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Pokemon Court Chapter 841

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 841th chapter of the scenic area, open! Floating astronomy
    The night dissipated, dawn came, but people were still immersed in the fireworks show last night.

    In fact, this fireworks show made by Terrance's Pokémon is truly unique and unparalleled.

    Unlike the kind of ignited fireworks, the fireworks made up of Pokémon's moves are more varied and the effects are more beautiful!

    Of course, this is not something that can be done with just one Pokémon and just one Trainer.

    Who is Terrance?

    Coordinator, top Trainer!

    Who is eligible to let Pokémon of this class spend four hours to perform fireworks?

    No one will do this at all.

    Only Terrance's idle egg hurts to come up with such an idea, but for the development of the Napru Daoguan, it is worthwhile, and the fireworks video that has been circulated is proof that the fireworks celebration was unconsciously produced. With a series of unpredictable effects, Terrance can certainly be sure that it is a good influence.

    In the morning, Trainer Kenin of the city of Kanazi walked in the crowd and looked at the huge platform built in the town center and licked his lips.

    She also came for sightseeing, and wanted to see Terrance, an old friend who was not deeply involved. When Kenin saw the high platform, he exhaled and said: "Terrance, this guy is really attracting attention."

    Yes, there are many well-known Trainers and well-known Coordinators in the Naplu Road Museum. There are many representatives of some big companies, especially to attend the opening ceremony.

    Compared to the opening ceremony of Fallabor Gym, the opening ceremony of this scenic spot is larger and louder!

    Another difference is that Terrance's identity is different from that of the company that Normal is not familiar with. Terrance doesn't have to receive it personally because he has more important things to deal with.

    Somewhere in the Naplu Road Museum.

    Bai Cheng and Riean did not know when they arrived at the Napru Road Hall.

    Instead of looking for Terrance, the two of them did not consider themselves as tourists, but also looked at the changes in the Nepru pavilion from another angle.

    "This bastard didn't even send me an invitation."When Bai Cheng thought of it, he was angry.

    "Give me a message, isn't it the same?"Riean is weird.

    "How can it be the same, he also treats me as a vegetative person!"

    “Um?From the various words of the invitation I received, he did say that he really thought you were a sick man. ”Riean smiled and shook his head.

    At the same time, Terrance is hosting a heavyweight guest.

    Hoenn Champion, Steven.

    Inside Fallabor Gym, Steven and Terrance sit opposite each other. When they see Terrance's changes, Steven smiles and says, "It seems that you finally made the decision."

    "Yeah, it's better to be in touch with you sooner or later. Let's try it as soon as possible."Terrance laughed.

    "Speaking of the Elite Four…"Steven slowly said: "Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake are not simple Trainers. Be careful when you get there."

    "These powerful Rivals are still the last ones to consider."Terrance waved, before them, there were countless powerful Trainers waiting for Terrance, such as Mr. Norman of the Petalburg Hall, which is not inferior to Hoenn's current Elite Four, known as Hoenn's most powerful Trainer's scary guy. From this, it can be seen that Terrance's Rival is not limited to the Elite Four, under the Elite Four, but also a group of tricky people in front of Terrance.

    "Yes, you can take advantage of the time before the challenge Elite Four. The Masters system allows you to get along with most of Hoenn's senior Trainer and top Trainer. This is a great help for your practical experience. It is recommended that before you meet the top Trainer, you'd better use them to train the elves who are not alone."Steven Road.

    "I think so too."

    As one of the top executives of the Contest contest, the Contest contest faction has some relationship with Devon. Terrance challenges Elite Four before Wallace, and Steven will give Help to Terrance on behalf of Devon.

    There is no Champion-level Trainer guidance yet, and there are very few people who can enjoy this treatment.

    Steven and Terrance have talked a lot about the Masters, the Elite Challenge, and even the Championship Challenge. These are no strangers to Terrance. He has learned about it from various sources, but Steven has experienced all of this process. Trainer said it, and let Terrance gain a lot of details.

