Pokemon Court Chapter 854

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 854th chapter of the sand, floating astronomy

    Pupitar shouted again at Terrance and seemed to want to share the deliciousness with Terrance.

    “Pupitar seems to like the stone of this place, Rotto…”Rotom Pokédex scratched his head and detected it, but found nothing special.

    It’s very common…How can Pupitar love it so much?

    "Floating bubbles, what do you feel?"

    "Bubble" floating bubble contemplates, said openly.

    After an accurate translation of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance walked over to Pupitar and looked at the hole with it.

    Because there has been a small piece of Pupitar, there is a tooth print on it, but it is not much different from before.

    “Does the body react?”Asked Terrance.

    "Sand ~ sand" Pupitar shakes his head.

    "Don't eat it first, wait for us to check it out."Terrance Road.

    Floating bubbles say that this place can condense Sandstorm more quickly and more strongly, although it is very weak, but it does exist, which makes Terrance somewhat confused.

    Is this not the effect of Smooth Rock?

    But this place, looking at it, there should be no Smooth Rock.

    So, it seems that this place is really the place to breed Smooth Rock?

    Next, Rotom Pokédex and Terrance conducted a two-hour test of the body and Pupitar body changes.

    In the end, Rotom Pokédex scanned out similar fluctuations of 4 with Smooth Rock.

    But in Pupitar, they didn't detect much change. Even in these two hours, Pupitar was full of emotions, and the eyes stared at the area all the time, and couldn't bear to look at it.

    “The so-called sunny secrets, secrets of snow, secrets of rain, secrets of Sandstorm, four weather tips are based on my ability to float bubbles. According to the situation, the Ninetales with snowfall is more powerful. There are many changes in the details. In general, it is to strengthen the secret of the snow."

    “So, if you have Banjara with Yangsha’s Ability, can you improve it with Sandstorm’s method of practice?!”

    Within two hours, Terrance seemed to figure out what.

    Smooth Rock, a special ore that enhances the power of Sandstorm…

    It is a stone.

    Since it is a stone, Pupitar can be eaten theoretically. What kind of changes will happen if you change the way you eat Smooth Rock and change the secrets of Sandstorm you created? !

    "Can you digest it…"Terrance looked at Pupitar and thought in his heart that although there is no Smooth Rock at the moment, it has the same fluctuations as Smooth Rock, but the intensity is only about one-fifth of that of Smooth Rock.

    "Try it. Since the intensity is only 4 for Smooth Rock, it may be really digested by the current Pupitar. Even if it can't be digested, there is no problem with Gardevoir's Heal Pulse and Altaria's life fire. ”

    Terrance saw Puvet's Covet's gaze, and finally, under the expectations of Pupitar, issued an order that it could eat.

    "If you have any discomfort, stop immediately."Terrance Road.

    The next moment of "Shasha", Pupitar once again ejected into the pit, and bite the stone in the area.

    "Bubble~" Seeing this scene, the floating bubble has no choice but to shake his head. Although it can also feel the extraordinaryness of that area, but it can't be done by eating stones. It can only watch Pupitar's own enjoyment.

    Rotom Pokédex, Terrance, Beautifly, and floating bubbles stared at it with the sound of screaming from Pupitar.

    a bite…Another mouth…

    Pupitar seems to really like this ore. The food is gorging. If the food is not stone, Terrance estimates that he is already watching it.


    After a while, Terrance suddenly found that something was wrong, and the weight in the entrance to the entrance was almost as good as the size.

    Terrance just wanted Puputar to stop, and the next moment, there was a dramatic change in Pupitar…

    A thin sand appeared out of Pupitar and surrounded its body. Terrance was sure that the sand in this area had been cleaned up by Beautifly, so the sand that emerged at the moment…

    Sandstorm tricks?

    Pupitar has just completed the light and heavy mode and airflow control. It hasn't been deeply involved in Sandstorm's tricks, but now, with the mysterious stone eating, Sandstorm's tricks seem to be involuntarily awakened, worshipping around Pupitar's body…

    Terrance's hand stagnated in the air, stopping a step later, Pupitar and Crunch a Rock, and ate it.

    Then, the power of Sandstorm is even stronger.

    “Is there a feeling of fullness?”

    Asked Terrance.

    “Shasha~” While eating the stone, Pupitar shook his head and continued to take a sip.

    In this way, Terrance took a complicated look, and Rotom Pokédex, they watched Pupitar eat the pit bigger and more round.

    As Pupitar's food was eaten, the power of Sandstorm around it was even stronger, and countless yellow sand swept around it, lingering around it, as if Putipar was in the Sandstorm vortex.

    this process……It lasted for 40 minutes…

    After that, Pupitar slammed down and Sandstorm's force collapsed. If it wasn't for Beautifly to blow away Sandstorm to this side, I'm afraid Terrance would make another look.

    "What happened?"Terrance has a strange opening.

    I saw that Pupitar was lying weakly in the cavity, his eyes were sluggish, and even…Still had a full meal.

    “I guess, even if Pupitar turned the food that was eaten into Sandstorm energy, there was still some impurities that caused Pupitar to hold on…It may take a while to digest Rotto. ”Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "should be."Seeing Pupitar, who was unable to move, Terrance patted his forehead and said, "But you can't digest it. Didn't you master the powerful Sandstorm?" FastLearn Sandstorm shaping using the techniques you learned to control your air pressure. ”


    It is said that Pupitar is desperate to shake his head. If he is full, he will still feel more comfortable lying down.

    Until the end, Pupitar still didn't get up. Terrance saw that it was really too supportive, so he didn't force it, but he planned to wait for the next Pupitar to eat and let it practice Sandstorm, so it would be good to work together.

    "Now I can conclude that this place is really not simple. There is Pupitar. We can even empty this area. When we hide the secret in the ground, we can know…"

    After Terrance judged, made a decision, wait here for two days to see the situation, then return to Mt. Chimney, complete Carbink's phlegm mutation program…

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