Pokemon Court Chapter 863

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 863 chapter I have already called the police, floating astronomy
    "It's the ghost of this Togepi. Everyone is careful, it's very difficult!"

    "Even if it's hard to get around, I don't want to run away."With {{{}}}{{[[āā}"

    Togepi was surrounded by poachers and suffered all hostile gaze.

    In a few words, in addition to the poachers who guarded the black market, many poachers came from other places.

    At the same time, the entire black market was blocked by poachers in case the elves escaped. In this case, Togepi is undoubtedly the best.

    "Would you like to give it?"At this time, Togepi still kept the pitiful look and looked around with his poachers with a blank expression.

    “Is this really Togepi? Look at how it looks…"

    Some poachers saw Togepi's weak and helpless appearance and began to wonder.

    "That's absolutely right, don't be fooled by it."The poacher next to him reminded him with an unquestionable tone.


    When the evil Togepi found that the pity didn't work, he shook his head, as if he was tired.

    In the next moment, it showed a mocking, insidious expression, and it seemed that the poachers who surrounded themselves were not in the eye.

    "Asshole, grab it!"

    The Togepi style of the mutation has caused the poachers to burst into the forehead and reveal the fierceness. At the same time, the elves of the poachers attacked.

    Seeing that many moves were going to reach Togepi, suddenly jumped out of the figure, picked up Togepi and slammed Splash, and as the two Pounds swept, the two elves fell.

    Froakie, who fell to the ground, showed a very lethal move, directly hit the key to the elves blocking the front, and fled the siege with Togepi.

    At this point, several tricks collided with the loss of the target, rolling up a fog, but did not prevent the poachers from discovering that Togepi was saved.

    The eyes of the sneaked Lock On broke out of Froakie and Togepi, and these poachers were shocked.

    "How could it be that Froakie?"

    This is only from Froakie in the Kalos Region. They are no strangers. In order to tame the Froakie poachers, they have no choice but to use them. Over time, they gave up and threw Froakie directly to the black market.

    Interestingly, no matter who bought the Froakie, there is no way to tame this difficult elf. For the character of Froakie, the poachers directly regard it as a recyclable cash cow.

    Because, as long as it is sold, Froakie will be discarded in a short time, or it will be escaped by itself. Most of the time, Froakie is returned at half price…

    Under such a cycle, this Froakie is difficult to sell, but it brings good returns.

    “Is it a Bounce move?”

    Seeing the changes in the scene, Terrance gave a slight glimpse, and did not expect Froakie to bravely get up and save Togepi.

    If he remembers correctly, this Froakie should be seriously injured.

    In addition, Terrance also found out that Froakie's Pound trick is very objective. One face repelled the two elves. Under the thought, Terrance realized that Togepi and Froakie had a brief exchange of Ability for the special change. The physique of Froakie, the good fortune hits the enemy's vitality.

    Looking at it, Terrance smiled. Actually, it couldn't be said to be a rescue. Because Froakie did nothing, and Froakie, who took Togepi out of danger, hadn't run far, and suddenly felt that something was wrong. He looked at himself and struggled. Togepi.

    It rescued…It is not a living elf, but a doll-like thing.

    “It’s a Substitute move, and the real Togepi has long since ran away.”Discovering the shock of Froakie, Terrance slowly stunned after knocking a poacher.

    “Hey?”Froakie, a dull expression, dissipated with apathy and fierce expression, and dropped the Togepi doll and stunned.

    That is, when Froakie stunned, the thief's elves rushed over and surrounded it.

    "Hey! Hey! ”Froakie once again looked at the Togepi doll with a puzzled look and finally regained his gaze and watched the enemy cautiously.

    The pain from the body made Froakie know that he could not face the attacks of so many enemies.

    In the end, I still couldn't escape the fate of being caught back. I was caught back and forth, and Froakie didn't know how many times she had gone through it.

    In fact, this time it was rescued from the cage. Froakie felt something of hope in Togepi. At that time, his mood was completely different from the feeling of being taken out of the cage when he was bought, but now, this hope is shattered. It is.

    "Hey!"Reaching out, Froakie made a Cut pose, and as the enemy stepped forward, Froakie stepped back a little, but his eyes were firmer.

    At this moment, Froakie thought of a lot, such as the ruined hometown, the abuse of poachers, and the experience of being bought again and again…


    As the enemy attacked, a ray of light passed through like a "one" character. At the same time, Froakie stood in the same place and looked at his own palm.

    Not an attack from yourself.

    Raising his head again, Froakie saw the elves who were shot and flew out, mourned, and an unknown elf who was not far from him.

    The green and white interweaving body, like the swordsman Normal's swording posture, repels many elves, it is Terrance's Gallade.

    At this moment, Froakie was ups and downs.

    "Ah, ah, ah"

    "What a ghost!!"


    At the same time, a group of poachers were controlled by the huge Confusion and floated into the air. It was almost a moment of effort, and the people in the black market were completely destroyed.

    "A group of people."Terrance rubbed his ears and looked at Gallade and Gardevoir's own play, which was very boring.

    At this level, probably a champion of the Region Conference will be able to sweep the other side.

    "Oh give…"

    Just as Terrance swept the poachers, hiding in the corner of Togepi, I felt the Psychic that shrouded the entire black market at that moment, and the face was suddenly black.

    It wanted to run away and slammed it up.

    In addition, countless elves lingered on the Ground, shivering, and panicked at the black market.

    In addition, those vendors who did not have time to quit the black market were even more incredibly watching the controlled poachers and their elves.

    "Hey!"Froakie saw Terrance coming, and immediately showed a vigilant look. He also had some impressions about Terrance, so he was extremely cautious at this time.

    "The next step is to close the network."

    For this Froakie, Terrance took a glimpse of it and ignored it. Instead, he looked at the people who were still standing.

    "Hello everyone, I have already called the police…".

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