    "Time is almost up."

    “It’s time to open to the Fallarbor Scenic Area?”Steven looked forward to: "I read the introductory manual and was very curious about the patron saint of the Naplu Road Museum, but don't let me down."

    "Do not worry, it will definitely make the whole Hoenn, no, the whole world stunned."Terrance laughed and waved, leaving the room first.

    Unlike the opening ceremony of the pavilion, Terrance, the opening ceremony of the Fallarbor Scenic Area, is quite low-key and has not yet appeared, but the next opening ceremony, Terrance, the owner of the Fallabor Gym, is currently the most influential in the Naplu Road Museum. The character has to play.

    In the eyes of the public, Terrance boarded the high platform of the center of the Napru Road Center in the protection of Office Jenny.

    At the same time, the eyes of all tourists gathered on Terrance.

    "It’s really good."The people who knew Terrance laughed and looked at Terrance's solemn expression, which was very interesting.

    “The next step is to introduce the Fallarbor Scenic Area by Mr. Terrance, the owner of the Fallabor Gym.”

    On the high platform, Nurse Joy, who was in charge of the previous series of events, handed the microphone to Terrance and smiled back.

    What Terrance wants to talk about is naturally prepared in advance…The content is nothing more than an introduction to the layout planning, construction significance, future expectations and practical value of the Fallarbor Scenic Area.

    Also, I would like to thank the people who contributed to the Fallarbor Scenic Area, such as the ecological research team led by June Joy, the winning company that invested in the fund, and the Contest official…

    This lecture is endless. Terrance is also a kind of person who hates long stories. However, when he stood in this position, he found that some things really couldn't be avoided, and he had to mention everything.

    Although the visitors did not come to listen to Terrance's speech, the Naplu Road Hall gave them a sense of freshness. For this novel speech that was first heard, no one showed an impatient expression because of Terrance. In the midst of the secret of many Fallarbor scenic spots, it barely caught the instigating heart of the tourists.

    "Okay, I have already said so much…"Terrance coughed and he was too tired. After all, the manuscripts were all recited, not just read.

    “The next step is the long-awaited session. After the opening ceremony of the Fallarbor Scenic Area, it will bring you the first impact, that is, the flower sea show!!”

    Terrance smiled slightly: "You can follow the instructions in the instruction manual to go to different flower fields. Different flower fields will have different performances. Don't worry if you miss them. These performances will be reproduced in the future."

    “But before the Huahai show, friends who want to participate in the Bug Type Conference can already register at the Contest venue. The Bug Type Conference will begin after all events have ended, and everyone is welcome to watch it. ”

    When Terrance fell, the crowds rushed and the discussion was very lively, and Terrance took the opportunity and left immediately.

    After listening to Terrance's speech, there are a lot of tourists who want to sign up for the Bug Type Conference. After all, there are not a few Trainer and Coordinator with Bug Type elves, and the reward of Bug Type Conference is really attractive, so it will soon be scaled up. Not a small crowd crowded towards the Contest venue.

    In addition, there are many people, but Office Jenny and police officers have perfected the order, and the movement of the crowd has not caused much commotion. It is worth mentioning that most people still go in the direction of different flower fields. Take a good position and wait for the sea show.

    Just as Terrance returned to Fallabor Gym, an amazing scene appeared. In the distant Fallarbor forest, there was a wave of turbulence that attracted the attention of the Naplu pavilion.

    "The direction is…Introducing the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area in the brochure? ”

    When the tourists looked up and looked in that direction, they immediately opened their eyes and saw that hundreds of Beautifly and Dustox jumped out of the woods and turned into overwhelming giant shadows in the direction of Napru. It's like a Bug Type legion!

    "I said why I didn't see a few Bug Type elves today, they were all over there…"Some tourists covered their mouths and watched this scene with shock.

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