Pokemon Court Chapter 859

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 859th chapter of the most evil Togepi, floating astronomy
    Sinnoh Region, Tianguan College.

    From afar, there are still several collapsed buildings, as if they have been defeated by war.

    As one of the old colleges, Tianguan College has an extraordinary heritage, but recently it has encountered an extremely evil wild elf invasion.

    After the elf invaded…Tianguan College can be said to have been thieves, and has not stopped from the beginning.

    "Hey, give it to you…

    Somewhere in the college, in a prison-like building, a gloomy Togepi was squatting against the wall, sometimes a Flamethrower, and sometimes a Confusion shock, but no matter how hard it worked, there was no way to escape the room.

    "Ahhhh…"The duty officer who guarded the building hit Yawn, and he couldn't help but glance at it.

    It's hard to imagine that it was such a little guy that made the entire college messy and smoldering.

    Thinking of the college's ruined canteen, warehouse, and a lot of infrastructure, the duty officer shook his head. He thought that there was no simple bad guy in the elf, but now he changed his mind.

    This Togepi is arguably the most evil elf he has ever seen.

    "Joan Teacher, you are here."The duty teacher responsible for guarding Togepi looked at Joan Teacher and waved his hand after arriving with Terrance.

    Togepi had been subdued after the college, but the college found that no one had the ability to tame this Togepi.

    Even if some of the senior Trainer in the college came, but this Togepi also loves to ignore it, even if it uses Poké Ball, it still has no effect.

    It is as if the evil heart of Togepi has not been improved. He has been planning bad things and doing mischief. If he does not pay attention, he will be seriously damaged by the college.

    However, its ability is still so hard to prevent, this situation, until the College's Teacher and the students figured out its ability to ease.

    After making some decisions, the college decided to put this Togepi Imprison up, so as not to harm others outside, but in the end Joan Teacher made a suggestion to try to get a top Trainer out of the college to tame and try it. After all, this Togepi The talent is amazing, Imprison is a pity.

    Behind Joan Teacher, Terrance looked into the transparent room and was curious, "Is this Togepi?"

    That’s it!After Joan Teacher and the duty teacher took over, they explained to Terrance, "Don't be fooled by its appearance."

    Yes, when Terrance appeared, this Togepi suddenly put away the gloomy expression of insidious evil, and immediately revealed the poor appearance of Tearful Look.

    This expression, even Terrance almost thought that the other party was an innocent elf who was ruined by the college…

    "It's acting very skillful, and many of the students were deceived by this expression."Joan Teacher didn't leave Togepi with the slightest **, and continued to reveal that "it's another Attract trick that's a bit weird. If it's the opposite sex, it can even reach the point of manipulating the will and action of other elves. It is because of this ability that many college elves are tempted by it and Help it mess together. ”

    "Manipulate will and action?"Terrance was shocked and Attract was used in this move, which is very remarkable.

    As a wild elf, it is very valuable.

    "Give it to you…"Watching Terrance ignore his poor appearance, but listening to the information he revealed, this Togepi instantly restored the evil expression, his face gloomy, pointing to Joan Teacher and Terrance, seems to be declaring war.

    "It's really a character…"Terrance reveals the expression of interest, this Togepi reminds it of the former Misdreavus, but Misdreavus is because of the special race, it must rely on the mischievous Absorb food, and the Togepi is so bad that it is rare.

    RightSeeing Terrance's unexpected expression, Joan Teacher smiled. "I remember that you seem to be interested in the Fairy Elf, so I sent you a message. Normally, such a wizard is not suitable for being trained by Trainer, but if it succeeds. Tame, it will also be a very reliable partner."

    This character is indeed a double-edged sword.

    Terrance in Joan Teacher there to understand the strength of this togepi, attract strong to be able to control more than 10 heterosexual elves at the same time to listen to their own command, Substitute the use of the incomparable flexibility, so that many catch it trainer headache unceasingly, As for the attack trick flamethrower, the power is strong, the temperature is extremely high, the range is very large, in addition, this Togepi psychic level is also very superb, the idea to manipulate dozens of objects at the same time easy.

    Even the Trainer's elaborate Breeder's elves can achieve this level. It is very rare for Togepi to reach this level as a wild elf without systematic training. There is only one possibility, that is, it is talented.

    "I will try it."Terrance Road.

    However, looking at the evil Togepi's sullen expression, Terrance suddenly had some headaches. Even if he was conquered, it might be very difficult to correct the other person's character.

    "Can't you beat it?"

    "Give it to you…"Togepi faintly pouted.

    "If you can defeat it, you can obey it. This special Togepi is probably already accepted by other Teachers or students. Be careful, if it is not limited, it is a bomb that can be detonated at any time, which is very dangerous. ”Joan Teacher shook his head.

    "Oh, is this?"Inadvertently, Terrance smiled, and the palm of his hand clenched his fist and revealed the Fairy mark, trying to communicate with Togepi.

    Be aware that Terrance, with the Fairy Mark, has an unimaginable affinity for the Fairy Elf.

    This is the card of Terrance. After he sacrificed the Fairy mark, Togepi suddenly collapsed.


    It seems that I feel the fluctuation of the Fairy mark, Togepi's body glimpses, and instantly restores the kind expression, and posted it to Terrance, but it was blocked by the transparent material that blocked the energy.

    "Little guy, be a little bit…"Terrance smiled and smiled at his peaceful heart and smiled at Joan Teacher.

    solvedJoan Teacher looked at Terrance and Togepi in confusion, revealing a distrustful expression.

    "Don't worry, I have a deep understanding of the Fairy Elf. Since no one in the college has taken it, this Togepi will be conquered by me."Terrance Road.

    "Give it to you…"Togepi nodded hard and showed the look of expectation.

    "How do I feel that something is wrong?"Joan Teacher frowned and said, "Are you sure to give it a try?"

    UhIs there anything wrong with it? ”A glimpse of Terrance.

    "No, if you are serious, this is the key."Joan Teacher indulged and simply threw the keys to Terrance…

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