Pokemon Court Chapter 851

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 851th chapter of the space crack, floating astronomy
    At the same time that these mysterious creatures opened their eyes, that is, the moment when Gallade used Terrance to use Teleport, a powerful breath ran across time and space, causing Gallade and Terrance to smash.

    Was attacked.

    Realizing the next moment, Terrance screamed, and with Solaceon's pain of tearing, he almost fainted in confusion.

    Gallade panicked Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, feeling that their Teleport was disturbed, causing them to be sent to a strange place.

    When Terrance opened his eyes, his consciousness was still not clear. The tearing of the whole body seemed to divide the body into Normal, so that Terrance could not help but to bite his teeth and try to detect the situation.

    Under this strong pain, Terrance was sweating and Calm Mind was running, trying to regain consciousness. Finally, as time passed, Terrance slowly felt a familiar atmosphere.

    "Time and space channel!"

    Realizing this possibility, Terrance once again screamed in pain, looking at the chaotic space around her with bloodshot eyes, no…It should not be said that it is a space-time channel. It should be said that it is a time-space crack.


    At the same time, Gallade looks dignified, Teleport makes mistakes, and it is impossible to accidentally break into space and time cracks, but…

    But now, it really happened, Gallade can also feel the tear because of the crack in time and space, but because it is Pokémon, this feeling is lighter than what Terrance feels.

    Escape with Terrance! !

    In the heart of Gallade, there is only this thought left. Looking at this fragmented space, Gallade uses Teleport again.


    Teleport seems to have failed Normal, so they can't get rid of this ghost place.

    "You have to find the coordinates of the original time and space. It has already left the space of the original time and space."Terrance resisted the pain.

    He has been experiencing the time and space with Celebi, so he has some understanding of this aspect, and it is because of that experience that he can recognize him.

    At that time, because of Celebi's leadership, Terrance did not feel the pain of this, and now Terrance, can be said to be very embarrassing.

    "Use that."Terrance picked up Key Stone on his neck and quickly shouted. After understanding the meaning of Terrance, Gallade nodded and made Mega Evolution in this chaotic time-space crack.

    Terrance didn't know if he could succeed. He gambled. Fortunately, Gallade succeeded Mega Evolution, but what is strange is that in this chaotic time and space crack, Gallade did not even appear in the evolutionary light, it became directly Mega. Evolution form.

    But Terrance couldn't manage that much at this point. The next moment, the Terrance Fairy imprint emerged, trying to build a close connection with the original time and space of Gardevoir.

    "Must find me…"

    At this time, Terrance is really panic. If the coordinates of the original space and time are not found, they will be finished.

    Looking for it by this means, it is already the best way for Terrance to come up with a short time, and tough to tear the pain to come up with this method, Terrance feels that his head is about to explode.


    Thanks to the Mega Evolution, Gallade and Terrance have been able to clearly feel the mood of both sides because of their telepathy.

    Feeling the anxieties of Terrance, Gallade is also very nervous.

    "This time and space crack is really awkward."

    Terrance licks his mouth, this place is absolutely different from the time and space that Celebi takes with him.

    Through this mirrored space of broken Normal, Terrance can even see other time and space pictures.

    He saw a man who was calm and calm, driving the power of Groudon to almost dry the ocean of the whole world, and let the whole world's land Ground accumulate rapidly.

    In that world, the red man showed a merciless cold side, led the subordinates to fight with countless powerful Trainers and elves. When they arrived, the picture came to an abrupt end.

    Terrance also saw a knightly, human-loving character who spoke to the subordinates on the ocean. In that world, countless continents were swallowed by the ocean, and heavy rains were everywhere in the world. The ocean area as the source of all life was unparalleled. Amplification.

    Above the ocean, this man shows a powerful force that crushes everyone who wants to stop him.

    Seeing this, Terrance's expression has undergone an extremely complex change.

    However, there are more pictures to make Terrance shocked.

    It is a strange space, as if there is no life, countless human beings, such as the dead body, no soul Normal is active. In that world, a middle-aged man with blue-blue scorpion controls Dialga and Palkiia by technology, just like the world god. Normal is high.

    There is also a world in which a gentleman with gray-green hair walks on the land of Unova, conquers the legendary Pokémon of Zekrom and Reshiram, and then forcibly deprives other humans of the power to conquer Pokémon, and is trying to control the world in the form of dictatorship…

    "What exactly are these…"

    Finally, after seeing a tall man with orange hair borrowing the power of the legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal, and competing for a mysterious weapon with a powerful Trainer, Terrance completely stunned after the war that struck the Kalos Region.

    Even Terrance forgot to look for the coordinates of the original time and space, immersed in the strangeness of other time and space.

    thoseAre they parallel time and space? ”

    The powerful world of the ones, the powerful Trainer, made Terrance's mind greatly shocked.

    He has been to a certain time and space, there is no existence of his own, there are many subtle changes in many places, but what changes are now seen in this parallel, time and space, what is going on? ?

    Terrance suddenly, the Fairy mark came and called, and Terrance's consciousness was put into a familiar crack scene, seeing a Gardevoir that was constantly moving through the desert.

    "Gallade, that's it!"

    After establishing a connection with Gardevoir across time and space, Terrance shouted, and the strong embarrassment brought by Gallade and Assist Mega Evolution indirectly felt the connection between Gardevoir and Terrance, which broke out all the way and used the most consumed so far. A Teleport!

    The chaotic space looks like a fragmented mirror. Countless cracks drift past Terrance and Gallade, making them uncomfortable. There is no Soaring in the sky and the earth, and some are just endless nothingness. This feeling of depression makes Terrance swear. I will not use Teleport again in the future.

    After this horrible experience, Terrance was fed up.

    Just as the Mega Gallade returned to the original time and space with Terrance's time-space cracks, the numerous strange creatures that permeate the cracks in time and space were shocked, and many eyes condensed on Terrance and Gallade, which are moving through the space-time passage.

    Those who stray into time and space cracks and who can return safely, these creatures have never been seen before.

    I don't know how long after, Hoenn Region, Terrance and Gallade, Rotom Pokédex, slammed from Soaring in the sky and fell into the desolate desert.

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