Pokemon Court Chapter 857

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 857th chapter of the Orange Islands storm, floating astronomy
    130 days.

    Wait for at least 130 days to know if the Carbink mutation is successful or not.

    This gap caused Terrance to almost collapse. His original idea, if Carbink succeeded in mutating, Diancie was another big force.

    In the process of the Masters, it will be able to play a very important tactical role.

    But this 130-day time limit shows that Carbink can be successfully mutated, and time is the final stage of the regular season.

    Good luck, can catch up with one or two regular-season games, luck is almost, even in the Elite game can not be seen.

    "Forget it, in the early part of the regular season, the main focus is to exercise Gardevoir, Ninetales, Pupitar and their three."

    Looking at the top of the diamond, in the current situation, Carbink's safety is the most important. Whether it can successfully absorb all the Fairy power of the diamond, and make a sudden change, this is secondary.

    No one has seen this situation, and Terrance doesn't know what stage the Carbink mutation is going through.

    So after thinking about it, Terrance placed the diamond plaque in Mt. Chimney Hill, entrusted to two Altaria, Arcanine, floating bubbles, Rotom Pokédex 5 elves guardian.

    Terrance's next lineup was Gallade, Beautifly, Pupitar, Ninetales, Gardevoir, Mismagius, so he left behind a few elves who needed to learn sunny tricks to observe Carbink in the short term.

    With Altaria and Rotom Pokédex watching Carbink when he was not there, Terrance was more assured.

    If there is any unexpected situation, the function of Rotom Pokédex can quickly contact yourself, which is more useful than the Fairy mark.

    This whole day, Terrance is in Mt. I spent the time at Chimney, accompanied by Carbink, and wanted to see if there was a turnaround.

    After no success, Terrance had to leave early and took away the six elves and Cutiefly who were going to play, leaving the other elves.


    "How come you come."

    Ever Grande City, Terrance walked in front, assistant Sharan followed, and there was another person, that is, the Taoist apprentice, Troie.

    “The Kathrine Pavilion owner got the tickets and let me watch the actual combat.”

    Troie scratched his head.

    Troie, who entered the Fallabor Gym, progressed very quickly. In addition to Beedrill, because of the good results at the Bug Type Conference, he also received a Bug Type Elf egg reward, which hatched Heracross.

    Currently, he is practicing Breeder Heracross.

    "Sir Gym Leader, you can rest assured that I will not be confused."Troie patted his chest and promised.

    "I am not worried about this."Terrance shook his head and looked at Troie. "Want to be a Bug Type master like Aaron, it's useless to watch the game. You have achieved good results in the previous Bug Type Conference, but you have to find the final victory. The reason is that on the one hand, I think, there are other factors."

    Aaron, the expert who has been exposed to the Bug Type elves by Terrance, has become one of Sinnoh's Elite Fours. With the Bug Type elves in the top of the Elite, he immediately became the current figure of Sinnoh.

    After Terrance introduced Aaron's story to Troie, Troie immediately had a catch-up target.

    "Oh?"Troie lowered his head, squirmed his tongue and made a face, deliberately not letting Terrance see it.

    “Hey, I refer to Beedrill’s Breeder process and design a special Breeder method for the newly-received Heracross, which will surely make Mr. Terrance look surprised.”

    Was criticized, Troie did not hear it directly as a whisper, but his heart became a strong heart, determined to defeat Aaron sooner or later.

    Looking at Troie's well-behaved appearance, Terrance smiled helplessly. Since the integration into the pavilion, Troie's pressure has decreased and the young mind has come out, but after all, his age is there, which is quite normal.

    Troie has a high talent on the Breg Type Elf's Breeder, which has become more apparent after he has gained more exposure, and he can see his progress as he gains the top four at the Bug Type Conference as Rookie Trainer.

    His personal style is very obvious, the Breeder method is very unique. After discovering Troie's talent, Terrance appreciates it. It does have the meaning of in-depth training. This is an investment, even if Troie can't be the top Trainer, Bug Type master, a Bug Type expert. The name is also enough to reward the development of the Fallabor Gym.

    Compared to the cultivation of outsiders, Terrance would like to let Olde Green House one of the children take over the museum, but Terrance also found that they are not that piece of material, the dream is not here, so Terrance also gave up, along with their own to become a master of coordination, Fallabor Gym's status is not inferior to the Wallace Cup, Terrance let the rest of the children to find meaningful things to do, rather than living in the Tao Hall.

    "Mr. Terrance, the hotel is here."At this time, assistant Sharan said.


    In the hotel.

    Terrance took a Scald shower, washed away the tiredness of the road, and soon after lying in bed, opened the laptop.

    Since using Rotom Pokédex as an assistant, Terrance has rarely used a computer.

    However, now that Rotom Pokédex is not there, Terrance can only use this to ease the boring time.

    After opening up the chasing and relishing the updated chapters, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief and was stuck in a key place.

    This book called "Eevee Legend" is the transformation of the famous female writer Shauntal in Unova Region. Why is the female writer who is good at creating entities serializing works on the Internet? Terrance is not known, but the content is very interesting. A story of Eevee that can evolve and degenerate from Solaceon.

    In the other's pen, this Eevee character is very gratifying, which makes the idea of Terrance conquering an Eevee even heavier.

    Terrance loved the work of this writer called Shauntal from a very young age. It was only a few years later that Terrance knew that the other was one of the Unova Region Elite Four, the Ghost master.

    "When I become Elite Four, I will play against the name of Region exchange and hit her to update."The teeth were closed and Terrance was suddenly attracted by the news that popped up.

    The next moment, the original heart grudge Terrance Pupil shrinkage, look at the content, Orange Islands major disaster, sea god Lugia show up, and brought up the climate change caused by the ocean currents, at this time the entire Orange archipelago chaos, like the end, now there are many media are live, Even the pictures show the figure of three legendary elves in Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno.

    "Ash and the Rockets, they should be in the Orange Islands at this time…"

    "In this case……In the end, it should be safe and sound…"When the Orange Isles received much attention, Terrance prayed silently.

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