Pokemon Court Chapter 843

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 843th chapter Elite Four, Hoenn boiling, floating astronomy
    The butterfly group flutters in the form, and the wings are shining. Although it is composed of many elves, their unified coordination ability is unexpectedly perfect.

    There are not many people who know a lot about the tourists. They think of some kind of elves from the butterfly group form.


    One of the Shishiwashi is very small and fragile, but no one in the Alola Region dares to look down on this terrible elf.

    When the Shishiwashi is in a critical juncture, the eyes will glow with water and send the sos signal to the companion. After receiving the sos signal, the Wishiwashi companions will gather and organize into a huge formation. The reason why the supposedly weak Shishiwashi, known as the sea monster, is because of the shape of this fish group.

    The magical thing in the sea, this form even the Totem Gyarados in the sea will run away, and the wolf is very incomparable. It is conceivable that the power of the group form Wishiwashi will be terrible.

    The shape of the fish, this is the instinct of the Wishiwashi ethnic group imprinted in the blood in a long evolution, this ability, so that even if the individual is very weak, but it does not become the bottom of the food chain.

    However, the shape of the fish…It was a special technique that was engraved in the bloody instinct of the Wishiwashi after hundreds of years or even thousands of years.

    This butterfly group form in front of you…What is going on? !

    In the butterfly group, a Totem Beautifly acts as the core, acting as the heart and brain of the butterfly group, and dictating each individual who constitutes the wing.

    At the same time, each of these individuals has undergone the training of the professional training method of Terrance, the master of the year, to achieve this form!

    This is a unique form of butterfly group, the patron saint of the Naplu Dao Pavilion, the power of their explosion, and even the Shirlwind Fallarbor forest in a flash.

    Steven was curious to ask Terrance if he was incomprehensible, amazed, and confused:

    "What level of power can it break out?"

    "I think even if the main force of Elite Four encounters it, it will run away."Terrance touched his chin and smiled.

    After all, this is a combination of thousands of Bug Type sprites. Although, so far, they can only achieve perfect coordination of actions, and can not achieve perfect coordination of attacks, but the lethality is also very scary.

    In the long evolution of the Wishiwashi fish formation, the technique of integrating Water Gun has evolved, and the skills of applying the tricks in the overall form have been learned. However, the shape of the butterfly group in the Naplu Dao Museum is still being explored.

    So far, this patron saint, the supreme wing of the wing, the best trick that can be performed is Gust.

    However, this Gust, the power has become a big point of inconspicuousness, even if the rainy day Hurricane floating in the bubble, it will be very weak.

    The power of thousands of Bug Type elves, the coordination power of a Bug Type legion, is indeed not something that Pokémon can resist. For example, the huge Tentacruel of the Blue Pool encounters the butterfly group form, and only the embarrassing escape.

    Wild, noble, mysterious, and overbearing, this group of butterflies, made up of the Bug Type genius, which is everywhere in the Hoenn Region, shows its unique charm from every move.

    This is just its first appearance, and no attacks have been launched, but it is not difficult for tourists to guess how terrible the power of this patron is.

    There is such a mysterious creature as the patron saint of the Naplu Dao Pavilion, which is enough to scare off most of the people who are not doing a good job against the Napru Road Museum.

    Terrance had this fear not coming out of thin air. Assist Celebi's power crossed into time and space four years later, and Terrance learned a lot about the big things happening in the future.

    The worst event in the Hoenn Region is undoubtedly the fire rock team and the water arrow team exposing the minions, awakening the ultra-ancient elves Groudon and Kyogre, and Hoenn is affected.

    In terms of time, it was not long before the illegal groups of the two active Hoenn were engaged, and Terrance estimated that it was time for the two organizations to take the lead when the Ash arrived in the Hoenn Region.

    According to Rotom Pokédex, the two organizations did not escape the shattered end, but they did a great job in solving the bad event instead of the top Trainer in the Hoenn Region, but the champion from the Indigo Alliance.

    Terrance, who has foreseen what will happen next, naturally takes care of the safety of the Naplu Road Museum, but he can't stay at the Naplu Road Hall all the time. The current guardian of Fallarbor is a good one. Resist the killing of these illegal organizations!

    The huge figure of the Wings of the Supreme was taken from the Soaring in the sky, and even the champion of Steven had to lament the talent of Terrance.

    “All the Bug Types of the Fallarbor Forest are turned into a butterfly group to protect the Naplu Road Museum, which is really reassuring.”

    "Someday, one day, it will become more powerful. In my opinion, even a weak Bug Type elf can explode tremendous power. Wishiwashi can do it, and Wurmple can do the same."Terrance smiled and looked at the huge creature that slowly dispersed in Soaring in the sky. He finally said:

    "It’s about to start soon…"

    “I exposed myself to the Elite Four in the public eye, I hope you can withstand the pressure.”Steven laughed and naturally knew what Terrance called “beginning”.

    This is also the result of discussions between the official Contest contest and Terrance.

    "With pressure, you have the motivation."Terrance calmed down.

    The decapitated patron: The sacred sacred retreat, but people are still immersed in the horror of the glory.

    Blessing of the patron saint

    The tourists sighed and felt that it was a worthwhile trip. It was just a pity. I don’t know when it was time to see this noble mysterious creature.

    “Neepu Road Museum is really a mysterious town.”The Reporters have been unable to hold their own. If the fireworks celebrations and the flower sea performances are within their understanding, then this butterfly group form is already a big news that shocked the world.

    After reporting it, it will definitely attract the attention of many people!

    After the descendants of the Fallarbor dissipated in the regrets of the tourists, many visitors entered the Fallarbor forest under the leadership of the resident volunteers of the Napru Road Museum, experiencing the beauty of the developed Fallarbor forest.

    At this time, the Fallarbor Forest is already a pure country of the Bug Type elves, and every individual who has just formed the Supreme of the Wings is here.

    After seeing this only Beautifly and Dustox, the tourists once again had a complicated mood…

    In addition, the Fallarbor Forest has many sightseeing spots and entertainment spots. Unconsciously, with the appearance of fireworks celebrations, flower sea performances, and patron saints, the big news of the Optimus Museum has already completely played itself. The fame.

    What the Reporter doesn't know is…Then there is a big news waiting for them.

    On the eve of the Bug Type Conference, Terrance, who mobilized the Bug Type Conference, did not go down the high platform. Instead, under the watchful eyes of countless tourists, he solemnly said:

    "I think everyone is no stranger to me, then I have another important thing to announce…"

    I…Will officially decide to compete in the Masters, the goal of the Elite Four! ! ! ”

    On the high platform, Terrance's Saffron's short brown hair fluttered with the wind, his brown pupil was very calm, and he looked seriously at the obvious crowd.

    Alliance 215 years, the owner of the Fallaboro Gym, the top coordination master Terrance, issued a declaration at the opening ceremony of the Fallarbor Scenic Area, attacking the Elite Four honor, Hoenn boiled.

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