Pokemon Court Chapter 856

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 856 chapter mutation, success or failure in this move, floating astronomy
    It’s already very precious to design the Poké Ball for some kind of elves by the masters of the Seventh House. Now the details come to the Nepru Hall to observe the elves individually, instead of making a decisive make-up with a racial category, which shows the master of the Seventh House. The seriousness of the production.

    The other party is very serious, and Terrance naturally works hard.

    Beautifly, Altaria, Mismagius, Arcanine, Floating Bubbles, Gallade, Ninetales, Pupitar, Gardevoir, Carbink… 10 elves, seven masters each watched for nearly an hour, and always asked questions about Terrance and Pokémon.

    This investigation is all day long.

    The master of the Seventh House is not too tired, refuses to rest, and Terrance naturally does not scream, always staying next to each other.

    Devin has more than one Poké Ball master, but the Seventh House Master is definitely the most influential one. Terrance is intended to be designed by ordinary masters at market prices…Who knows, finally invited a big god out.

    As Terrance's own level improved, he was able to reach more things. With this opportunity, Terrance also planned to customize a batch of high-end Poké Ball.

    Poké Ball is specially designed for the Fairy Elf.

    What is the role…Naturally, it is reserved for the first batch of Cutiefly that will be used in the baton.

    Since the price of the custom Poké Ball is not cheap, Terrance gave up the idea of customizing the Poké Ball to the Blab Type Wizards at Fallabor Gym…

    If you have the opportunity to participate in an event with an elf army like Giovanni, Agatha Elite, and Lorelei Elite, you must be leading the Fairy Army, not the Bug Type.

    With this in mind, and the development of the Fairy Legion, after sending away the Masters of the Seventh House, Terrance customized 50 high-end Poké Balls for the Fairy Elf.

    This time, Terrance's savings directly bottomed out.


    “Every Poké Ball on the Seventh House Master takes about 3 days to make, 10, which is one month.”

    "And the day after tomorrow, the second battle of the Masters, Sharan has booked a ticket to Ever Grande City for me, can't be late."

    "As for Pupitar's emptying of the relics plan, it is time to stay in the space after the Masters match."

    "Adding to the spiritual practice of the various elves and the project of absorbing genetic medicine, it seems that I am busy now."

    "But before these things, I have a long-awaited thing, it's time to give it a try!"

    Terrance's eyes were placed on Mt. On Chimney, there is the best place for him to try this program.

    With 36 Cutiefly, Altaria, Carbink, Ninetales, Gardevoir, Mismagius, Terrance.

    Target: Mt. Chimney Peak.

    As for why Mismagius was brought in a group of Fairy genies, it was because, under the help of Terrance and Altaria, Mismagius also learned the Dazzling Gleam Fairy system.

    Because of its outstanding strength, Dazzling Gleam's power is very good, with the illusion of Mismagius and Dazzling Gleam, naturally can also be incorporated into the Fairy Legion, playing an incredible role.

    In fact, it is also possible to learn Dazzling Gleam and Gallade. However, its style is not suitable for Dazzling Gleam. Terrance does not insist, because its positioning is not here.


    Mt. Chimney top.

    In addition to the 41 elves that Terrance brings, there is Mt. Chimney's owner, the Altaria, and Rotom Pokédex, will also join the Carbink mutation program.

    After the illusion field was laid down by Mismagius, it should not attract people and Pokémon.

    "The 41 elves have done their best to give you the power of Fairy. Can you successfully mutate into Diancie and become a legend? Success or failure is here…"

    Terrance solemnly spoke and squatted down to look at Carbink, not only him, but the other 40 elves also knew the meaning of the trip. Carbink could be said to have placed high hopes on Terrance and his entire Fairy Legion.

    The Rockets created the legend, Mewtwo.

    Terrance is also trying to create legends, Diancie.

    If it succeeds, his heritage, the foundation of the Fairy Legion will be unimaginable, and the titles of Fairy Elite and Fairy Master will be worthy of the name.

    "same as usual."When all the Pokémons were ready, Terrance said.

    Shaping the ice moon, blending the power of Fairy's power, it's clear that Terrance is not the first time.

    These Pokémons are also very skilled.

    "Carbink, I want to get started."Terrance reminds me of Carbink and indirectly reminds other elves.

    When the words fell, Carbink nodded and jumped up with Psychic, while Ninetales' deep blue pupils illuminate and a cold moment comes.

    Beside Carbink, there was a magical mirror of madness wrapped around Carbink. Just like the diamond-making performance it showed at the Contest, Carbink became the core of the diamond and put himself in Imprison.

    At the same time, above Soaring in the sky, the snow covered the diamonds, the majestic giant ice moon was carved out, swallowed the diamonds, and the Contest.

