Pokemon Court Chapter 858

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 858 special Togepi? Floating astronomy
    Terrance didn't sleep all night.

    Always pay attention to the network, pay attention to the follow-up status of the Orange Islands Region.

    Fortunately, in the end it seems to be safe, no casualties, which also makes Terrance relieved…It is good to not lead the casualties.

    Terrance remembers that this incident seems to be a culprit, but it should have been arrested now.

    However, this is a more serious disaster than the Bluepool incident, which also raised Terrance's crisis awareness to the extreme.

    Ash, this guy…I will go to the Johto Region Region and then to Hoenn.

    At that time, various disasters will follow, which is not a good thing.

    Thinking of it, Terrance sighed, but at the same time, his communicator slammed, and Terrance saw it as Joan Teacher at Tianguan College.

    “An interesting Togepi has entered the Tianguan Academy and turned it around. I think you should be interested in this special Fairy Elf.”

    Seeing the message, Terrance shines, Joan Teacher knows his taste, and Pokémon Terrance is not interested at all…

    The college thought of himself, Terrance guessed that this Polk would not be simple, it is estimated that it is not a fuel-efficient lamp.

    "Mr. Terrance, breakfast is ready."

    Just after he quickly replied to Joan Teacher about his intentions, it was not long before the words came out of the room. It was Sharon’s reminder. Terrance heard the words and, after returning a sentence, blinked, though he had not slept overnight. But fortunately, Calm Mind will be able to regain his spirit in a few moments. As for Togepi, he plans to learn more after the war.

    This Rival is a Trainer with three years of experience in the Masters. From the results of the past years, it is not a strong enemy.

    After washing his face, Terrance ate lunch and rushed to the Ever Grande stadium under the leadership of Sharan.

    After a while, the car stopped, assistant Shalan took the lead to get off the car and opened the door for Terrance, which made Terrance awkward.

    "How do you feel that you are a disabled person…"Terrance's expression is the same, and my heart is weird.

    However, very quickly, his mind was all invested in the Masters. This time, the battle lineup did not have the luxury of his first participation in the game.

    Two Elites and one champion came to watch the battle, just because Terrance was the first time to appear in the Masters. In the next dozen games, it was impossible to make time all the time.

    Terrance also breathed a sigh of relief, and if he could, he would prefer a viewer.


    The venue of the Masters was unified into an ordinary venue. There was no topography. When Terrance stepped into the venue, he immediately saw Rival, a dark-skinned youth.

    The second game of the Terrance Masters, Coordinator Master Terrance vs. Monster Hunter.

    In the face of the strong Terrance, Sien did not dare to send a Snorlax with a relatively balanced strength.

    On the Terrance side, Pupitar was sent.

    The huge Snorlax debuted, the venue immediately vibrated, and the name of the other monster hunter was well-deserved. With such a heavyweight Rival, Pupitar seemed to be struggling.

    Terrance swings, Pupitar's Sandstorm rolls, but whoever expects the other to push directly with Machamp, Pupitar's condensed Sandstorm is directly smashed by Snorlax's power!

    "The power is amazing."Terrance's brow wrinkles, the opponent's fighting style is indeed as embarrassing as the information, but Arcanine will not appear, or there will be a good show.

    In the face of the Snorlax, the ultra-light mode Pupitar easily evades and is far from being comparable, but the next moment, Snorlax slams down and an up-and-coming Brick Break collides with the falling Pupitar.

    Iron Defense, Bulldoze!

    At that moment, under the command of Terrance, Pupitar's whole body was Iron Defense, and entered the extreme mode. It broke out with the cumbersome and powerful opposite to the previous flexibility, and instantly entangled with Snorlax.

    "No, the power is not as good as this Snorlax."

    As the punches and steps on the field collided, the ups and downs were rolled up, and Pupitar was instantly blasted by this force, and Snorlax slid a long distance on the field before stopping.

    “Pupitar hasn't evolved yet, and the details haven't been fully motivated. It's still a bit different from these Masters players.”

    During the meditation of Terrance, the two elves collided again. Pupitar switched between flexibility and power through the light and heavy mode, and with the powerful Snorlax, in the end, in a full collision, the two elves lost their fighting ability at the same time.

    Hard work for you, Pupitar.

    Taking back Pupitar, Terrance gave a slight glimpse. I thought that it would take Pupitar to accumulate experience several times. It seems that I have looked down on Rival, and I can barely change it. It is thanks to the special mode of the light and heavy mode, and the incomplete Sandstorm is fundamental. Did not play any role.

    The audience who saw Terrance's first battle looked confused: "First, Kirlia and Pupitar, how did the Terrance master always send these elves with no evolutionary evolution? His main force."

