Pokemon Court Chapter 864

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 864th chapter of the rabble, floating astronomy
    Chapter 864 Wuhezhizhong (page 1/1)

    Terrance's ridiculous words fell, and the group of people just raised the ridiculous thoughts and went straight to sleep.

    Looking at the expression seems to be a sweet dream.

    In a short period of time, not only was the black market under the control of Terrance, but Terrance at the headquarters of the poaching gang was also ready to clean up.

    He didn't plan to run away for the other party. After Mismagius hypnotized the group and the elves, Terrance left.

    With Gardevoir, Gallade, and Mismagius, Terrance swayed into the other's headquarters, a white building.

    According to a simple investigation, Terrance Lock On took the position of the other party and killed it directly.

    5 minutes later.

    Terrance left the building and dialed a number.

    After a while, a familiar voice came from the opposite side.

    "Captain, have you arrived?"

    "Well, then you just have to deal with the scene."


    When Terrance finished, there were two shrill voices coming from there.

    The two opposites of the communicator, Interpol, Jenny Lan, who had worked with Terrance, and this illegal information, Terrance, were obtained from the acquaintances of Interpol.

    Toughpi was honed with these illegal positions, and after the honing, it was natural that the personnel at the scene could not be eliminated.

    Destroying these poaching gangs, you can get a lot of money, and more importantly, honors. In the annual mission of Elite Four, it is necessary to experience the battle with evil forces and increase your prestige. Terrance It is also considered to be experienced in advance.

    Dealing with the work at the scene, Terrance immediately thought of Joy Ling and Jenny Lan.

    The plan originally planned by the three was to annihilate the sea city together, but who knows, Terrance accidentally shot the poaching gang out.

    Because the power gap is too wide, the other party does not even have the opportunity to escape and seek help, even Struggle can't do it.

    The attack of the Pitechic and Ghost elves at the Elite level is arguably the most invincible.

    Even if Terrance sent Altaria, the other party would not be so weak, but Mismagius was dispatched and the poachers didn't even know how they lost.

    And that's how it goes.Terrance explained two sentences briefly.

    The two helped Terrance in the investigation of the Rockets, so this time Terrance chose to team up with them.

    This level of poaching gang, annihilation of one or two may be nothing, but the number of more than one is definitely a great credit. Such a drop in credit, rather than let the strangers dip, it is better to let the acquaintances dim.

    There is a top Trainer comparable to the Elite Four. It is conceivable that the future credit will definitely be like the normal water of the river. As the international criminal police Rookie's Joy Ling, Jenny Lan, if they are dimmed from Terrance, they will be promoted one or two times. Levels are easy.

    "I am lucky for you…"

    After Terrance has collapsed the communicator, it is already planning to return to the black market.

    At this point, Togepi walked cautiously in this black market full of "sleepers", spit out, and even more tough about Terrance's strength.

    When Terrance left to deal with other poachers, Togepi wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but when it noticed a pure white Ninetales sitting in the black market entrance, it immediately forced it, and it felt the strong oppression of Ninetales, this oppression, Let Togepi wave his hand, revealing an innocent expression, and then back.

    "Give" the evil Togepi, helpless, kicked the poachers and elves under Low Kick and directly smothered these strangers.

    After a while, Togepi suddenly found the Froakie that it felt silly.

    Looking at Froakie, who fainted to the ground, Togepi woke it up with Psychic and looked at it curiously.

    This Froakie was not controlled by his own Attract, which made Togepi very surprised, and the special ability that he got on Froakie also made Togepi curious.

    The short-term Ability exchange only lasted for a while, Togepi's super lucky Ability returned, and changed to Ability, and returned to Froakie. The time was too short, and Togepi felt sorry, very reluctant to the special power. .

    When getting the fascinating Ability, Togepi uses Flamethrower, which itself becomes a Fire Type, and the ability to control the flame is enhanced.

    When using Psychic, it becomes Psychic Type itself, and the mental power is stimulated and quickly enhanced.

    Both changes have strengthened the destructive power of Togepi's tricks, making it a very easy way to defeat a poacher.

    In the process, Togepi is very excited about Froakie's ability. Although it feels that his ability is also good, it is still inevitable greed.

    The reality of the Ability is a special ability of the elf. It is not limited to a specific effect. It depends on the development of the elf itself and the Trainer.

    Like Togepi's ultra-lucky Ability, it is used by Metronome itself, the combination of Ability and moves, and often Help Togepi escapes danger.

    This time it was Metronome's ability to exchange the Ability, so that Togepi briefly acquired the special ability of Froakie to kill the Quartet.

    After waking up Froakie, Togepi stood in the same place, his eyes were clear and poor, and even a few tears flowed out.


    After Froakie got confused, he immediately saw Togepi's pitiful expression.

    "Give it to you"


    "Give it to you"

    "Hey give…Hey…"


    In the Togepi mouth, it became a poor elf controlled by the evil Terrance.

    What it does now is to seek help from this Froakie.

    Although Togepi knows that there is no use for this, but if Terrance is not here, Togepi will be happy to find something trouble for Terrance.



    When Terrance returned to the black market and was ready to take Togepi, a quick sniper like a long-awaited sniper swept Terrance.

    But this speed of sniper, to be honest, with Terrance's ability to respond, in fact, without the help of the elf, he himself has escaped sideways.

    Sneak attacker, Froakie!

    Looking at a miss, Froakie dragging his body to his face, and Terrance snorted. Did Froakie wake up from illusion so quickly?

    However, when Terrance saw the teasing of Togepi in the distance, he immediately figured out what was going on.

    "If I say it is a misunderstanding, do you believe it?"Could not help, Terrance had no choice but to open to Froakie.

    This Polk’s ability to do things is really underestimated…

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