    The speed at which Ninetales shapes the ice moon is already very fast, and it is almost complete in two seconds.

    This icemoon is different from the past. Carbink acts as the core of the diamonds made up of magic mirrors, and diamonds have become the core of the ice moon…

    This layout is the key to Carbink's ability to absorb Fairy!

    "Gardevoir's strength surpassed Ninetales in one fell swoop, but there is no way. Its 'gene' is too strong, but Ninetales has been baptized by Moonlight, the practice of Never-Melt Ice, the sublimation of the secrets of snow, and now has a battle with Elite. The capital, what it lacks, is the accumulation of time, otherwise the strength will be more dazzling."

    Altaria, who has completed the autonomous Mega Evolution, is the first to move. Under the support of Fairy Aura, it first released Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam. Then, other Pokémon also released Dazzling Gleam, 41 Dazzling Gleam, and Doom Moonblast. Lucas, instantly swallowed up by the ice moon.

    Rotom Pokédex, crazy calculation of the limits of the ice moon, with the strength of today's Ninetales, the ice limit can carry the strength limit has been stronger, but this calculation is still necessary.

    Soon, the ice moon smeared the color of Fairy energy and became the moon of the demon.

    Transmitted by Altaria's Fairy Aura, Fairy's energy is constantly disintegrating and rushing toward the core of the ice.

    And these Fairy energy, through the magic mirror, that is, Carbink's own transformation, once again disintegrated, successfully absorbed by Carbink!

    The next moment, Carbink, which continues to absorb the huge Fairy energy, shines with dazzling light!

    How's it going?Terrance can't wait to see through the light.

    "It's not the light of evolution, just the Lucas Rotto that Fairy's energy shines."Rotom Pokédex is reminded.

    "I know, don't worry!"Terrance's Fairy imprint emerges, communicating with Carbink, Carbink feels good now, and the rich Fairy energy is like putting it in paradise.

    Even the first time under Altiya's Fairy Aura baptism, there was no such wonderful feeling.

    "It should not be a bad thing…"Looking at the direction of the core of the moon, Terrance took a heart and kept watching. With such a huge Fairy energy, Carbink had to spend a lot of effort to absorb it.

    However, just in the gap between Terrance and the blink of an eye, Altaria and Ninetales were in a panic. I don’t know why, for what reason, the ice moon bursts open, even if it is Ninetales, there is no way to stop it.

    Between the swarfs, Terrance's pupils shrank and even a desperate mood, but his imaginary Fairy energy Explosion did not appear. I saw Soaring in the sky, a very dazzling diamond fell. It is a layer of magic that covers Carbink's magic mirror.

    "It's not that the ice moon has reached the limit. I have been calculating Rotto."

    "That is the unknown change?"Terrance is eager to see.

    Under Terrance's instructions, Gardevoir immediately used Confusion to fix the diamond's plaque in the air. Looking at the brilliance of the brilliant diamonds, Terrance quickly called Carbink.


    Not even…Response

    "Carbink !"Terrance kept calling, but still didn't respond. He was so anxious that he didn't even care about the dangers of diamonds and ran away in person.

    The diamonds of the size and size of Terrance were put down by Gardevoir, and looking at the shining diamonds, Terrance was suddenly lost.

    The mutations in his imagination did not appear, but Carbink became like this.

    What is this!?

    Is it phlegm? !

    The power of Gardevoir and Altaria insanely penetrated, and Terrance communicated through Fairy's imprint, eventually…They have no choice but to get a conclusion.

    Carbink is caught in a sleepy Contest Condition. The magic mirror diamond has been integrated into one, because of the fusion of Fairy's power. It will not disappear until the energy is exhausted, which is equivalent to the real Fairy diamond.

    In this case, Terrance is still afraid to destroy.

    Looking at Carbink, the jewel of diamonds, Terrance is complicated, but fortunately, Rotom Pokédex has come in handy. It has detected that the energy of diamonds is slowly declining, and the core of Carbonk, the core of diamonds, is slowly rising. .

    “You mean, is it absorbing the power of Fairy with this Contest Condition?”Asked Terrance.

    "It should be like Rotto. We originally wanted to let Carbink absorb the energy that just happened to be abrupt. This unknown change may be that the strength of Fairy, which is a gathering of 41 elves, is too large, causing the magic mirror to mutate, causing Carbink to have all Absorb Rotto."The explanation of Rotom Pokédex temporarily relieved Terrance.

    Because it was not well thought out, although it was somewhat different from the original plan, it was enough to know that Carbink was safe and sound.

    "That is, when Carbink absorbs the energy of the diamond, it is time to smash it out and mutate into Diancie…"Terrance looked at 41 elves and Rotom Pokédex, slowly opening.

    "In theory, but at this rate of absorption, I have initially calculated it, probably need…"

    "Rotto about 130 days."

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