Pokemon Court Chapter 853

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 853 Pupitar's bad, floating astronomy
    Although cured by Altaria's Fire of Life, Terrance stayed in Mauville City for a few days to restore the Contest Condition.

    In addition, 10 Pokémons were temporarily removed from the previously damaged Poké Ball and entered 10 new Poké Balls.

    Of course, the 10 new Poké Balls are just over-used. After a while, Terrance is ready to contact Devin, tailoring them to Altaria and creating a more comfortable Poké Ball with top-quality materials.

    In addition, Terrance also contacted a research institute to mend the body of Rotom Pokédex, temporarily ignoring the risks.

    Rotom Pokédex is also here, Terrance intends to go through a complete transformation of the fuselage after a period of time, dragging a hidden fuselage, after all, is not a long-term solution.


    On the third day of the Mauville City stop, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex locked their eyes on the elf.

    Pokémon, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, which are related to time and space cracks, have been investigated for a long time, eliminating many distractions and finding that the main culprit is the Unown Pokémon.

    “According to the available information, Unown’s habitat is mainly in the ancient ruins and timely cracks…”

    "It is rumored that Unown has twenty-eight different capabilities. It is said that when more than two Unowns appear, there will be some incredible power. ”

    "Unown, symbolizing Pokémon, the legend has existed since ancient times. It is said that there are many kinds of appearances, but everything is unsolved…"

    Rotom Pokédex brings together known materials.

    Unown is very similar to the text of ancient civilizations. It is the first text or the first Unown. This is one of the seven incredible things in the world.

    Of course, Terrance is not trying to study this, but is wondering…

    “Why is Unown attacking us?”

    Terrance didn't think deeply, and immediately came up with a conjecture in his mind, and then looked at Rotom Pokédex.


    “Pupitar keeps biting at the wall in the phantom relics. It seems to feel any strange fluctuations, not Unown?”

    "There is this possibility Rotto…"Rotom Pokédex said "Unown has a habit of sticking to the wall."

    “But there are new doubts. Why is it that only Pupitar can feel the existence of Unown, is it because Pupitar has been in the form of fossils for thousands of years in the phantom relics, which makes it more clear to the perception of the phantom relics?”Terrance shook his head and stopped guessing.

    "All in all, if the murderer that caused us to enter the crack of time and space is Unown, Retaliate's mind is still put aside, but this phantom relic, one day we will have to explore again!"

    "Going to Rotto?"Rotom Pokédex is bitter.

    "Of course I do."Terrance Road.

    This experience made Terrance deeply curious about Unown. Why can the other party open the chaotic time and space crack?

    "Unown is like a symbol. Two or more gatherings will produce incredible power. It is said to be the text of ancient civilization. From this point of view, there must be a lot of secrets. I guess they are more than just the legendary records. Two Unowns gather together. Together, you can produce incredible power. There are dozens of them, hundreds of them. Maybe they can form specific patterns to show more special abilities!"Terrance pondered, obviously, he thought of what kind of formation, magic array, runes, and so on.

    In addition, what do you see in the parallel time and space? Did you accidentally see it, or did you intentionally guide Unown?

    These Terrance want to figure it out.

    In the picture, the leaders of every villain organization he saw showed the strength of being close to the champions and even the champions of the champions. Together with their successful control of the legendary Pokémon, it can be said that in those time and space, few people can stop.

    What Terrance is worried about is whether the plot of parallel time and space will repeat itself in this time and space.

    The time and space of the elf world is intricate. Now, the line of the animated plot may be just one of the parallel time and space. With the existence of Celebi and Unown, there may be a lot of time to develop parallel space and time that is completely different from the animation world…

    Just like this time and space, with Terrance, it becomes different.

    In addition, there is time and space. Maybe Ash has not traveled with Xiao Gang and Misty, and it has become different.

    One by one, time and space, a subtle change will lead to great changes in the world. This is not a very good sign.

    "It is difficult to become Unown's main mission is to crack time and space, correct time and space, so that the world of other time and space will not go to extinction because of some small changes?"Terrance muttered to himself.



    I don't understand, Terrance simply doesn't think about it.

    At present, the main focus is better placed in the Masters.

    Maybe, when you become Elite Four, you can get in touch with more secrets, and then all doubts will be solved.

    Five days before the next Masters match, Terrance returned to the desert and headed for the remains of the Mismagius record.

    This ruin is where Terrance infers the development of Smooth Rock.

    Smooth Rock is a special ore that enhances the power of Sandstorm.

    To say that this place is not special, Terrance does not believe, so he came.

    As Terrance slowly entered this remote relic, countless fine sands fell from the cracks in the remains.

    Letting Beautifly blow away the dust, Terrance goes straight in.

    Not long after, he saw the small pit in memory. This small pit with obvious artificial digging is now covered with sand, but it still leaves a trace, which makes Terrance recognize it easily.

    Towards Beautifly, the area was immediately cleaned by Purify and there was no dust left.

    This time, Terrance had a new discovery. When the area was clean, Terrance found that the digging hole had a thick layer of stone.

    "Floating bubbles, Pupitar."

    Is it the birth of a new Smooth Rock? After thinking about it, Terrance directly called out two Pokémons who were friendly to Sandstorm. They just came out of Poké Ball and floated their brows. As the control of Sandstorm became more and more familiar, this became more and more familiar. When I came to the ruins, it felt a strange feeling.

    As for Pupitar, it is even more strange. After it appeared in this place, its eyes were so big that the body slammed out and ran to the hole and slammed into the hole.


    Seeing this scene, Terrance was so messy that he couldn't wait to run up and kick Putipar. The last time, because there was no definite evidence, he didn't criticize Pupitar. Did Puputar even eat a stone?

    "Sand ~ Sand" Just as Terrance was just about to open his mouth, Pupitar turned his head and shouted.


    Looking at the Puppar, who turned his face and looked happy, Terrance pumped his mouth and felt that it was necessary to take a tube of Pupitar and see the special Rock bite.

    Terrance wondered why he hadn't found it before…

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