    "Is it difficult for him to train the new main force in the Masters to build strength in battle?"

    If Terrance knows what the audience thinks, it must be smart.

    "Give it to you, Ninetales."

    At the end of the first confrontation, Terrance glanced at Rival and sent the snow-white Ninetales. The next moment, the temperature of the entire site plummeted, the snowfall Ability launched directly, and countless Icirrus lingered around Ninetales, letting another monster, Nidoking, send another In trouble.

    "The power of your style?"In the heart of Terrance, Ninetales rolled up countless ice and snow, and Blizzard quickly condensed and mighty.

    In the face of this horrible Blizzard, Nidoking felt tremendous pressure, and the Iron Tail with great power swept through.

    Between Iron Tail and Blizzard, the snow devours Nidoking, and with the enormous power of Iron Tail, countless ice and snow are pumped back like a cannon Normal, ejecting like a Ninetales like a bullet.

    However, this violent sweep, in the eyes of Ninetales does not have a semi-meaning, the next few countless ice and snow return to its control again, but Nidoking, was eroded by countless ice and snow energy, almost frozen.

    "Does venom…"Watching the ice and snow that was stagnant in the air gradually purple, Terrance looked at the tail of Nidoking, and the metallic luster contained a hint of purple…

    Fortunately, Ninetales has absolute control over ice and snow, and the other party has not succeeded.

    Pupitar did not evolve before, ninetales and its combat effectiveness is two levels, ninetales, strength has been extremely close to the top field, only poor to the top strength of the case, to Terrance survey to see the information, if rival Ruishen did not progress, It is only the other Trump Card elf Aggron can pose a failure threat to ninetales.

    After two or three rounds of confrontation, King Nibi was completely frozen, and the other was forced to replace the elf and sent a Nidoqueen.

    The other side's thinking is still a strong attack with poison, but the level of snow and ice energy control of Ninetales is not a display, and the other party has little chance to approach Ninetales.

    Under the snow, the ice-sprayed ice spear collided with the other's Poison Jab, and looked at Nidoqueen, who was nailed to Ground and frozen with Ground. The referee once again announced the victory of Ninetales and the game entered the intermission period.

    "Ninetales, you are alright."Terrance took advantage of this time and massaged Ninetales a few times. He could see the fatigue of Ninetales, although it was still very weak, but this is not a good sign. Although the other side is not as strong as Ninetales, Ninetales can't win with low consumption.

    “呜” Ninetales shook his head and said no need to worry.

    At the beginning of the second half, the opponent finally couldn't help but send out his own Trump Card Wizard Aggron. At this moment, Terrance's Ninetales has recovered a lot. After two games, it was attacked only once by ice and snow, and the physical strength is still sufficient.

    This Aggron is almost the same quality as Ninetales, and its power is even better. Attribute also has an absolute advantage. In the face of this Rival, even if Ninetales is full of spirit, Terrance does not dare to take it lightly.

    In addition to the spiritual communication of Fairy's imprint, he almost made all the stops. Ninetales also worked hard and even made a simplified combination according to the situation, but even then, still could not beat Rival, Ninetales finally made Aggron seriously injured. The result fell down.

    "Is Gardevoir?"The next moment, seeing Terrance take back Ninetales and send Gardevoir, the elf that is still unfavorable to the Attribute, many people have a false expression, the same is true for the auditor's Troie.

    “Sir Gym Leader What is he doing?”

    “Inverse Attribute is also a form of practice.”Terrance holds this goal and continues to fight. If there is more disadvantage in the future when it comes to Attribute, it is better to challenge it. After all, he is not doing reverse Attribute training. Ninetales can make the other party seriously injured by the weak side. Great contribution.

    Gardevoir's overall strength after evolution is better than that of Ninetales. Under the powerful Psychic suppression, the seriously injured Aggron has no resistance at all, and has lost its combat capability, even without Gardevoir showing any tactical skills.

    Then, Rival sent two other elves, which were even more of Gardevoir's Rival. When Terrance smashed the other side, Terrance's second Masters finally won with 3vs6.

    TimeWas it past that…"Troie looked at the time and didn't expect the battle between the two to be so fast. He thought about it and found that there was no extra movement between the elves in the two sides. Every move was made to knock down the other side…Under the advantage of Snowball, the pace of the game is instantly accelerated, and the battle of the elves is also dizzying.


    "Mr. Terrance, after 12 days in the third game, what is your arrangement?"

    When Terrance left the Ever Grande stadium, assistant Sharan immediately followed up and asked.

    "Go to the desert first, then you can help me book a ticket to the Sinnoh Region. I got an interesting message before the war…"

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