Pokemon Court Chapter 868

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the second development of the body of Chapter 868 Float Stone, floating astronomy
    "Captain, is the next location?"

    Joy Ling and Jenny Lan are now the Lostelle sisters of Terrance.

    Two months, smashing 13 illegal positions, such a feat, not only them, but many police accompanying the operation also admire the powerful Trainer.

    "Don't know…"

    Terrance tangled the opening. "I have estimated that the location above is obsolete and I have to get the latest information."

    After three empty positions, Terrance gave up completely. He felt that the location that Interpol first provided to him was probably a waste paper.

    excusable……In the past two months, 13 illegal branches have been destroyed. Even a large organization like the Rockets has to avoid the limelight. Who is willing to commit crimes at this time and touch the police brow? If there is no interest, the big organization is not willing, and the small organization is not.


    "The next step is to stop the action for a while. My next Masters match is about to begin. It is said that this time Rival is different from the previous Rival and is a strong enemy."

    Terrance said to Joy Ling and Jenny Lan.

    Assistant Sharan gave him an email detailing Terrance's next Rival.

    This age is near middle age, with 3 Elite-class elves and 3 Elite-class elves, which are considered to be “quasi-top Trainers”.

    The former Rivals were solved by Pupitar, Ninetales, and Gardevoir, but this time Rival is difficult to deal with from the lineup.

    If you want to win with the three geniuses of Pupitar, Gardevoir, and Ninetales, it's not that simple for Terrance.

    "Well then, I wish the captain your victory."Joy Ling and Jenny Lan both said that they couldn’t think that Terrance would lose.

    "Take your words."Terrance laughs.


    One day later, the Hoenn Desert.

    Terrance came to this moment and was ready to pick up the two elves of Pupitar and Beautifly.

    When entering the Desert Ruins, Terrance secretly snarled.

    "I haven't seen it in a week. This hole seems to be a lot deeper."

    The previous pit, two months down, has been eaten by Pupitar with a bottomless hole.

    The depth is unknown, but Terrance knows that it has not reached the limit.


    Aside, Pupitar, who was alive and kicking, saw Terrance coming and laughed.

    "You eat this."

    From the current physique of Pupitar, Terrance knows that it is very moist.

    If eating is also a practice, then countless elves will probably be rushing.

    Pupitar has encountered such a good thing, eating delicious food, but also by the way to enhance strength, in the past two months, it can be smug.

    Terrance came this time to pick up Pupitar and Beautifly and prepare for the Masters, but as Pupitar came together, Terrance got a new message.

    "Is there such a thing?"Terrance accident.

    Two days ago, Pupitar felt that the Rock that he had eaten had changed a bit, just as the ore of the ground was more like Smooth Rock.

    “Is it close to the source?”Terrance looked at the dark, deep hole, and guessed the opening.

    “Shasha~” Pupitar shook his head, indicating that he was only responsible for eating and was not responsible for research.

    "Well, wait until the next time, I think I should know the result."Terrance looked at the deep recess again, and some looked forward to it.

    In two months, Pupitar's strength has increased. In the Masters, Pupitar's strength is not outstanding. In the early days, it was difficult to deal with Terrance's Rival's elves, but with the eating and rigorous practice, it realized the Sandstorm moves. More profound, in addition to this, the use of light and heavy mode is also more convenient.

    So even if the Rival that Terrance encounters becomes stronger again and again, Pupitar can still keep up with the fighting rhythm. Terrance is thinking, maybe after the evolution of it into Bangui, the strength can become its main force, even if the strength is not as good as Ninetales. Gardevoir, but it won't be too far apart, when it belongs to the strongest grade under Elite.

    The use of Sandstorm and the light and heavy mode is more ingenious. It is not the main reason for the improvement of Pupitar's strength. The most fundamental reason is that it has improved its physical fitness through exercise and actual combat in the past two months.

    With the deepening of Sandstorm's rumors, Pupitar has been able to initially control Sandstorm against the enemy. In addition, for the study of the light and heavy mode, Pupitar has also gained a new capability.

    The so-called Float Stone, the essence of which is Psychic, Terrance has communicated with Sabrina, although it has not yet allowed Pupitar to master the local body lightening skills, but it has a general idea.

    For this Breeder method, Terrance hasn't come and tried it yet, but Pupitar has developed another capability under the circumstance.

    Terrance is called the rock technique.

    The principle is to attach the energy of the Float Stone to the manufactured Rock.

    For example, when Pupitar used Stone Edge, the sharp stone was originally made heavy, because it was only destructive.

    However, when blending Float Stone energy, Pupitar can make the sharp stone extremely light.

    Even if the Rock is fit, it will let the Rock float.

    However, this technique Terrance has not yet thought of any practical value, Stealth Rock has a floating effect, and even has its own hidden effect, in contrast, if Pupitar can make Solaceon change the weight of the Rock and there is room for excavation, but unfortunately, The weight of Rock was fixed from the time it was made by Pupitar.

    So far, limited by development, this is a little useful trick, Terrance is not discouraged, Pupitar has a new way of using Float Stone, is a good start, the next time you may develop a practical battle The use of value.

    “If Pupitar can control the weight of the Rock independently…”Terrance does not deny the new ability that Pupitar developed, but Terrance feels a pity that he thinks it is an ability that has not yet been fully developed.

    If it can be fully developed, this technique is even more tactical than the technique of partial body weight.

    This unexpected harvest of Pupitar, Terrance is firmly in mind, maybe you will find a turnaround in the future…

    After staying at Desert Ruins for a while, Terrance took Pupitar and Beautifly who came back to Poké Ball.

    It is worth mentioning that Terrance's Poké Ball has been completely renewed more than a month ago.

    The Poké Ball, made by the top master of Poké Ball, looks like a normal red and white ball, but the material and internal structure are already very different.

    Resting in such a Poké Ball, Terrance's 10 elves will maintain an excellent Contest Condition all the time, even with about a third of the Rest effect of the Rest, and there are many other uses.

    The game was approaching, and on that day, Terrance arrived at Ever Grande City with a group of elves such as Pupitar, Gardevoir, Ninetales, and Beautifly.

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