Pokemon Court Chapter 866

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the new member of the main chapter 866, time flies, floating astronomy
    After a series of analyses, Terrance cleared his mind and now I am thankful for Togepi's request.

    What is the actual value of this tactic? It is worth trying.

    "That's alright, but I warn you, if you instill some negative thoughts into Froakie, don't blame me."Terrance said to the evil Togepi.

    "啾给(?????)"Togepi naturally didn't dare to let go in front of Terrance, a clever look, very cute.

    "In this case, take the Froakie and take it with you."Terrance finally made the decision, one because of Togepi's proposal, the second because of the tactical ideas he had just conceived, and the third because of the Froakie character and problems, which required someone to actively enlighten.

    As a top Trainer, Terrance believes he can handle it.

    When the police officers struggling to arrest a poacher, Terrance called Mismagius to treat Froakie.

    Mismagius used hypnotic illusion to let Froakie perform the “Deep Rest” Contest Condition.

    This Rest Contest Condition is different from Normal's sleep. It is a special technique to recover from injury and physical strength by sleeping. It belongs to Psychic.

    After Mismagius led Froakie into deep sleep, Terrance took the sleeping Froakie directly into a normal Poké Ball.

    Froakie hasn't woken up yet, and Terrance hasn't considered it. The immediate priority is to continue looking for therapeutic materials.

    Although the wound on Froakie has been alleviated, but it is not completely treated, Terrance needs to find some fruit trees or visit the pharmacy on the island.

    "Captain, where are you going?"

    Jenny Lan called Terrance, who wanted to leave, and shouted.

    "I am in a hurry, the things here are handed over to you, remember to be on call, I will inform you when the next location arrives."

    Terrance waved his hand and left, leaving Jenny Lan and Joy Ling directly in place.


    Somewhere in the forest on the island.

    Froakie was re-released from Poké Ball, and Terrance had already bought Super Potion from a pharmacy.

    In addition, Terrance also bought some special herbs to prepare for the Super Potion treatment.

    Walking in the forest, Terrance took a few more Oran Berry, the food for Froakie.

    Once again, Froakie was released, and Terrance treated the Super Potion and the herbs briefly, sprayed them and applied them to the scary area of Froakie.

    In the final step, Terrance called Gardevoir, which used Heal Pulse to assist the Froakie absorption.

    In fact, Terrance's treatment is not inferior to the treatment of the instrument in the Elf Center. Of course, the process is complicated. Whoever makes the island without the center of the elf, Terrance can only make the best decision.

    If Altaria is here, it can be treated more efficiently with the fire of life, but unfortunately, Altaria is not around Terrance.

    After a while, Froakie woke up. After slowly opening his eyes, he saw Terrance at first sight and immediately got up and made an attack.

    "Don't mess, I just gave you treatment, you have to take good care of your injuries."Terrance has no choice but to speak.

    Terrance's words, Froakie also felt the body's strange, feeling that the injury is disappearing, Froakie reveals an incredible expression.

    However, this does not change Froakie's hostility towards humanity, but when it looks at Terrance again, Froakie stunned.

    This time, it saw the "master" who saved himself. The Gallade, who used Cut a hundred times more handsome than himself, saw the Gallade standing next to Terrance. Froakie calmed down completely and looked at Terrance's intentions.

    "I think you should know it."After seeing Froakie's gaze on himself, Terrance knew that the misunderstanding was deep, and that the sin of Togepi was released from the sigh.

    "It was just a joke with you. We are here to smash the raids of the poachers' gang. The bad guys have been sanctioned and the elves have been rescued. If you don't believe it, you can ask it."Terrance refers to Togepi.

    Froakie is still more trustworthy to save his own Togepi. When Togepi nodded to Terrance's statement, Froakie put down the attack position.

    In fact, Togepi didn't want to let Terrance succeed, but Terracy threatened to threaten, Togepi had to conscience to speak for Terrance.

    Of course, Togepi also knows that if Froakie does not relax his vigilance against Terrance, his plan to accept his younger brother will be lost, so its current actions are all helpless.

    "Hey…"Froakie fell into meditation, looked at Gallade, looked at Togepi again, and finally looked at Terrance.

    "Well, don't look at me with that look, Froakie, is your hometown in the Kalos Region? I have been there, it is a very beautiful place. ”Terrance said with a smile.

    "Actually, your hostility is completely unnecessary. You must know that there are still fewer bad people in this world. On the contrary, there are more people who have good intentions. I think that even if we do not destroy this poaching gang, they will not be able to Power Trip is too long."

    With Terrance's words, Froakie still has a calm expression and no touch.

    "Well, you know, your situation is a little different from other elves. If you want to send you back to the Kalos Region, you will have a lot of trouble…"

    "If you don't mind, I can find a chance to send you back to my hometown, but before that, I hope you recognize me."Terrance said seriously.

    At this time, Froakie showed a confused expression.

    "I want to change your perception of human beings. Next, I will smash more such poaching organizations with some human beings and rescue more captured elves. If you don't believe me, don't you come and see for yourself. ?"

    Terrance smiled and crouched, reaching out and saying, "You can also punish more bad guys at the same time. I and Togepi will help you. If you say this, I can't mean to deceive you at all, and it doesn't make sense." ”

    "Of course, if you want to go back to your hometown, I can help you too."

    Terrance's words slightly let Froakie touch, as elves, their minds are not too complicated, Terrance's performance is indeed different from other humans it has seen, so Terrance's words are extremely impactful on Froakie.

    After a brief consideration, Froakie's eyes were firm.

    It wants to save more elves of the same encounter. It wants to return to their hometown. Although they have not fully trusted Terrance, Froakie hopes that Terrance is telling the truth.

    For the last bit of my heart, it wants to take a look at Terrance's behavior.

    “啾给啾啾!!”At this time, Togepi also persuaded himself to say that he would do more of the same thing.

    Sure enough, Togepi's persuasion was significantly more convincing than Froakie than Terrance's persuasion. As soon as he heard that Togepi had to do more good things, Froakie was moved at once, and at the same time, Togepi's figure sparkled in his mind.

    Seeing the appearance of Froakie, Terrance twitched at the corner of his mouth and did not want to correct his impression of Togepi. If Froakie knew the number of bad eyes of Togepi, it would be estimated that the frog would collapse.

    "At this time, it is better for Froakie to feel more true, good, and beautiful…"Terrance is helpless.

    In this regard, Togepi received a unique younger brother, Froakie, and Togepi frequently developed Metronome tactics, hoping to accurately find the frequency of the Ability exchange.

    With the addition of Froakie, Terrance immediately locked his eyes to the next illegal position, also a poaching gang.

    This time, Togepi and Froakie took the two elves as pioneers, and finally Terrance shot, and the poaching gang was easily destroyed.

    After experiencing the process of saving other elves, Froakie began to change his mind about Terrance…

    And Terrance, in the process of destroying illegal positions, also let time gradually come to the eve of the third game of the Masters…

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