Pokemon Court Chapter 862

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 862 Froakie, floating astronomy
    "Ah, haha, this? In fact, this Froakie has some problems during the tame process, but I assure you that as long as you buy it back, you will definitely give you an obedient Froakie."

    "Of course, it is because of the strength of this Froakie, so taming will be difficult, I think this is a good thing for Trainer."

    The vendor seems to want to sell this Froakie and keep introducing.

    Oh well. I can see that it is not obedient. ”Terrance spoke with a mocking tone, making this black market vendor a glimpse.

    This Froakie, looking at himself obviously is like watching an enemy. Terrance doesn't believe that if a Trainer buys it back, he will get an obedient Froakie.

    Through observation, Terrance discovered that this Froakie had left a lot of scars. Although it was treated with simple treatment, it could not hide the traces of its abuse.

    The other elves were tamed by pirates, and this Froakie…Obviously, it has not been tamed so far.

    "Guest, please believe me, I will never lie."The trader took a sigh of relief and said seriously.

    "By the way."Terrance ignored the other person. After squatting down and looking at this Froakie, he shrugged and turned and left, while still not forgetting to wave with the uncle.

    "What the hell!"Looking at the attitude of Terrance's Power Trip, the uncle of the vendor sighed and shouted.

    The next second, he began to greet the new passing guests.



    "Next look at you."

    Somewhere in the city, Terrance took out the evil Togepi's Poké Ball and released the little guy.

    The gloomy evil Togepi wanted to leave, but when it felt the repressed breath from the side, it did not move directly, and looked at Terrance.

    There is Mismagius watching it, it naturally has no chance to run.

    This Togepi is also very smart and has no useless work.

    "Mismagius, let's take a look at the scenes seen in the black market through the illusion of Togepi."Terrance Road.

    “Whee~” Mismagius heard the words, showed his figure and nodded.

    "Give it to you!"Togepi saw Mismagius approaching and quickly retired, but still couldn't escape the illusion of Mismagius, as if watching the movie Normal browsed the black market environment.

    "You are really good at mischief, and your character is very bad. However, some people are worse than you. You can see the pictures there. Many elves have been imprisoned. Your task is to stir this underground black market. Got up…"Terrance opened his mouth and didn't care about Togepi's dissatisfied gaze.

    "No, no, you have no choice. I will force you to be there later. If you don't want to be taken by the bad guys to become a commodity, or if you get back to me, you will try your best to complete your own. Mission…I am very willing to see you succeed. ”

    Terrance smiled and nodded to Gardevoir, who didn't know when it happened.

    “啾给啾啾卟咿!!!”The next moment, when Togepi was controlled by Confusion and floated into the air, it immediately screamed at Terrance. It was always tossing others, and now it was tossed, making Togepi feel very uncomfortable.

    "Tailwind ~" Terrance waved, looking forward to the performance of this Polk.

    At the same time, Gardevoir's Psychic launched, telegraphing Togepi with the Confusion coordinates laid out in advance in the black market.

    In this way, Togepi, a stunned face, appeared in a corner of the black market…

    That way!

    With the long Spite sound of "Give", the evil Togepi clenched his fist, but looked at the surrounding environment, although there was a lot of anger, but when I noticed the surrounding environment, I also let Togepi understand, the normal method is Can't walk this place.

    Especially when I think of the strength of Terrance, Togepi is annoyed, but my heart is very bitter, I can't beat it, I can't escape, and now I have to listen to Terrance's orders.

    "Give it to you!"After smashing Ground, the evil Togepi looks very gloomy and decides to take a long-term plan. He intends to pretend to obey and wait for an opportunity to escape.

    Looking at the situation again, the evil Togepi already had a plan, carefully walking towards the wall in one direction.

    There was a large truck-like cage with more than 10 different elves. The evil Togepi walked cautiously, and because of the clever use of the obstruction, it was not found for a long time.

    Once again hidden somewhere, the evil Togepi eyes locked the key to the dealer's waist next to the truck.

    Shua!As the evil Togepi waved his fingers, the bunch of keys were quietly removed from the other's waist and drifted toward the truck.

    Next, Togepi also used Psychic to figure out which key was the key to unlock the cage, and directly opened the cage with the Confusion key. It can be said that the operation is all details.


