Pokemon Court Chapter 860

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 860 can not be tamed? Evil to evil! Floating astronomy
    Holding the key and watching Joan Teacher's gaze, Terrance couldn't figure it out.

    However, when feeling the mood of Togepi, Terrance was convinced that there should be no Fairy genie that Fairy could not tame.

    "Togepi, I will let you out."After opening the lock with the key, Terrance looked at the door that broke out and slowly came to himself, revealing a smile that he thought he was affectionate and reached out to hold the little guy up.

    Togepi, too, was willing to be embraced by Terrance, and also showed a happy smile in the arms of Terrance.

    "Give it to you…"

    "Joan Teacher, you see, as long as you find a way, there is no disobedient elf, this little guy is obviously very cute."

    When Terrance falls, Togepi “gives you a sigh…”Then he laughed again. The next moment, Terrance suddenly exploded a Mist in his arms, and Togepi disappeared.

    "This is already its usual acting. You know now that it is not so easy to tame."Joan Teacher saw Terrance eating and laughing.

    Terrance grabbed it and watched Togepi, who appeared in the far corner and showed evil and disdain, completely stunned.

    He naturally knows that this Togepi is very incomparable, but he used the Fairy mark…On the Fairy mark, it was clear that this Togepi was very kind.

    This is the root cause of Terrance's relaxed vigilance. Did you bring a fake Fairy imprint?

    At the same time, Togepi in the distance waved his fingers, a huge Confusion pressed over, Joan Teacher and Terrance's coat and pants were taken off directly, and the two breathed.

    "This idiot, even dare to do Power Trip."Joan Teacher quickly picked up his trousers, angered and gave instructions. In the next second, a Gardevoir came out with the light and chased Togepi, who ran away in Taunt.

    Please get your clothes onJoan Teacher shouted as he stared at Terrance, staring at his palms, his musing expression and his inconspicuous eyes.

    "okay."Terrance is inexplicable. He now believes that this Togepi is quite special. Since he got the Fairy mark, he has not encountered such a bizarre situation.

    36 Cutiefly, which is because the Fairy mark is very intimate with Terrance, and the same is true for other Fairy spirits.

    But this only Togepi…Even showing a disdainful expression, then the previous obedience, all in order to escape and installed?

    "How do you feel that you are being flattened…"Terrance puts out his clothes and throws out the Poké Balls of the three elves of Gallade, Gardevoir and Mismagius.

    Regardless of Joan Teacher's miserable expression, I quickly chased it up.

    If you were only interested in this capable Togepi, then Terrance is now holding on to the belief that it must be conquered.

    For the first time, he saw the Fairy line of elves with a distracting expression of Fairy's imprint, which greatly attracted Terrance's curiosity.

    Gardevoir, tyrannical Psychic perception of the entire college.

    Gallade, looking for a full-service Teleport.

    Mismagius, with illusion, interferes with Togepi action.

    Terrance has a luxurious capture lineup, and even a legendary elf can fight a few rounds, so this time, Togepi, who had not waited for the escape, caused another commotion and was caught by Terrance.


    Rage's Togepi was fixed in the air by Gardevoir's Confusion, constantly Struggle, resisting with his own Psychic.

    Through the telepathy of Gardevoir, Terrance surprisingly found that the Tosypi's Psychic level was only slightly weaker than Gardevoir's Ralts stage.

    "Joan Teacher, I just took it away, no problem."When Terrance captured Togepi, Joan Teacher also arrived.

    "Of course no problem, or the college is going to Imprison this Togepi."

    "Are you going to take away the tame?"

    "It seems impossible to make this Togepi obedient in a short time. If I tamed in the college, I am worried that it will make it too smoky."Terrance laughed.

    Looking at the uncomfortable Togepi, Terrance shook his head. "No matter what, little guy, let me go first. If you stay here, you can only be Imprison, you can never be free, and if you go with me, You still have the possibility to escape."

    "Give it to you!!!"Togepi looked at Terrance contemptuously, not convinced that Terrance would let it go.

    "Then we have a gamble…"Terrance also showed an evil expression.



    In the end, Terrance took the hot-handed elf, the evil Togepi from the college.

    Feel the Struggle in Poké Ball, Terrance gives it peace of mind through Fairy's imprint and explains the rules of the game.

    Normal's Poké Ball can't stop this Togepi, and the college prepares a special Poké Ball for Terrance that was originally intended for Imprison Togepi.

    With this Poké Ball, Terrance is also a helpless move, otherwise the Togepi should be ran.

    In terms of its record, if it is placed on an airplane or a ship, it will definitely cause disaster.

    "According to the agreement, as long as you can complete the bet, I will let you go. In the process of betting, if you can escape, it is your skill."Terrance Road.

    On the plane that returned to Hoenn, Terrance picked it up, Pupitar and Beautifly placed themselves in the desert, and Carbink was safe on their side.

    Then I had two choices, either going back to the desert to accompany Pupitar training, or returning to Mt. Chimney returns to Altaria on their side.

    But after conquering the untamed Togepi, Terrance changed his itinerary.

    He did gamble with this Togepi, and he was indeed prepared to comply with the bet. If this Togepi could complete the bet, Terrance would let it go, but Terrance was more inclined to tame this during the bet. Only Togepi.

    Terrance is prepared to evil.

    "You love pranks, don't you? Next I'll take turns putting you in 100 places, you just have to be able to prank successfully 100 times, make these places smoky but safe, I'll let you go, or, in the course of this prank you can run away, but as long as the escape failed I caught back more than 5 times, I'll send you to the Crown Academy and let the teacher who grind your teeth imprison you somewhere and never be free. ”

    “啾给啾啾!!”Togepi in Poké Ball is extremely annoyed, this forced prank, it does not like it at all.

    Terrance, regardless of whether he likes it or not, has made a decision. After returning to Hoenn, a mysterious post was sent to Terrance.

    Above, it records the strongholds of various large and small poaching organizations and illegal groups in the Hoenn Region and the surrounding islands.


    From the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Episode 140.

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