Pokemon Court Chapter 861

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 861th underground black market, floating astronomy
    Chapter 861 Underground Black Market (Page 1/1)

    After receiving the letter, Terrance picked an illegal stronghold closest to himself.

    Located on an island in the waters of Hoenn, this sea city has an underground black market that has been dominated by a poaching gang.

    This poaching gang is very incomparable and only operates at sea. Because the arrest is difficult and the other party has been acting in a proper manner and has not touched the Alliance bottom line, the Hoenn Alliance has not cleaned the other party on a large scale.

    But this time, it was unfortunate that they met Terrance, the top trainer who had a good degree of pain and the Indigo Alliance champion.

    Island Sky, Terrance leaned forward, wrapped a Confusion shield on him, Helped him to fly, beside him, and Gardevoir and Mismagius.

    With the help of Gardevoir and Mismagius, Terrance blocked all reconnaissance facilities and landed on the island through Teleport.

    "Before destroying this poaching gang, let's go to the black market."After Terrance landed on the island, he touched his chin.

    As long as he is so big, he has not been to a place like the underground black market, and he is not curious to be false.

    Underground black market, shadows under the lights.

    In fact, not only is this city having such a thing, cities around the world can't avoid the existence of a underground black market.

    Ordinary people want to buy Pokémon as a pet or as a partner by way of trading. There are only a few ways to legally choose a breeding house.

    But the legal breeding houses and the elves of Alliance Breeder, because of the great effort in Breeder and manpower, are expensive, and ordinary trainers can hardly afford the price if they want to buy rare elves.

    The underground black market was born in this case together with the profession of poachers.

    Poachers have illegally resorted to the rare wild Pokémon, the other Trainer's rare Pokémon, which sells at low prices in the underground black market or on special routes. Because of the good wildness and amazing fighting power, the benefits are very impressive.

    If it is a slightly larger poaching gang or underground black market, there will even be elves that are almost non-existent in the Region. Those who are poachers captured from other places across the Region are more expensive, of course, expensive. , but far cheaper than the elves purchased through formal legal channels.

    "This city…It is really offensive. ”

    Terrance walked on the odorous street and his nose wrinkled.

    The taste is on the one hand. In addition, he also saw a lot of bad teenagers gathered in the roadside, laughing and laughing in public.

    "There is no elf center and no police station on this island. It should be the root cause of public security chaos. Even if I unplug the poaching gang that is king, this situation may not improve."

    With a complex mood, Terrance entered the entrance to the black market.

    In the black market, there are not a few people gathered.

    Most of the vendors and buyers are wearing special ornaments to cover their faces. The men who have just walked past Terrance have a whirlpool mask and can't see the look.

    Although the security of this maritime city is very poor, it seems that many people still avoid this illegal channel trading, covering their faces and not wanting to be seen by others.

    Those who do not cover their own appearances are only half of them.

    Terrance's character is bright and straight, of course, without any masks and ornaments, just simply let Mismagius change his face with illusion.

    There are probably more than a dozen vendors.

    After visual inspection, Terrance found this underground black market like a street, some special.

    What is special is that this place is as noisy as the vegetable market. The vendors selling Pokémon continue to sip and greet the guests. Without the guests with masks, they can see that they are flushed and eager to bargain.

    Although both sides have different purposes, the security of the black market here is beyond the expectations of Terrance.

    Vendors and buyers, even if they are so powerful, don’t have the courage to dare to do it, as if they are jealous.

    "Left, 2 people."

    "On the right, 3 people."

    "Sure enough."

    At this time, Gardevoir stayed somewhere in the city, Psychic covered the entire black market, and Terrance took the telepathy of Fairy's mark and got all the black people's staff from Gardevoir.

    In addition to vendors and buyers, there are special characters in the dark.

    "It should be a poacher who maintains law and order. After all, this is an important channel for them to shoot elves."

    As of now, this black market has no secrets to Terrance.

    But the next moment, an elf caught the attention of Terrance.

    The elves sold in the black market are almost the elves of the Kanto Region, the Johto Region Region, the Hoenn Region, and the Sinnoh Region. Under this geographical range, there is a frog-like, blue-colored elf that makes Terrance unable to help.

    “It turned out to be Froakie, one of the beginners of the Kalos Alliance?”

    Terrance was awkward and surprised. But when he looked at the price, he shook his head. It was the elf of the Kalos Region. The price was much more expensive than the other elves.

    "This gentleman, is it fancy this Froakie?" You are really good eyesight. This Froakie is the elf of the distant Kalos Region. It is the ultimate evolution of Greninja. The other people I will not tell him, but I look at your temperament and intend to tell you a little secret. I told you that this Froakie is said to have mastered a very magical power. ”

    The vendor holding Froakie saw Terrance coming and immediately introduced it enthusiastically.

    Of course, the other party's marketing terminology is not at all attractive to Terrance.

    Compared to the other party's bragging, but the feeling of Froakie's own expression makes Terrance more concerned.

    It was a hateful look, and Froakie looked calm, but his eyes were cold and indifferent, sweeping through everyone who had passed through, including Terrance.

    Even when Terrance stopped to look at it, the Froakie showed its murder and made Terrance feel unconscious.

    Terrance is convinced that if the dealer releases Froakie from the cage, the Froakie will definitely attack the people around him.

    Unlike the other elves who are desperate, fearful, and obedient, this Froakie…Unreservedly released his hatred.

    "Boss, this Froakie hurts…"

    Terrance took a closer look at Froakie for a moment, and finally spoke in the smiling gesture of the other party.

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