    As the locks fell, the dealer stunned and looked back and looked at the elves in the truck cage.

    The pirate side of the elf did not appear. These elves had been tamed and lost the idea of running away. However, as Togepi swayed out and took out a dozen loves to touch these elves, 9 of them were instantly manipulated as Normal. , showing the fierce color, mad out of it.

    404 Not Found!At this moment, the merchants hugged their heads in a panic.

    The movement here, naturally, has not smashed other vendors and buyers. The most aggressive, or other vendors, watched the elves run wild, knocked over their own goods, launched an attack against themselves, and they spit out dirty words.

    The 9 elves did not escape the black market, but did their best to cause turmoil, attack vendors, and knock over commodities. In their troubles, buyers were also chaotic, and the black market instantly had chaos.

    Of course, this chaos did not last long. When the poachers in charge of law and order walked out and sent elves to stop the nine messy elves, the nine elves were quickly suppressed.

    However, at this time, the purpose of Togepi has been achieved.

    In such a chaotic environment, no one pays attention to this little point.

    Therefore, when the poachers suppressed the untidy elves, the evil Togepi controlled the hearts of more male elves in the same way, and they were released and released.


    In the chaotic black market, Togepi showed an evil smile, and the elf who did not care about being manipulated by himself had been re-engaged and continued to immerse himself in his "righteousness", in order to release more elves.

    When Togepi rescued a cold-faced Froakie, the poachers finally found this culprit.

    At the same time, Togepi also stunned and looked at the Froakie who was slowly coming out of the cage. There was a doubt that the other person was male, but…Its Attract moves have failed, and there is no way to control the action and will of this Froakie.

    "Catch only the elf!!"A poacher who directed Mightyena came to Togepi, and under his command, Mightyena slammed.

    Feeling the wind pressure, the evil Togepi eyes flowed a little fierce, just wanted to shoot, but the Froakie next to it jumped out, and the figure flew past and slammed into Mightyena.

    However, it did not succeed, the injured body failed to hit Mightyena, but they bounced back.

    "Hey!!"Looking at Froakie, who was falling beside him, Togepi shook his head. At the next moment, it slammed his fingers. As the Metronome mobilized, a Signal Beam sneaked away and Mightyena, who continued to attack, flew.

    "Oh, Shiftry, you go!"The poacher threw a new Poké Ball.

    At this time, the Togepi Metronome constantly, its expression seems to be thinking, looking for what it feels. After a moment, a special wave appears from it, and it is connected with the Froakie next to it, and the Ability exchanges and launches.

    Feeling the new power that he gained after losing his fortune, Togepi stunned and felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say it.


    Shiftry's Leaf Storm came in, Togepi didn't care so much, and Flamethrower swept it straight away. Its masterpiece was Flamethrower and Psychic. This time against Shiftry, it chose Flamethrower.

    However, this time, Togepi unexpectedly felt that his manipulation of the flame was perfect. His own Flamethrower, like power, temperature and range, was like an explosion, and it broke out of incredible power. At the same time, Togepi’s own body also broke out. Out of the flame, the source of this Flamethrower was instilled with energy, and the change scared Togepi himself.

    In the chaos, hiding in the crowd to see the lively Terrance, seeing the flames engulf the scene of Leaf Storm, suddenly wide-eyed: "Togepi exchanged Froakie's changeable Ability to himself?!"

    Change the Ability and become the same Attribute as the one you made.

    Metronome, waving your fingers to stimulate your brain, arbitrarily one out of all moves.

    Skill Swap, use Psychic to exchange yourself and other wizard's Ability.

    By chance, Togepi gained the power of Froakie and gained a sense of change. This transformation made Togepi show great strength.

    However, Terrance knows that this may not be a coincidence. This Togepi's Ability is super lucky, so its luck is unexpectedly good, it has been able to succeed in pranks, and its good fortune is also inseparable.

    With the change of Ability, Togepi cooperated with Flamethrower and Psychic, and broke out with stronger strength, directly repelling the poacher. However, when other poachers came round, Togepi instantly showed a pitiful expression. Terrance feels almost the same and plans to take it for himself.

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