Pokemon Court Chapter 865

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 865 Ability exchange tactics, floating astronomy
    Chapter 865 Ability Exchange Tactics (page 1/1)

    Terrance is falling.

    This Froakie is still hostile.

    When it launched the attack again, Froakie fainted for the second time.

    This expression is a nightmare.

    At the same time, Terrance looked at Togepi badly and sent Mismagius to teach it. The next moment, Togepi desperately entered the endless fantasy, struggling Struggle.

    Solving two troubles, Terrance revisited the black market, and then waited for the police to arrive.

    Under the slash of Mismagius, until Jenny and Joy arrived with a large number of police, the members of the poaching gang did not wake up.

    The arrival of the police is a very novel thing for the houses on this island.

    The residents of the maritime city are all looking at the ghosts. I don’t understand why this time the police will be so motivated. In the past, it was a small-scale routine inspection, but this time, dozens of people were dispatched…Only those residents who know the existence of the black market know what is going on.

    When police officers took over the black market and entered the poachers’ headquarters for arrest…

    "Captain, you have worked hard, are you not hurt?"After Joy Lingden Island, the first one ran to Terrance and asked for help.

    "This is not…"

    Jenny Lan is not willing to show weakness, posted it, of course, in addition to expressing their concern, the main thing is to warn Terrance, telling him that he must wait for the next time to start.

    Got itTerrance pretended to listen in, said.

    If people are going to do it again, how can there be a chance for Togepi to hone?

    Speaking of Togepi, when Terrance was ready to take back the little guy, I saw Togepi screaming at Froakie, who hadn't come from Smelling Salts, and bargained with Terrance.

    You sucker!…Terrance frowned and his expression was not good again, scaring Togepi to take a small step back.

    Togepi's request is to accept this Froakie as a younger brother. After a brief experience of Froakie's special ability, Togepi feels that this Froakie may be his own "capacity extractor"!

    As long as you stimulate the Ability exchange through the ultra-lucky physique, you can enjoy the special ability of Froakie.

    Moreover, Togepi has another plan. This Froakie is obviously looking forward to it, and it also shows the feeling of distrust of human beings. Togepi feels that if he can partner with this Froakie, the chance of escaping from Terrance It will be bigger.

    "Give it to you"

    "Give it to you"

    Although I saw Terrance's dissatisfaction, Togepi's ability to detect people's hearts was excellent and continued to express his own conditions.

    As long as Terrance promised it, it would honestly complete the 100 tasks that Terrance had issued.

    "Are you serious?"Terrance looked suspiciously at Togepi.

    The next moment, Terrance pondered.

    When Togepi made the request, Terrance was also considering it. After thinking about it, he looked at the fainted Froakie and sighed.

    This Froakie is also very poor, and hatred for humanity is all because of its own miserable encounter.

    At the heart of the service, Terrance didn't start to give birth. Normally, if it wasn't Fairy, unless Terrac was extraordinary and extremely special, Terrance had no energy Breeder, and with this Froakie character rejecting humans, Terrance wouldn't even want to find it. Not comfortable.

    If it is not Togepi's request that Terrance pays attention to the next Froakie, Terrance may leave directly.

    "This Froakie is extremely distrustful to human beings because it was captured by the thief. It is not sent back to Kalos by the police. It is directly transferred and released. With its character, I am afraid that I will finally get on the road…"

    "But it’s a terrible thing to say that it’s a special ability to change."

    Terrance remembered the performance of Togepi and couldn't help but sigh.

    The ability to change your own Attribute into the Attribute of the tactics of the move, in the actual combat, is equivalent to giving the elf a cheat, so that it can be handy for any Attribute move.

    Togepi's powerful use of Flamethrower and Psychic is the credit of his own Attribute changes.

    "There is still a good performance in Togepi, if you switch to other elves."

    On the premise of accepting Froakie, Terrance thought about it and looked for Froakie's Breeder direction.

    If Gallade has mastered the Ability exchange and briefly obtained the fascinating Ability from Froakie, will its Attribute sniper be stronger?

    If the Ability exchange is a secondary development, can it be exchanged by the hands of Gardevoir to exchange the Froakie's Ability and Altaria's weatherless Ability?

    Assist changes the beauty of the Ability, Altaria may be able to practice the fire of life more efficiently.

    If, Arcanine has mastered the fascinating Ability…

    “The combination of powerful and Ability and Ability exchanges is indeed a good tactical idea.”Terrance is moving.

    "From this point of view, this Froakie may also be able to dig more of the value of Breeder. I remember that Froakie has the qualification to learn the Camourflage move, and perhaps it can be turned into a Fairy system in Fairy Aura. In addition, it And the Role Play move can learn…"

    Camourflage: You can change your Attribute depending on your location, such as waterside, grass and caves.

    Role Play : Role Play Rival to make your own Ability the same as Rival.

    "In this way, according to these two moves, in the battle, not only can Greninja's powerful Ability be exchanged to other wizards who need this ability through Skill Swap, but also Greninja can regain this powerful Ability through Role Play. It is through the combination of the two moves that two elves with the fascinating Ability are created."

    "In addition, there is a way to use the fairy Aura, so that greninja through the camourflage into the fairy system, although it can not learn to fairy the trick, but it is able to role play Mega Altaria Fairy The skin ability, obtains the technique of controlling the energy of the fairy system, endows the change of the style fairy system, so that a fairy department with the fairy trick is born … "

    Terrance smashed the gimmicks. The above series of changes involved a genetic trick and the extension of the Ability exchange. This Breeder idea, Normal's Trainer can't control it. Terrance clarified some key points, but The specific value of Breeder remains to be verified.

    At this point, if Trainer knows, Terrance will think of such a complicated tactical combination in a flash, I am afraid it will be very surprising.

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