Pokemon Court Chapter 842

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 842 chapter shocked the world's butterfly group form, floating astronomy
    How many Beautifly and Dustox are innumerable.

    In the Fallarbor forest, the final form of the tamed Bug Type flew to the direction of the Napru Hall.

    When these Beautifly and Dustox come together, cover the entire Soaring in the sky directly!

    "This town is really special."

    There is a Reporter that lifts the camera and aligns with Soaring in the sky. He mutters in his mouth: "Can you mobilize so many Bug Type elves, is it the credit of the owners of Fallaboro Gym?"

    Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple…

    When these butterflies with colorful colors flew near the Napru Road Museum, the visitors saw an extremely spectacular scene.

    “Is it the use of elves to perform a flower sea show?”

    In Fallabor Gym, Steven stood next to Terrance and looked at the outside world.

    The background of the Beautifly wings is Black, and the yellow Conversion is the majority, followed by the red and blue.

    Dustox's body is purple with green wings. Although it is not beautiful, it can be integrated with nature, and the red ring pattern on the wings adds a little color to it.

    After the arrival of these two elves, along with their dancing, the flower sea of the entire Naplu Dao Hall seems to have been given life and swayed.

    The rhythmic dance of the wind makes the Flower Play a different pose, the magical Psychic, and the flower sea resonates with the normal.

    Different locations have different changes.

    Under the Beautifly's Morning Sun and Dusto's Moonlight, different varieties of flowers have also bloomed in different colors.

    Among the butterfly population, 36 inconspicuous Cutiefly, releasing a sweet curtain, blends with some pollen, and conveys the aroma between the tourists with a weak airflow, which is intoxicating.

    At this moment, the flower fields of the Naplu Dao Hall have undergone different changes. The flower sea, which has been known to tourists, has become strange.

    The colorful flowers and the dancing butterflies, the tourists finally know what the so-called flower sea performance is.

    The tourists present, the first time I saw such a moving performance, I was excited! !

    "This coordination…"

    Of course, in addition to watching the lively tourists, many Coordinator and Trainer are surprised by the coordination ability of this butterfly group!

    Dozens of hundreds of different individuals use the trick to construct this beautiful flower sea dance scene, how is it possible…

    "It must be the credit of the master Terrance!"

    Someone can't help but guess the opening.

    In fact, even it is not easy for Wallace to train so many Bug Type sprites to achieve common coordination. After all, there are too many elves, but Terrance has a secret weapon, the Totem gas field.

    Beautifly and Little Beautifly, who have the Totem gas field, have a special leadership ability for the butterfly group to reduce errors to the extreme through special signal transmission commands.

    At the same time, this is still not the most powerful place…

    With the performance of the Huahai show, most of the people’s minds are still unfinished. It’s just that the area of the Naplu Daoguan has not changed much since it was remodeled, but it’s not too small. It’s hard to see all the performances of the flower fields. The most regrettable place for tourists.

    The time of Huahai’s performances has gone very fast. Unconsciously, when the tourists have not enjoyed enough, the butterfly group has made the final change.


    At that time, the butterfly group that had already scattered to each flower field gathered together.

    This time, because the tourists are in the sky, their senses are clearer.

    The line of sight was completely covered, and there was no way to see through the sun. Many people opened their mouths and watched the scene with horror.

    "When the flower sea dances over, the shadow-shadowing figure will appear in the Naplu Road Museum Sky, which has been guarding the patron saint of the Naplu Road Museum and will bring forth blessings…"

    Some people think of the introduction of the activity link in the introduction manual, and can't help but say.

    This is not the original words in the introduction manual, but the meaning is not much different.

    After the performance of the Huahai show, the patron saint of the Naplu Dao Pavilion will enter people's sight.

    As the number of geniuses and hundreds of butterflies has gathered together, many people have held their breath. At this time, the Naplu Dao Pavilion has been wrapped in thick black shadows, and Soaring in the sky has directly become a butterfly. The ocean!

    "The so-called patron saint, do you mean these Beautifly, Dustox?"

    There are Trainer who is curious to look at Soaring in the sky. I want to see what Terrance is playing, the turbid air, the butterfly flying and hovering, giving a very strange feeling…

    That feeling is like they are merging Normal.

    After the idea emerged, many people immediately stupid, do not know why they would have such unrealistic thoughts, such things…How can I do it? !

    But…He really…Got it! ”

    Tourists who are concerned about Soaring in the sky did not believe in evil. However, when they could not see the individual traces of the butterfly group, the butterfly group really merged into a giant, and many people were shocked and unable to speak.

    Don't say these ordinary tourists, even Steven Hoenn champion, after seeing the huge mysterious creatures appearing in Soaring in the sky, it is also an expression of incredible expression.

    “Is this the patron saint of the Napru Hall?”

    When the butterfly group slowly swayed its wings and flew higher, many people’s words were stuck in the scorpion. They couldn’t say it, as if the whole body was paralyzed, and it was scared by the sight.

    Hundreds of Beautifly and Dustox disappeared like this? !

    NoAbsolutely not disappearing!

    Among the tourists, Bai Cheng, who has the power of Bird, bit his teeth, even though he has made up his mind not to abuse the waveguide, but he has not resisted seeing this magical creature.

    The next moment, he was shocked to discover that Beautifly and Dustos did not disappear. The huge and scattered waveguide breath is proof!

    But in front of this mysterious creature that doesn't know what it is…It simply makes visitors unable to understand and can only be silent.

    In this mysterious creature, perhaps because of the problem of light, perhaps because of the distance, everyone can't see the shadow of Beautifly and Dusto. On the contrary, this mysterious creature is more like a new life with a pair of huge wings. !

    At this moment, a blue Confusion fluctuates between mysterious creatures. As the life of this wing rises, its whole body is bathed in Moonlight and Morning Sun, and the huge Bug Buzz also erupts. Come like a torrent of water running through the sky, smashing clouds, shocking! !

    The dazzling light crossed the Soaring in the sky, reminding visitors of the words in the introduction manual.

    "The patron saint of the Naplu Dao Museum, mastering the power of the wind, can bring blessings to the Nepru Hall."

    When this mysterious creature resembling a bird soars in the sky, no one can imagine that a bunch of Bug Type elves have turned themselves into their own natural enemies, and they have such a great power!

    The wind is whistling, the clouds are frantically surging!

    Outside the Naplu Road Museum, many Pidgey and Taillow saw the huge wings of the Supreme, all showing a frightened expression, and they disappeared.

    Black's tail feathers, streamlined elegant posture, perfect posture! This mysterious creature's wings consist of yellow and black, and the feathers at the top of the wings are green. There are green stripes on the neck, the yellow enamel, and the black eyelids around the red eyes, and the yellow feather crown on the head, all of which show its elegance!

    "This is the patron saint of the Naplu Dao Pavilion, the Supreme of the Wings?"Steven looked at the powerful form and turned to look at Terrance, surprised: "Now I believe, its appearance can really shock the world."

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