Pokemon Court Chapter 846

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 846 Rival is the Rookie champion, floating astronomy
    Match is over!

    Terrance and Sharan watched this 6vs6 full-player match, and they did not let go of a detail.

    In the end, the Trainer called Jinyun won and won by 4vs6. He is really good.

    Jinyun even dispatched a Trump Card Elf with Elite combat power, and the other three were not inferior to Terrance's Ninetales.

    "If I am on this cloud, just send Carbink, Pupitar, Ninetales, Kirlia, definitely not Rival."Terrance shook his head.

    "Then will your lineup change tomorrow?"

    "I don't change it. Tomorrow my Rival is a Rookie champion. I don't have to deal with it. In other words, if I am in the hands of a Rookie, I don't have to continue to challenge."

    Terrance waved his hand and smiled.

    Perhaps the official Contest contest took care of him, his first Rival was the champion of the recent Evergrande Conference.

    The age is not much different from him, but it is the Trainer from the Johto Region Region. From the perspective of Terrance, it is a "good bully" Rival.

    Compared with Mr. Norman, Hoenn, who is known as the Trainer who is comparable to the current Elite Four, is a young Trainer who has just stood out from the Evergrande Conference. Isn't it a better Rival?

    Terrance is trying to Assist the other side to hone their Pokémon, so his lineup has decided:

    Ninetales, Carbink, Pupitar, Kirlia, Mismagius, and Altaria of the finale.

    Anyway, there is Altaria, almost invincible, so Terrance also let go of the game, decide the next game, if you do not encounter players who are too exaggerated, let the first let Ninetales, Carbink, Pupitar, Kirlia four Only Pokémon played.

    Terrance believes that in a dozen battles with senior Trainer's 6vs6 players, they will be able to grow up quickly and become a powerful helper for the top Trainer.

    The next day.

    Under the long-awaited expectations, the Ever Grande stadium ushered in a very popular Masters.

    Unlike yesterday's battle, today's attention is incredible.

    First of all, not the media personnel who came one after another. Yesterday's contestant Yan Yun stood in the player's seat and looked at the figures on the podium.

    "Phoebe Elite…Glacia Elite…Champion Steven…"

    "It’s embarrassing."

    On the rostrum, a champion and two Elites watched the event, which made many viewers both excited and nervous.

    "I still underestimated the influence of this coordinator. I didn't think there were two Elites and a champion who came to pay attention to his first battle."

    Terrance's Rival is just a Rookie, which also means that the level of competition is not too high, but even so, it has attracted three strong, which surprised many people.

    "I said Phoebe Little Elite, why are you here too?"

    "Why can't I come, and don't add a small word, I just look smaller!"Phoebe yelled and shouted at Glacia.

    Immediately, Phoebe ignored Glacia and looked at the stage.

    Looking at Terrance, who slowly walked into the field, Phoebe's mouth rose sharply, and she was curious about the guy who had beaten Drifblim, who had just been conquered for a few years before Beautifly.

    Glacia Elite and Steven, both with different minds, are watching this game.

    But if Phoebe Elite is because of curiosity, then Steven is on behalf of the position.

    "It seems that this Terrance is really highly valued by the Contest contest, so let me see if he can come to us."Glacia Elite looked at Steven in the corner of his eye and thought of it.



    "There are not many people, but the key is that the origins are very extraordinary."

    When Terrance walked to the venue, he swept his eyes and he regained his gaze and smiled at Rival.

    The other party and his age are not much different, named Dongba.

    "I think these people should not pay attention to me?"Dongba also smiled a little, and his forehead smeared a drop of sweat.

    After five years of travel, I finally won the Race Conference and was able to challenge the Masters…Although it is the Masters of the Hoenn Region, if he can get to the end, even if he is a Johto Region, he can become Elite Four. For this purpose, Dongba has challenged the Masters this season, but he is currently so much pressure.

    Two Hoenn Elite Four, an Elite Four champion, watched that he was not focusing on himself, but his own Rival, the legendary master of coordination.

    Dongba's style of action is not so delicate. It is a Trainer with a character similar to Ash. He doesn't know much about Coordinator, nor does he have the concept of Top Coordinator and Coordinator. But he has already known his situation from the atmosphere of the scene.

    Dongba, who just entered the Masters, has not been drawn by factions for some reason. He is a typical ordinary person…

    However, although he is embarrassed, he is not stupid. Naturally, he also knows how to show his strength in the Masters. So even if Rival looks strong, he has not retreated.

    On the battlefield, Terrance and Dongba were serious confrontation. With the referee, the two sent their first elves together.



    Terrance is a petite and cute Kiria who has mastered the horror of Psychic. At the moment of appearance, Kirlia enters the Calm Mind Contest Condition and seems to have no interest in the game.

    On the side of Dongba, it is a fierce Pokémon similar to a dog-shaped, with sharp claws and two bones on the ankle. Looking at the faint rising flame on Houndoom, Terrance has a judgment in it, Flash Fire Ability?

    "Unfortunately, if you want to use the Psychic attack, it will be very cumbersome…"During Terrance's thoughts, Rival's flames came in and turned into a whirlpool that seemed to devour Kirlia, but in the face of such an attack, Terrance didn't have any way to command it. I saw that Kirlia slammed openly on the field. An amazing Confusion wave compresses the fire into a fireball, followed by…Under the compression of Confusion, the fireball energy collapsed and exploded directly, and the aftermath of the madness spread toward the entire platform.

    "Terroric Confusion."When Dongba's pupils shrank, the smoke was quickly blown away, and Terrance saw that he was protecting his Kiria with a Confusion shield and protecting his Houndoom with Protect, a slight glimpse.

    "I said little Kirlia, even if your mental strength is huge, but you don't have to waste it, give you a task and win at the least cost. After all, we may have to face five Rivals…"

    In the Terrance command, Light Screen appears out of thin air, reflecting the light of Dazzling Gleam directly devours the incomparable Houndoom! !

    One hit spike!

    Seeing this scene, countless people turned their eyes to Kirlia…

    The Light Screen that appears on Rival Sky as you like…How is it ?

    "Wow, this Kirlia's Psychic level is quite good."Phoebe was amazed at the opening, although she was a Ghost master, but she was able to study the Psychic department.

    “It’s really incredible Psychic level for Kirlia…”Glacia Elite nods.

    "I said two, focus…Shouldn't it be in the light of evolution of Kirlia? ”

    At this time, Steven said that it was outdated.

    I saw that in the eyes of Dongba, defeating Kirna of Houndoom, there was a white light…

    What Terrance didn't expect was that his own instructions not only made Kirlia quicker, simplified the fighting rhythm, but also inspired Kiria's more powerful power…

    "I will be responsible for the next five Rivals." Terrance learned the meaning of Kirlia through telepathy.

    Seeing the light of evolution in the whole body, Kirlia, who is evolving toward Gardevoir, Terrance then shook his head with a smile, and the timing was almost the same.

    At the same time, the audience, together with the assistant Shalan watched the game Rotom Pokédex, violently started a program…I saw the progress bar below the icon of Kirlia above, and it was jumping wildly.

    Mental development level 97%…98% of mental development…Spiritual development level 99%……Spiritual development level is 100%! !

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