Pokemon Court Chapter 847

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 847 evolution, Gardevoir! Floating astronomy
    Rotom Pokédex squinted as the progress bar below Kiria's head screamed and slammed to 100%.

    In it, through the data chip, Kirlia thoroughly digested the gene syrup…That is to say, when its mental development reached 100%, the brightness of Kirlia's evolutionary light reached its peak!

    "I didn't expect Kirlia to evolve…"

    Terrance, as a master of coordination, sent a Kirlia, and many people have doubts in their hearts, but now the questions are all gone.

    The light of evolution collapsed and Kirlia disappeared, replaced by the new attitude of Gardevoir!

    Looking at this extraordinary temperament, Gardevoir, who has a strong Hideki potential, the audience has no doubt that it has gained unparalleled strength!

    Gardevoir's white body looks like an elegant dance evening gown, and its hair style has changed to a curly shape that extends all the way to the bottom of the head. There is no obvious boundary between the green arm and the hand, and Gardevoir's slender fingers are straight on the hand, like wearing gloves. In addition, the fin-shaped horns on the front of the evolution were moved to the chest and back after the evolution was completed, and the spiked structure appeared beside the face, like a prom mask.

    Looking like wearing a long skirt, showing Gardevoir as the Queen's Normal calm, Terrance first learned about Gardevoir's current strength with the sentiment of Fairy's mark.

    When Gardevoir evolved, it had a blue and purple Confusion wave hidden in the body that broke down and strengthened the spirit of Gardevoir. It was because of this power that Gardevoir was able to quickly absorb the power of genetic potions. .

    In the Pokémon of Terrance, it was the first to fully absorb the efficacy of a gene syrup.

    "The power of Mew and Mewtwo has survived. This power has reappeared with the power of evolution, and it has helped Gardevoir absorb the effects of genetic medicine…"

    “In the Ralts period, it was not inferior to the spirit of Gardevoir, and now it has finally evolved…”

    Terrance feels the majestic spiritual ocean, but the heart is excited but has some understanding.

    After the evolution, Gardevoir directly into the top-level field, with the strength of the top Trainer!

    "Sand Casey ~"

    On the field, Gardevoir didn't return, and did not convey the telepathy to Terrance. Instead, he used a language to remind Terrance.

    "The next battle will be handed over to you."

    After understanding the meaning of Gardevoir, Terrance nodded and he was surprised. It was the first time Gardevoir took the initiative to convey information to himself.

    "On Gardevoir…Maybe something has changed. ”

    During Terrance's thoughts, Rival Dongba's laughter awakened Terrance.

    "Great, I was still complacent about becoming Ever Grande Conference Champion. I didn't expect to have just entered the Masters and I met your powerful Trainer."Retracting Houndoom's Dongba and releasing his new elf.

    "The next step is for you, Gengar!"

    "You're good too."Terrance simply replied and directed Gardevoir.

    The last second, Gengar with a sinister and horrible smile rushed over like a phantom, and it was hard to imagine.

    "Get away."

    Terrance, who felt Gardevoir's heart, whispered, and the next moment, Gardevoir, sideways, made Gengar, a horror horror, emptied.

    "Shadow ball!"

    Dongba shouted, and Gengar slammed his body, and his hands condensed the shadow ball almost at the moment of turning his head to Gardevoir, who was close to himself.

    "Homeopathic solution."Terrance Road.

    On the rostrum, Phoebe was surprised to see Gardevoir, who easily erased the shadow ball power. "This Rookie is really unlucky to meet such a terrible guy. This Gardevoir has just evolved. The power of Confusion is nearly ten times that before. Only elves can be said to be talented."

    "Yeah, this talented elf, I have only seen two."Glacia Elite's eyes flashed, and with the evolution of the top, it was so enchanting.

    In the Ever Grande stadium, two elves battled, and Gardevoir and Gengar launched a fierce battle.

    It seems to be fierce, but anyone can see that Gardevoir is at ease, and with the violent attack that Gengar launched, Gardevoir can be safe.

    "Just got such a powerful force, even with the superb computing power of Gardevoir, it takes a while to adapt."Terrance waved, Gardevoir Teleport came behind Gengar and played Gengar with new power.

    If it is the ordinary Pokémon, violently gaining such powerful power, even if it is obtained through evolution, I am afraid it is not well mastered, but Terrance, as a master of coordination, has always intentionally trained the elf's coordination ability, so his Pokémon's control power level Instead, it is higher than its own strength level.

    Gardevoir's level of coordination is not bad, coupled with its own computing talent, it is not difficult to quickly control this power.

    During the confrontation between the two elves, Gengar finally did not escape the exhaustion of physical exhaustion and was unable to fall.

    "Come back, Gengar, Typhlosion, look at you."

    Gengar fell, and Dongba's eyes were dignified. He could naturally see that Gardevoir was slowly adapting himself to the power he had just acquired. However, he could do nothing. This Gardevoir is too strong. Gardevoir has appeared more than Kiria. The strong mental pressure of the stock almost made him unable to breathe the Trainer and Pokémon.

    Gardevoir and his Pokémon are completely two realms.

    "This is the embodiment of the inability to control power."On the rostrum, Steven recalled that his meta-Metagross evolution also occurred in this situation, and the strength increased greatly, so Metatags could not control his new strength at all. In order to solve this, he and Metatags practiced. It took three full days to resolve.

    "Mr. Terrance, although you and Gardevoir are very powerful, it is our turn to fight back!"

    The appearance of Typhlosion gave Dongba fighting spirit. The next moment, Typhlosion's face was extremely smashed, rubbing the burning body hair, and the explosion of the air blew across the entire field.

    The scorching flame broke out and even caused a glimpse. Typhlosion was hidden in the fire and erased his figure. However, this situation did not last long. A Psyshock turned into a spear, directly through the sea of fire, and hit it accurately. Typhlosion abdomen.

    "Roar……"Typhlosion and Dongba were so wide-eyed that they couldn't believe the scene, and couldn't understand the Psyshock that was easy to run through the raging fire.

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