Pokemon Court Chapter 848

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    Chapter 848 1vs6 (page 1/1)

    Power is good, but not enough…Terrance's heart.

    At the same time, looking at the calm expression of Terrance, Dongba panicked, did not think that his Trump Card is so vulnerable.

    "Typhlosion, use the Rollout to play Soaring in the sky!"

    Through the Psyshock, Typhlosion was blasted out of the sea, flew out and rubbed in the Ground.

    Seeing this scene, East Barry calmed down and gave instructions. The next moment, Typhlosion forced the pain to curl up and turned into a circle around Ground Rollout, then Assist a piece of gravel to fly himself into Soaring in the Sky.

    "Capture it, then throw it down."Terrance raised his head.

    "Useless, Typhlosion, with Aerial Ace!"

    When Terrance fell, Dongba instantly opened.

    When Gardevoir's Confusion shrouded, Typhlosion slammed and changed position at an extremely fast speed.

    Mastering the Typhlosion of Aerial Ace, very rare, to detect the dexterity of the other side, Terrance narrowed his eyes, but did not show anything.

    Although he gave orders, the order was directed at the purpose of capturing Typhlosion and knocking it down.

    Terrance didn't say how Gardevoir did it for this purpose, and Gardevoir didn't naturally disappoint Terrance.

    I saw that I quickly escaped Typhlosion captured by Gardevoir Confusion, slammed my pupils and raised my head in despair.

    Above Soaring in the sky, a vortex emerged out of thin air, accompanied by a powerful Confusion group.

    YesFuture Sight ……"Dongba’s command to win the battle was on his lips, staring at the Typhlosion being bombarded, and his expression was stunned.

    "Not bad, how long this is, this Gardevoir is getting better and better with the new power."Different from the complex heart of Dongba, several top Trainers who watched the fun laughed.

    The Confusion group bombarded Typhlosion to Ground and directly blasted a large pit. The strength of the squad cut off the possibility of Typhlosion standing up again. In the Masters, both players will try their best to take the shot, but there is no chance to retain the power. Against Rival, Terrance and Gardevoir clearly did this.

    Gardevoir, who gradually adapted to the power by playing with Gengar, began to show his strength!

    "The Dongba player lost three elves and took a five-minute break."

    As Dongba took back Typhlosion, the referee said.

    The halftime break was a few words for 5 minutes, and Dongba, who was mad at the heart, sighed briefly. His expression was dignified and he thought about how to deal with the horrible Gardevoir with the remaining three elves, but the next moment, Dongba suddenly woke up.

    "Gardevoir is not his only Pokémon, I just think of Gardevoir as the object to be defeated, not Trainer himself…"

    Realizing his own thoughts, Dongba was sitting in a difficult position, just three games, let him thoroughly understand the gap between himself and the top powerhouse.

    Typhlosion, that is his beginner's elf, in the Evergrande Conference finals, replaced the Rump two elves to fall down the Trump Card, such a Pokémon, even lost to the other side…Dongba is obviously very lost.

    Five minutes passed quickly, and Dongba did not abstain. This made some viewers very surprised.

    Terrance still chose Gardevoir, and Dongba has sent a Jumpluff.

    "Dongba has been dead end."After 9 seconds, when Jumpluff lost his fighting ability, the audience came up with the idea.

    Even under Gardevoir's "Draining Kiss Heal Pulse Dream Eater," Gardevoir didn't consume any physical strength in four games.

    "This Gardevoir is so perfect, its speed of progress is visible to the naked eye, and the time of confrontation in just three battles has completely mastered the body and strength after evolution."Glacia Elite opening.

    Although specializing in ice, but when Glacia saw the progress speed of Gardevoir, she still stunned and envied.

    On the other hand, after discovering that he couldn't compete against Terrance, Dongba was completely crazy. He gave up the strategy, and the remaining two elves almost attacked Gardevoir in a suicidal manner.

    But the end result was still ruthlessly defeated by Gardevoir.

    "It only consumes about one-tenth of the physical strength. The Psychic moves alone won the victory, and even the Fairy system did not even use it…The strength of Gardevoir is probably only less than one-fifth, and those combination skills have no chance to play. ”

    The last elf was defeated by Gardevoir. Dongba seemed to lose strength and sat down. He had never played such a desperate battle.

    At the same time, Terrance sighed slowly, and he naturally didn't have time to pay attention to Rival's mood. The significance of this battle is to let Gardevoir adapt to the new body.

    If it is Kirlia, there may be a battle between him and Dongba, but unfortunately, Kirlia has evolved, and the strength of evolution, even if the top Trainer comes, must be careful, not to mention Dongba. Evergrande Conference is out of Rookie.

    1vs6! !

    The audience broke out when the referee announced the results.

    "Really is 1vs6!!"

    In the Masters, I saw an enemy six. There are not many opportunities. The audience seems to have got another interesting topic and they have talked about it.



    On the rostrum, Steven started to watch the game and ended. After seeing Terrance win the 1vs6 strong, he laughed:

    "He is also a master of coordination after all. It's still easy to deal with a Rookie, and the even Rival is still behind."

    "Was I?

    When I heard Steven's comment, Phoebe said, "Well…That's it, but I guess he will lose in the hands of Mr. Norman. ”

    “Yes, Mr. Norman is the blocker of the Hoenn Masters. He is here, and our Elite Four has not been challenged for a long time.”Glacia also laughed.

    In this regard, Steven frustrated, did not refute the views of the two, because he also played against Mr. Norman, and winning is not very easy.

    "Mr. Terrance, let's go here…"When Terrance walked out of the field, in order to avoid those media personnel, assistant Sharan immediately arranged for Terrance to leave.

    "Today is the first battle. If you chase after me for a few more times, you should be less."Terrance followed Sharan and shook his head.

    "Theoretically it should be like this, but the premise is…You don't want to make any more fuss. ”

    "Oh, that's natural."Terrance laughs.

    "Right, the next match is 11 days later. During this period, are you planning to stay in Ever Grande City, or are you planning to go somewhere else?"At the end of the game, Sharan did not forget her work and immediately asked if Terence wanted to go anywhere else, she had to arrange a ticket or SS Ticket as soon as possible.

    "Not waiting, let's go to Mauville City."Terrance calmly opened, and then he went to explore the mysterious remains of the Hoenn Desert.

    11 days, maybe enough.

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