Pokemon Court Chapter 849

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 849 re-enters the phantom relics, floating astronomy
    After the game, Terrance immediately moved from Ever Grande City to Mauville City.

    Mauville City The nearest to the Hoenn Desert, Terrance first replenished it here.

    After coming out of the Mauville shopping plaza, Sharan followed the Terrance with the big bag of goods and saw that the assistant was not arrogant. Terrance was a little surprised. I didn't expect the other person's physical strength to be good… …

    "Give me something, then you will be in Mauville City and I will be fine."

    Uh …Don't you have to go with me? ”

    "what are you going to do? The climate in the desert is bad, your words…It is estimated that it is difficult to endure the environment there. ”Terrance shook his head. This is one aspect. In addition, he mainly trains the elves in the desert and explores the remains. It is inevitable that a tow bottle will be crippled, so it is better to throw the other person in Mauville City.


    Sharan was holding the parcel and just wanted to say something, but she was immediately stopped by Terrance.

    On this trip, Terrance still feels that he is right.

    Seeing Terrance's determination, Sharan was helpless, but there was no way to show that he would stay in Mauville City and wait for Terrance to return.

    "Well, I am in trouble, please give it to me."



    One day later, the Hoenn Desert.

    The vast desert is vast and undulating. Under the roasting of the hot sun, the desert rises with a heat wave, making people feel that even breathing is extremely difficult.

    Terrance wore a sunscreen coat, an ice bag around his neck, a sunhat on his head, and walked around, and couldn't help but hit a Yawn.

    This season…It’s even hotter than the previous two trips, but fortunately, there are floating bubbles to cool yourself.

    "Arcanine, Altaria, floating bubbles, Rotom Pokédex, we have to speed up."Terrance shouted.

    The last time I came to the Hoenn Desert was four years ago, where the mysterious ruins had been forgotten, which means that I have to look back from scratch.

    Terrance They have been looking for a long time, but they have also discovered several ruins, but the ruins that entered are not the ones they have in mind, which makes Terrance very depressed.

    A few hours ago, in order to speed up the search, Terrance released the two elves of Mismagius and Gardevoir, let them go and search, while Terrance, while looking for it, and floating bubbles to guide Altaria and Arcanine to practice the secrets of the sun. .

    In the environment of the Great Desert, it is very efficient to practice sunny weather. There are still many battles waiting for yourself. Terrance can't miss this opportunity.

    In the process of finding the unknown, Terrance also did not forget to check the practice of these Pokémons.

    "Rotom Pokédex, show me their information."

    As Gardevoir thoroughly absorbed the genetic drug, the progress of the absorption of other elves also increased.

    “Altaria sound talent development is 46%.”

    “Arcanine Reversal is 99% development, Close Combat development is 55%, Morning Sun is 44%, and Thrash is 62%.”

    “The development level of floating bubble fire system, water system, grass system, rock series, ice system, electric system and Flying system increased by 7% respectively.”

    At present, only the three elves are released. Rotom Pokédex only checks the absorption of the gene syrup by the three elves. Altaria is not on the phytotherapy water because of the main thought, so the progress is not as good as the other elves. Fast, but the absorption speed is not slow, it is estimated that it will be completely absorbed in two months.

    At that time, its annihilation skills will look like it. Terrance is very much looking forward to it. As for this time, Altaria's main training is Assist, the jewels of the jewels, the secrets of life, the fire of life, and the play of Terrance from the singer. skill.

    "It's a pity that Rotom Pokédex's data chip can only detect the absorption of genetic syrup, and can't scan the progress of other tricks…"Terrance touched his chin and felt it necessary to find a scientist to work together and upgrade Rotom Pokédex once. Maybe, you can try to load more Breeder knowledge, so that Rotom Pokédex can identify the potential and talent of the elves at a glance. Elf Breeder system in the direction of Breeder!

    At the very least, Rotom Pokédex, which absorbed the Terrance Breeder knowledge system, has a vaguely Breeder style. If it fits the knowledge of other Breeder homes?

    Terrance has a lot of fun.

    "No matter which one, Arcanine will master Reversal in these two days, but I am afraid I have not given it a chance to use it for a short time. What is interesting is that it may be due to the secret of practicing sunny days. It is unexpectedly developed for the development of Morning Sun. Fast, all of a sudden from 44% to 44%."Terrance's heart, maybe the combination of the secret of the sunny day and the Morning Sun trick, the effect will be surprisingly amazing.

    Terrance finally put his gaze on the floating bubble. Its elevation is average. The gene therapy effect is absorbed step by step. The Attribute of each Attribute is increased by 7%. If the original foundation is taken into consideration, the development level of the floating bubble water system has reached 99%. Soon, you can completely absorb the ingredients of the water-based talent in the genetic medicine.

    "At first, because Dragonair's Dragon Ball caused the floating bubble to be surprisingly talented, this advantage seems to be indelible."

    Compared to the development of other weather-related Attributes, floating bubbles practiced on the rainy day Attribute is extremely efficient and has always been far ahead.

    "In two days, their strength will change slightly."

    During the judgment of Terrance, they came to a relic. This relic was not the mysterious relic of Terrance's impression, but it made Terrance show a strange expression.

    This ruins

    Terrance frowned and rubbed his temples, thinking about Calm Mind.

    "Much like…The ruins that got the Lavvitar fossils are too much like. ”

    Seeing this ruin, Terrance's eyes gradually brightened, quickly retracting the oversized Arcanine, and entering the inaccessible Altaria, and then directly into the floating bubble, Rotom Pokédex.

    It is still so dark inside, Rotom Pokédex consciously turned on the lighting function, the powerful Rotom Pokédex …It can be said that it is more effective than the effect of the Flash released by the wizard, and Terrance looks at it with each other, and then both sides explore the past in one direction.

    "There is no road Rotto here."

    "Come here."Terrance Road.

    Terrance remembers that there seems to be a Reirock inhabited in this ruin. He has dealt with the Bolt Strike Lock twice. The next time Terrance is very embarrassed, but if you meet again this time…


    Terrance whispered twice, and he absolutely had to play the other side without even drilling, to prove his own strength changes.

    At the same time, Rotom Pokédex quickly flew to Terrance and they took a step together.

    "How can I not remember to come here, but it should be that the phantom remains right…"

    Compared to four years ago, the structure inside changed a lot, making it difficult for Terrance to find its way by impression, but with Gallade anyway, it would be fine if a Teleport left here, so Terrance let go of it. .

    Walking into a ramp, and looking around for a while, Terrance tapped a few times on the wall "dangdang", but did not find anything famous, but took a handful of dust.

    "I feel the atmosphere here is not right for Rotto."Rotom Pokédex reminded.

    "should be no problem."Terrance gives it peace of mind.


    The next moment, the direction of the incoming ramp came the sound of heavy objects landing, and Terrance twitched at the corner of his mouth. Could it be that the way back was blocked?

    "Things are not big."

    Looked at Rotom Pokédex, Terrance's expression is unchanged and continues to move forward.

    After a while, Terrance came to a place with several dark caves, thinking a little, and Terrance planned to explore from left to right.

    "Strange, have you checked out the smell of Pokémon yet?"

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