purple, red, green, gold, orange…Various colors occupy Soaring in the sky.

    next moment.

    Golden windmill, aromatic heart, weeping willow, leaves, red light, heart, leaves, fountain, whirlpool, dragon and phoenix dance…Various patterns swirl around the sky.

    "After this night, even if they are tired, will they be tired?"

    Terrance lay on the roof of the Fallabor Gym, listening to the overlapping sounds of vocals and fireworks, showing a smile.

    Up to four hours of fireworks celebration, the pattern almost no repetition, not only from the color, pattern to catch the eye, rendering the atmosphere of the ability is also first-class, watching fireworks, many tourists are excited to record the video, or sent to relatives and friends, or uploaded to the network, in short, overnight, Fallarbor Before the scenic spot was completely opened, the fame of the Naipuruda Pavilion had been passed out in this way, all thanks to the exaggerated coordination ability of the Terrance Pokémon, which lasted four hours without doesn't same clothes fireworks display!

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