Pokemon Court Chapter 850

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 850th Anorith fossil, floating astronomy
    Before entering the dark cave, Terrance said his doubts.

    This road is too quiet.

    It was said that Rotom Pokédex shook his head.

    Terrance didn't think much, and he took out Pupitar's Poké Ball.

    "Pupitar, you are coming out too."

    Before coming to the first dark cave, Terrance called Pupitar.

    If nothing else, it is a fossil in this phantom relic.

    Maybe, it can see something.

    Pupitar, who came out of Poké Ball, looked around at first and right, then showed a blank expression and took the initiative to enter the cave.

    "What did you find?"Terrance followed and asked.

    The next moment, Pupitar showed his teeth, slammed a piece of gravel and chewed it in his mouth.

    But chewing and chewing, Pupitar changed his face and quickly sprayed the stone out, like a "stone gun" Normal shot…

    Turning his head with a bitter expression, Pupitar shook his head and sighed.

    “Fine.Also, don't eat stones. The composition of this ruin, Rotom Pokédex, has been tested and is a very low-nutrient ore. ”

    Terrance reluctantly, such a stone, for Pupitar who used to eat the "mountain and sea taste", spit out is a relatively good result.

    With the experience of entering the first dark cave, Terrance and the floating bubble, Pupitar entered the second dark cave.

    The environment here is much the same as the previous cave, and there is nothing surprising about it, which makes Terrance puzzled.

    Looking around, I didn't have much to discover. Terrance shook his head and left to leave, but then a snoring came again, only to see Pupitar biting the wall again.


    Terrance saw Pupitar's move, stunned, and only saw it for a while, Pupitar spit out another face.

    "Shasha" Pupitar this time, a face is right.

    "You mean, you don't want to eat, but you feel some strange fluctuations from these stones, can't help but bite a Rotto?"

    Rotom Pokédex asked after translation.

    "Shasha~" Pupitar nodded.

    "Singular fluctuations?"Terrance approached the wall, the Calm Mind method worked, and the spirits lingered on the eyes and looked at the wall.


    After confirming that he was blind, Terrance blinked and was clearly an ordinary stone…What is the strange fluctuation that Pupitar feels?

    One may be the illusion of Pupitar. One possibility is that the volatility really exists, but only Pupitar, which became a fossil here, can feel it. Terrance intends to explore it in depth, so he directly called Ninetales to explore it with a more powerful Psychic. Stone wall.

    ButStill nothing to gain.

    "Forget it, let's go to another cave to see."Terrance meditated and took back the Ninetales Road.

    Then, Terrance went into other caves in turn. Pupitar repeated the previous behavior. Every time he got to a cave, he took a bite and then spit it back on the wall. This made Terrance look scared, even if we couldn’t notice anything, but you The behavior of this little guy is too exaggerated.

    Pupitar can be ignored, like immersed in it, the eyes of the wisdom of Lucas, staring at the wall, but can not find anything.

    "Shasha ~" Pupitar annoyed.

    No longer paying attention to this little guy, Terrance was attracted by the sound of Rotom Pokédex and ran quickly.

    "Appeared!! It is a fossil Rotto. ”

    Rotom Pokédex hovered in a corner and wanted to pick up the fossils by hand, but it didn't have this operation at all, until Terrance walked over and the fossils were picked up from the ground.

    “It’s much lighter than the fossils of Larvitar…If this shape is, is it Anorith? ”

    Measuring this flat and long fossil, Terrance guessed the opening. The shape of the fossil is based on marine arthropods. It is very old from the traces, at least longer than the fossils of Larvitar.

    "Anorith ……扫描中…扫描中…The degree of conformity is 97% and has been confirmed as an Anorith fossil. ”Rotom Pokédex took a turn and said.

    "Yes, it can scan 97% of similarities and should be resurrected."Terrance smiled and said: "With it, this phantom remains is nothing. What puzzles me is why the remains of the entire desert are only found here, and there seems to be a lot of them…"

    “Shasha~” At this time, Pupitar jumped up and seemed to want to take a bite of Anorith fossils, but was directly photographed by floating bubbles.


    "To be honest, floating bubbles are right, this can't be eaten."Terrance said: "Go, there are two caves left. Let's go there and smash the wall. If you are lucky, you may find a fossil…"

    Harvesting a fossil, Terrance is in a good mood, Anorith is a Pugémon of Bug Type, and it's a water trick…If you can resurrect, you can raise it at the Fallabor Gym and serve as the Ballabor Gym.

    With the expectation, Terrance and Pupitar and floating bubbles entered the last two caves in this area. Pupitar was as satisfied as ever after biting the wall. Although it was spit out in the end, it seemed to be The walls here have a slogan that makes Terrance very unconscious.

    But now, he can't detect anything. After all, floating bubbles take the Water Gun and the fire wall is not responding. Terrance has nothing to lose.

    "When you wait for Gardevoir and Mismagius to return to the team, come back and explore, with their ability to be able to detect something…"

    Terrance shouted at Pupitar, still staring at the wall, and planned to leave. Unfortunately, no fossils were found in the last two caves, so this area is of little value.

    Just as Terrance took the reluctant Pupitar back to the previous martyrdom, he suddenly remembered what had just been blocked at the entrance to the ramp.

    "Forget it, let Gallade take us to other areas of the ruins."Terrance spoke and took out the Galle's Poké Ball, intending to use Teleport to take himself to the basement of the ruins.

    Larvitar's fossils were obtained in the basement. There are two other fossils along with the Larvitar fossil. Terrance estimates that there are a lot of treasures there. It is always true to see it, but he can't find his way. Going to Gallade.

    "咔洛!!"After the Gallade came out, Terrance took back Pupitar, floated the bubble, and slid it with Rotom Pokédex.

    As Psychic's brilliance shrouded the Terrance group, Gallade launched Teleport and attacked the basement of the phantom relics.

    But at the same time, no one saw, Terrance and Pupitar on the walls of the caves they had just explored, surrounded by the walls that Pupitar had bitten, and there were strange symbols.

    The dense symbols occupy one side of the wall, they are different in shape, and they are closely attached to the wall, which looks very incomprehensible…

    These symbols, while Gallade uses Teleport, slammed into bright eyes, emitting an amazing Confusion wave. If Terrance is here, it will be amazing to see that the symbols are basically similar in shape to 26 letters… …

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