Pokemon Court Chapter 867

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main text of chapter 867 two months, fighting war, floating astronomy
    In the third game of the Masters, Terrance was present.

    Because of the expectations of the Contest contestant in Terrance, the strength of Rival he encountered was gradual and gave him plenty of preparation time, which was the credit of the Contest contest faction.

    Pupitar, Ninetales, Gardevoir.

    These three elves, the main exercise of the Terrance Masters, originally had a Carbink, but Carbink fell into a deep sleep and could not play.

    In the third game, Rival still couldn't force Terrance to send a fourth elf, and he was defeated.

    Ending the third game of the Masters, Terrance continued to accumulate.

    The time left for him was only five months left. In the past few months, Terrance arranged the trip very full, leaving only a few days of rest for himself and the elves.

    The task of the Terrance main elf is to absorb the genetic syrup and integrate the benefits obtained from the genetic syrup into its own combat system.

    In addition, individual elves have been assigned other tasks by Terrance.

    For example, Altaria's fire of life, exercise of sound techniques, and the practice of Sunny Day with Arcanine…

    Pupitar is mainly honed in the Desert Ruins. While Beautifly teaches its airflow skills, it also promotes itself in the wind field against the huge Sandstorm.

    Terrance is not idle on his own side. All the spiritual and auxiliary work carried out by the elves is handled by Terrance, responsible for food, nutrition, maintenance, medical care, combat, and entertainment.

    The method chosen by Terrance is to fight the war.

    Use the resources from the illegal organizations to obtain resources, invest all the resources in the elves, and continue to carry out actual combat.

    Terrance takes turns to replace the elves in hand, and strives to give each elf a chance to fight. This kind of actual combat is different from ordinary combat. Although Rival may not be as good as them, Rival is huge, sometimes encountering firearms and technology. The product is not easy to fight, and it will be attacked if you accidentally.

    Of course, before Terrance sent out the main battle, training Togepi was the main thing that Terrance did.

    This Togepi talent is good. If it is properly cultivated and it is a member of the team, Terrance has not given up its agreement with it, and has always made it a pioneer.

    In addition, Terrance didn't get Togepi to contact Altaria's Fairy Aura too early, and tapped into it in advance.

    Terrance wants to try a Breeder method. It is different from the gentle Breeder method of Vulpix, Ralts, and Carbink. It is intended to let Togepi grow up in the fight. This will better train the spirit of the elf. The disadvantage is that if it is not handled, it may be given to the elf. Leave a dark injury, resulting in limited potential.

    Altaria's Fire of Life perfectly solves this drawback, and Terrance can safely use this fast Breeder method. After the battle, the elves can't help but be affected by the injury. Instead, because of the fire of life, they get the moisture of life energy and the body is more health.

    In this way, the time passed two months.

    In the past two months, the strengths of Togepi and Froakie have been transformed. These are all obtained from actual combat. Terrance does not specifically plan the Breeder route for them.

    Two months of tempering also made Togepi and Froakie have a good friendship. The two elves are very skilled. Togepi's favorite thing is to get the fascinating Ability from Froakie.

    Froakie, through two months of fighting, has gradually become familiar with Togepi's ultra-lucky Ability, which frequently hits the enemy in the fight.

    From the battle, Terrance found that this Froakie's combat consciousness was very outstanding, it was very time-consuming, and at the same time it was extremely strong. For this particular, Terrance paid attention to it for a long time and finally came to the conclusion:

    Froakie because of the destruction of his hometown, the cruel domestication of poachers, the ups and downs of his state of mind, honed the great willpower, tolerance and mind, of course, this special place, although not in the eyes of Terrance, is a good elf should have the quality, But for this long-term froakie, it is also a very rare start, want to become stronger, this quality can let it take a lot less detours.

    Care, treatment, maintenance, and…Food

    It is the most exchanged thing between Terrance and Togepi and Froakie.

    Terrance didn't rush to make it, just treat them like other elves. Two months later, Togepi and Froakie suddenly adapted to this rhythm of life.

    Doing bad things is Togepi's favorite. Now Terrance has provided it with one level of hell that is difficult to pass. Togepi has been somewhat resistant to the previous two, but it has slowly been ignited.

    Watching Terrance's elves close their own and Froakie again and again, easily solve everyone, let Togepi have some doubts about their ability, but it is not willing to lose.

    Froakie also changed a bit, and saved many of the elves that suffered the same. It was the root of Froakie's state of mind change. After the battle, Terrance's carefully treated treatments made Froakie even more intoxicated.

    Most importantly, the stomachs of the two elves were firmly caught by Terrance.

    How can the wild elves resist the bombardment of the "sugar-coated shells".

    In the endless stream of delicious food made by Terrance, the two elves fell directly into it.

    Every time they complete a mission, Terrance prepares a few new kinds of delicious food. Over time, the two elves accept this setting.

    After the adaptation, in addition to planning to escape, Togepi gradually changed his mind to complete the prank and enjoy the food as soon as possible.

    The root cause of the two elves' willingness to enjoy is the words of Terrance.

    "Destroy the poaching gang, everyone is meritorious, and you are no exception. According to the regulations, the bonus will be paid according to the merits. But I think that if you want that thing to be useless, you will make a claim to exchange food for you."

    In this way, the two elves are more acceptable. For a long time, the evil Togepi is not so much loved to mess with Terrance, but for snacks, to give more fierce pirates.

    Within two months, Terrance went through six Masters matches and smashed 13 illegal positions.

    The large number of Region's poaching gangs are mostly in the coastal zone and like to cross the Region to commit crimes, so the local police will be difficult to trace, so arresting such criminals has always been the work of Interpol.

    What makes Terrance helpless is that the recent poachers seem to have heard the wind, dare not take the lead, and the position has shifted, because he has already emptied several times.

    The action of Terrance was so fierce that the criminal gangs went hand in hand and even did not even make a case.

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